"Charlie, come here."

Emily was calling insistantly from the bedroom. Charlie rolled his eyes good-naturedly. "Let me finish shaving, Em."

"At eight at night?" Emily was in the bathroom doorway now, eyebrows raised skeptically at her husband. "Commander, I don't give a damn about that. I just want to hold you."

Charlie splashed some cold water over his face, then turned around, eying his spunky wife. Desire was evident in her eyes. He walked to her, slipping his hands around her waist. He stood there for a moment, searching deep into his wife's blue eyes. They were like two huge oceans of love, glistening bright.

Gaze holding his, Emily snaked her arms around Charlie's neck, drawing closer to him, body up against his. She nuzzled him hungrily, rubbing his back with one hand, the other playing with his hair.

Charlie felt his knees weaken slightly at Emily's hungry advances- she could be a real tiger! He kissed every inch of her face that he could get, working his tongue into her mouth. When that didn't satisfy him, he worked his mouth to the hollow of her neck, leaving a trail of passionate kisses all over her face and neck.

She moaned as he did this, whispering breathlessly, "Charlie...the bedroom?" Her free arm waved aimlessly towards their bedroom as she eagerly kissed him back, nipping his ear. When she felt her feet leave the ground, she gasped lightly, then giggled as Charlie carried her into their bedroom.

Laying her down on the bed, he scrutinized his wife. "Aren't you a little over-dressed, Mrs. Madison?"

Emily sat up and smiled knowingly at her husband. "You're one to talk." yanked at his robe, then tugged it off of his muscular shoulders. Pulling him into her embrace, she allowed him to pull her nightgown over her head, and she pulled her arms out of it. In the next moment, she was flat on her back, breathing somewhat shallow from excitement, kissing Charlie wherever she could get to. She managed to roll over and get on top of him, giving him butterfly kisses on his nose, and then she went for his mouth.

Charlie was enjoying this, and very much so. He opened his mouth slightly, and Emily took full advantage, her tongue quickly finding his. "Emily," said Charlie, kissing her back, "could your French kisses get any better than this?"

"Do you want them to?" Emily ran a long finger down his arm, making him shudder slightly.

"Emily..." Charlie didn't know if he could stand how much of a temptation she was just this moment.

Emily's upper torso was still pinning him on his back, and she whispered, "Make love to me, darling." She leaned down and began kissing him all over again, this time staying on her back as she wrapped her arms around him and they rolled over.

Charlie knew she was giving him her surrender, telling him without words that she was finished with her bantering torture. He grinned softly, attacking the hollow of her neck again. "Do you still hope you won't get pregnant?"

Eyes closed in obvious pleasure, Emily replied simply, "Oh, I don't hope, darling. I am."


Emily was laughing happily to herself, letting her husband have his way. It would hit him in the morning. He would be shocked, surprised, overenthusiastic. To hell with it, morning would come soon enough. And then she would deal with him. But for now, this suited her just...perfect.

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