The king of goblins lounged in his throne, looking out over the goblins in the throne room as the danced about; the revelry in their moves almost completely masked the underlying trepidation with which they entertained their newest addition. He gazed absently out the window at the labyrinth below, and almost didn't notice the object that rolled towards him until it stopped in front of him. Such was his distraction that it took him a moment to register what it was, when he saw the dwarven eyes still open on the head that no longer was attached to its body.

The dancing stopped, and Jareth turned to see the figure of Minos standing in the doorway.

A flash of anger - rare for the normally unruffled king - rose in him briefly, and was detectable in the voice that did not rise as he spoke. "What have you done, tyrant of Crete?"

"Your servant would not show me the way as I asked. He led me this way and that, and ended up with me back where I started! The fool tried to run, so I made an example of him, so you'd know I was not a man to be trifled with."

"Fool! He didn't KNOW the way. He could have taken you in the right direction and gotten you close at best, but would have had to figure out the remainder with you - which I can't imagine anyone wanting to do. What's more, I warned you not to damage my subjects."

"You don't frighten me."

"Then you're an even bigger fool than I thought. So tell me, how Did you find your way?"

Minos smiled. "A little worm told me, if you'd believe that. At first he seemed to think I didn't want to reach the castle, and directed me deeper into your maze. But when I asked why he though I should never take another path, the creature said 'If you went that way, you'd go straight to their castle, and no one would ever want to go there.' Can you believe it?"

Minos let a slight chuckle escape him before his face was once again deadly serious. "Now, King of Goblins and Thief of Babes, return what was stolen from me."

Now it was Jareth's turn to smile. "Oh, yes, you've made it here. But I'm not sure you realize just how long you were in that oubliette. I said you had 13 hours to solve the labyrinth, and that has passed."

Minos ran to the window to see the setting sun, and knew he was right.

"Curse you, Goblin King! I'll not leave without my son."

A wry look passed over the Labyrinth's Lord, and as he walked towards Minos the Cretian now noticed how tall he was compared to himself, and how much power was conveyed in his carriage. "Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way. You'll leave with him. He unnerves my other goblins now. But I meant it when I said that after 13 hours he'd be of goblin brood. See for yourself."

Minos looked where Jareth was pointing, and simply saw a cluster of goblins. But as he looked closer he realized one was a little different. Younger looking, and more hideous than any of them. This one looked like some abomination, neither man nor bull but a mix of both. He howled and grunted, but then, then Minos noticed his eyes. His eyes. His eyes were...

"Glaucus!!!" He ran to the newly formed creature, not sure what to do.

"What have you done?!?"

"I? I have done nothing. The rules are the rules, as you knew when you came here. He has been here the appointed time, and is one of us now."

"But he doesn't even look like the other goblins! He's... wilder, more threatening as a babe then they fully grown."

Jareth frowned. "And imagine him once he's full grown. But that is you're doing, not mine. The labyrinth is a living thing, King Minos. That is why it is always changing. It also adapts to ones inside it, especially one come to navigate it as you. An innocent soul may find it's challenges to be more whimsical flights of fancy, but one such as you who seeks a fight everywhere and addresses all problems with force will find exactly what they seek. And it is that nature that also affects what shades a newborn goblin may take. Look at him, my good king from afar, and see not only the son you knew, but also the physical manifestation of your own soul."

Minos growled, "Change him back, curse you, or I'll kill you here."

"Your threats are tiresome, and you've caused more than enough trouble here. Be gone."

The room seemed to swirl around Minos, leaving only him and his... son... distinct as all else began to lose focus and be distorted. But he still heard words from the lord of this realm.

"Remember, he is labyrinth born now. He will only be at peace in a labyrinth, whether in this world or yours, especially as he grows."

"And Minos: Do not return to my realm."


Minos arrived back in Polyidus's chambers, but his advisor was nowhere to be seen. "Guard!" he called.

The sound of footprints approached. "Sire, I..." the guard stopped, stammering. Minos was irritated, not knowing what had come over the man, till he realized. He had seen Glaucus.

"Get me Polyidus. I need his counsel."

"Sire," the guard tried to maintain composure. "He is gone. While you were away, he slipped out of Knossos. There are rumours he made it out on a boat sailing for Mycenae."


"You were gone, sire, no one knew where you were, and it seems he... left in the ensuing confusion."

Minos cursed inwardly. There was much to do, and Polyidus's knowledge would be of great use.

"Guard, who is the wisest in the land, save Polyidus."

"Why, that would be Daedalus sir, who arrived here not long ago from Athens."

Minos knew of this Daedulus. He was said to have fled there under suspicion for slaying his nephew. Such a man would be desperate, and would be very open to a king's offers. And he needed someone to design a construction for him: a place where Glaucus would be at peace, and to hide him from the rest of Crete. He looked down at his son - he still saw his son in those eyes, no matter what form that Jareth had given him. He would always be his son.

"Fetch me this Daedulus."


Jareth looked out once more over the labyrinth and sighed, then turned to the matter of the dwarf. He picked up the head, and twirled it in his hand. As he did so it slowly changed such that what was once a head was now a crystal ball. He held out his other hand, and slowly the rest of the Hedgewart's body approached the window, but upon entering the castle changed into two other crystals, which he caught in the other hand. He added these to the first hand and passed around the three crystals in increasingly intricate patterns till eventually they seemed to be only light: a light which he then moved back to his other hand, as it was now a babe. A dwarven babe.

"Agnes," he called, and the goblin woman entered, having to - for once - discard her weight from her back.

"Yes, Lord Jareth?"

"Take him to others, the ones less... burdened. He is the new dwarf."

"And what will his name be?"

"It's.... oh, Hogwart I suppose."

"He's early, my lord. I thought we were still a good half-century from the next one."

"Well, things don't always go as we plan, do they? Now be gone."

He was in no mood for forcing conversation with this particular Agnes, and watched as she hobbled along out the door, only slightly bemused as she debated how much she could carry and still carry the babe safely enough as to not upset the king. When she was gone he gazed out the window once more. It was true, things don't go as they plan all the time. He had not planned on needing to use the Phoenix charm so soon, but it had to be done. There must always be a dwarf to tend the perimeter of the labyrinth, just as there must always be a Goblin King.