Title: Maybes

Rating: G, I don't think it needs to be any higher but let me know if you think differently.

Summery: She remembered the look in his eyes when she asked him if she should get breast implants. Though the look on his face was serious, his eyes said something else completely.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Dick Wolfe and whoever else hitched their boxcar to his train.

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[snorts I am such a hypocrite. Right, the saying 'do as I say, not as I do' applies here, I think.

Eyes closed, Christina could feel his fingers going through her hair and felt the kiss on the other side of her head. She wanted to cry.

There had been something brewing between them for sometime and she had hoped for some sort of declaration of maybe wanting to date her but nothing of this magnitude.

And though she was dating Doctor Lucas, there was a part of her that if given the right incentive from Brian, she would cut the good Doctor lose.

He said that she didn't have to respond but she wanted to. Give him some sort of indication that given some time she probably would be able to tell him that she loved him too. Although, probably not in a dramatic setting such as this.

And now he was going to go outside and escort Calvin to the van that was suppose to hold all that he holds dear, she couldn't help but feel fear.

They were going to try and arrest, or worse, kill Calvin and she wasn't stupid enough to think that there weren't any snipers out there, just because she couldn't see them didn't mean they weren't there.

And there was a good chance that Brian, the guy who always made her feel like she was the type of girl that he always hit on at the clubs, he made her feel beautiful and not like the freckly faced geek that Robbie Harper, and others, said she was.

She remembered the look in his eyes when she asked him if she should get breast implants. Though the look on his face was serious, his eyes said something else completely.

His eyes held something much darker than she was used to seeing from him and there was a little rage there too. She figured the rage was from that someone had made her feel less than she was. That she felt that the only way she would find happiness is if she upped her cup size.

And so when the last time she talked to her sister and her sister mentioned that maybe she would be able to snag a husband if she got implants she told her sister with a smile brighter than the sun that she was told not several days ago that she had a perfect body.

The phone call didn't last long after that.

So when he made a move to turn away from her, she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him back to her and pulled him forward so that his ear was even with her mouth.

She hated that he could hear the tears in her voice but she need to say something.

"I don't know what my feelings are but I do have some feelings. They're all jumbled and knotted but I will tell you this: Please come back to me. I don't care if you get a little beat up but just come back to me alive." And then she left a kiss on the side of his neck.

The look he gave her was indecipherable and she found that she really wanted to figure out what was between them.

But first they had to get out of this alive and second she had to break up with Doctor Lucas.