Hey. Don't go reading this fic if you haven't watched the anime, it's got serious spoilers.

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Just a translation note:

Otou-san - Father

Figure 17: Tsubasa and Hikaru

One Last Letter

Dear Hikaru-chan.

Sometimes I feel that all the time we spent together was nothing but a dream. To tell you the truth, sometimes I feel that I'm in a dream right now too, and that you'll wake me up and tell me it was all just a nightmare. Everyday I feel that you're right beside me helping me to be strong and have courage like you promised me you'd always be. The real world is too cold when you're not around. No one remembers you and I have nothing but a pair of gloves to prove to myself that it was all real. Otou-san and I have moved back to Tokyo. I think it's for the best. I couldn't bear sleeping in our room again without you by my side. Also, otou-san's bakery is turning out to be a big success and he is very happy to have fulfilled his dream.

I know I shouldn't be crying because that will make you sad, but I can't help it, I'm sorry. You were the most wonderful thing that happened to me. Thanks to you I was able to learn so much and gain so much confidence in myself, now, that the whole world acts as if you never even existed I don't have a second in which my chest doesn't hurt. Even though I met my old friends in Tokyo, I still feel lonely. Everytime I wake up I expect to find you there beside me saying "Good morning, Tsubasa-chan." But it never happens. If you could talk to me you'd tell me to let go and move on, I know, but I just can't. It wasn't your time to go and I'll never be able to accept it.

But... I know I'll never be able to bring you back either. If only I could share the pain with somebody...

I hope that writing this letter will bring you closer to me and let me be strong like you always said I could be. Even if my chest never stops aching, even if I cry everyday untill I die, I'll do my best because I know that it would have made you happy. I'll never give up on myself because you never did. From today on I'll do everything I can to be someone you could have been proud of. I was proud of you for being the person whom I had been looking for my whole life even if you had to take the pain for yourself sometimes. In the end, that's what took you, wasn't it? You didn't want me to suffer so you took the pain all for yourself untill you couldn't take it anymore. Thank you for finding me.

I love you more than you could ever imagine... No, I love you as much as you loved me. And even if the world forgot about you, I'll make sure that you live everyday through me. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for you, so I know that part of you is still alive in me. Even if I lost the gloves, I'd still know it was all real because of that.


Tsubasa-chan, your sister for eternity.