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"I just really missed you."

"I missed you too."

Nathan draws Peter in by the neck, hugging the other man close to him. He snakes his arm around his waist and feels Peter embraces him back with the same sort of neediness. Slowly, he brushes his fingertips encouragingly along his brother's shoulders. He pats the bone there, ignoring the blatant pain as Peter's fingernails dig into the middle of his back. They both need this, and he's not going to ruin it by pulling away.

It's not until later that Peter finally pries his hands off of Nathan and backs away a few inches, Nathan detecting something swimming in his eyes before he rubs it away casually.

And then Nathan cannot take it anyone. He's missed Peter too much to not do this. Taking a deep, rattling breath, Nathan takes his fingers and places them on Peter's neck again so his fingertips are tickling the hem of the other man's hair. He doesn't realize that he's shaking or that his breath is shattering into short, shallow swallows of air. His mouth is dry and his lips are gently parted; for Nathan Petrelli, he looks disoriented.

And for once, he really is.

Peter is looking at him perplexedly, because not many times does he see his brother so short for breath. Nathan is scared and Peter knows it. Nathan knows that Peter knows it.

What he doesn't know is his brother's intentions.

Finally, when those five, long and slow seconds have passed, Nathan moves forward and sucks in his breath. Now Peter knows what Nathan's doing, but he blinks and then Nathan's soft mouth is pressed against his and there's no room for hesitation anymore.

Peter moans quietly, putting his hands on Nathan's elbows. This encourages his brother, who grips Peter harder and pushes himself further into every nook and cranny of Peter's skin. All of a sudden his body comes to life, and Nathan feels a bit like he's just been born again, fresh and renewed.

People are probably staring, but Nathan and Peter both don't care. This is about them, not everyone or anyone else. This is one time where Peter will worry about himself, because right now, he is not alone. He is with Nathan, and so he's not concerned about someone else, but aboutthem. Us.

For air, they separate, but only a hair's breath. Their eyes flicker open for a moment, and as their gazes meet, there's a secret understanding glinting their eyes. Nathan smiles gently, a true genuine smile, and kisses Peter again, licking at the parting at his lips and bringing his extra hand down to his waist. Peter makes an insignificant noise before wrapping his arms firmly around his brother's neck as to make sure he wouldn't be escaping. They've found each other after many, many months, and Peter's not going to let Nathan leave him.