We've been told we're to have Rose back for the end of Season 4. But the rumor suggests that we won't get to keep her. This fic describes as many possible Season 4 ends as I can think up. Will try to alternate serious with humor. All special requests given serious consideration. Don't own Doctor Who. Will take it off your hands for a by-line.

The Classic Tragedy Version 1.0

AKA: The Beginning at the End

"Doctor!" Jack shouted, running into the sparking, smoke filled, shaking lab, holding an unconscious Rose in his arms. "Doctor, I've got her. The bloke's dead, she's safe. Doctor!"

The mad-eyed Time Lord glared at him, then looked at Rose, and all the anger and insanity drained out of his eyes. "You've got her?" he whispered faintly. "She's alive?"


"Give her to me," said the Doctor, and Jack transferred his precious burden into the Doctor's arms. "And cut the blue wire, please."

The Doctor held her close and wept into her hair, kissing her face, checking her for injuries, whispering words that no one would ever hear into her small shell of an ear.

Jack cut the blue wire.

There was silence.

The Doctor turned to him and held out Rose's soft, delicate form. "Take her, Jack, protect her. You can do that, you have literally all the time in the world, don't you?"

"But, Doctor?" replied Jack, incredulously. "I thought you wanted her with you?"

"She's not safe with me, Jack, and look what I just did. I was going to destroy an entire civilization because one man tried to harm her. I don't deserve her, Jack, and I can't take care of her. I love her, so much. Too much. You have to go. Take that ship right there, the one with the time controls. Go back as far into time as you can stand and hide her from me. Just knowing she's alive and well, I'll be able to get along."

"But Rose," said Jack, hoping against hope that the girl would wake. "She'd want to be with you anyway."

"She'll understand, Jack. She always understands." He held her close, one last time, and kissed her soft, sweet pink lips tenderly. "Rose Tyler," he breathed, "I love you."

Jack took the girl from the Doctor's arms, cradling her like a precious baby in his arms. "Will we see you again?"

"I don't know," said the Doctor. "She may try to find me after awhile, I don't know. But try not to, Jack, for the good of the Universe, please."

Jack took Rose into the ship, made her comfortable, and then came back. The Doctor was standing in the door of the TARDIS.

"I guess this is goodbye, then," Jack said.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Tell her that, for me, will you?"

"I will. Be careful."

"You know me."

Jack snorted, then approached the Doctor slowly. The Doctor sighed and then tilted his head and kissed Jack's lips tenderly.

"Don't be afraid to love her if you can, Jack. Just take care of her and, both of you, have a fantastic life."

Jack watched the TARDIS vanish forever once again and almost smiled, this time.

Rose woke later and, after much screeching, screaming, and hysteria, after demanding to be taken back, she resolved herself into a sudden, inhuman calm.

"Rosie, what is it?"

"I didn't get to tell him."

"He knows."

"Not this, he doesn't," she said. "Jack, I'm pregnant."

"What?!" Jack exclaimed, horrified and delighted and confused and furious. "How did that happen?"

Rose smirked at him. "I figured you'd know that part."

Some days later, they landed on a small, orange planet in the one place in space and time the Doctor would never, ever visit.

"Where are we?" Rose asked, softly, not really curious. She stroked her gently rounded tummy and smiled up at the double suns over head.

"No where, yet. We're well back in time, near the very, very beginnings. The star that produced the nebula that eventually produced the Earth will still be burning strong for a few thousand years."

"Wow. And we're safe here?"

"Oh, yes, very safe. It's fine, Rosie, I'll take care of you and the little ..."

"A boy, Jack."

"You're sure?"

"Yes. I can feel it." Her eyes flashed vivid, brilliant gold.

"Oh." Jack thought for a moment. "What're you gonna name him?"

"Something from his father's world, I think," said Rose, leaning up against a dark tree with silver leaves. "But I don't know a lot. Still, I remember some words, and I liked this one. Don't know what it means, though, but that's what we'll call him. I hope the Doctor would like it."

"What's the word?" Jack asked, softly, reaching out to draw her close.

She laid her head against his shoulder and smiled. "Rassilon."