By Winter Knight

Chapter 1: Girlman Begins

Note: I DEFINATELY do not own "Ranma 1/2" nor "Batman", oh and I play the role of Joe Chill! mostly because I have no idea which Rumiko Takahashi caracter should play him. I thought about this story around the same time "Batman Begins" came out and since the sequel is coming out this summer...why not?

In Memory of

Heath Ledger



As a 8 year old, Ranma Saotome lived a happy life with his parents Dr. Genma Saotome and Nodoka Saotome, two very wealthy and charitable Gotham Ward Socialites...well at least Nodaka is charitable! Ranma is brought up in Saotome Manor and its wealthy splendor and leads a happy and privileged existence until that fateful night...

After seeing the movie "The Gray Ghost Returns" at their local movie theater, the three accidentally walked through the bad part of town and then they have a run in with local small-time criminal Joe Chill, Joe pulls out a gun and says, "Alright youse, hand over everything you have!We'll start with the pretty poils around the lady's neck..." Then Genma tries to run off and then gets shot at anyway and then Nodoka sees this and dies from shock... not from seeing Genma murdered but seeing Genma trying to get away from Joe Chill.

Joe then grabs the pearls and before he runs away he looks at Ranma Saotome and says "Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?" Ranma then goes to the body of his mother and cries his heart out and then ignore his father but then thinks, "I don't care what my father tried to do but that monster has murdered my parents..."

In the wake of this tragedy, Park Row was given the nickname "Crime Alley."

Days Later, Ranma attended their funeral and is accompanied with Kasumi Tendo, family friend and maid to the Saotomes. Kasumi then says, "Oh my, you poor boy, don't worry, I'll take care of you!" Ranma's pent up anger grows day by day however he is glad to find a loving guardian in Kasumi Tendo.

Many years pass and Ranma was eventually inheirited with the Saotome fortune and soon assumes the role of a irresponsible, superficial playboy who lives off his family's personal fortune. However, Ranma has became known for his contributions to charity, notably through his Saotome Foundation charity. Ranma creates the playboy public persona to aid in throwing off his true feelings that he is plaged with after the death of his parents, often acting dim-witted and self-absorbed to further the act. However he works out time from time trying to deal with the pent up rage.

One Night, Ranma was given tea and cookies by Kasumi, he was watching the news and discovered that the Gotham Ward of Japan's crime rate is up the roof and after finding out about this and remembering the death of his parents, Ranma swears an oath to rid the city of the evil that had taken his parents' lives. He remembers all the intense intellectual and physical training he went through as a pasttime and he thinks it could help him do something about the situation, but he realizes that these skills alone would not be enough.

"Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot", Ranma remarks, "so my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible..." As if responding to his desires, Ranma hears a doorbell and Kasumi gets it, she sees a girl scout and she says, "Girl Scout Cookies!" Ranma hit his fist and says, "I got it! I'll become a girl! Also every one knows that men fear females..." Ranma then gets up and gives $1,000 dollars to the girl scout for her cookies and she says, "Oh my gosh! You're Ranma Saotome! T'ank you!" Ranma then says happily, "No thank you! Besides that money will be sure to help your troop!" Kasumi then goes up to Ranma and says, "Ranma, that was the nicest thing you've ever done other than that school for the disabled you used your money for, what's the occasion?" Ranma then says, "Kasumi, I found my symbol to bring fear to those responicible for the crime and corruption of this city! TO JUSENKYO!"

Soon, Ranma and Kasumi then go to Jusenkyo, which is located at the Bayankala mountain range, south of Mount Kensei, in Qinghai Province, China. Ranma is aware that this place has a curse that he sees more as a blessing. Ranma then has the Jusenkyo Guide show him where the "spring of drowned girl" is and then Ranma takes a dip in the water, the guide then yells out, "AIYAA! WHY YOU JUMP IN CURSED SPRING, NOW CURSE FALL APON YOU WHEN YOU TOUCH COLD WATER!" Ranma then comes out as a female and as he look at himself when Kasumi showed him a mirror, she then says, "Perfect, now those rouges won't recognize me when I get through with them!" The guide then says, "What you talking about, why is it good thing for you to be cursed?' Ranma then says, "Umm...promise to keep a secret? You too Kasumi?' Kasumi then says, "Of course Master Ranma, I am like family to you anyway." Ranma then says, "Ok I will explain everything and Kasumi you don't have to call me "Master Ranma"!

(A few minutes later)

The guide then says, "So you, THE Ranma Saotome of Gotham Ward, fall in girl spring to become girl so you can become a masked vigilante, well...I have the thing for you! Oh and I'm sorry about your parents," Then the guide shows Ranma that he can make cars and the one he made that is hidden under his shack is a powerful black car, which seems to be a cross between a hummer, Lamborghini and a military vehicle called "the tumbler". Ranma then seems impressed and then he turns around to the guide and asks, "Does it come in Pink?"

Ranma then leaves the Jusenkyo training grounds after he finished his training and he ended up continuing training in other parts of China such as a amazon villiage and train against a perverted martial arts master named "Ra's Al Ghul" who would rather steal women's underwear than fight Ranma Saotome.

(Many Months Passed)

And so The guide's car was sent to Saotome's mansion and he then modifies it to what is now called "The Girlmobile" and then Kasumi goes up to Ranma and says, "Your suit is now ready!" Ranma then pours cold water on him/herself puts on a black suit and it's chest has a venus symbol with batwings on them (the girl-suit has no nipples on them), she then wears a mask that exposes her pigtail. And then she puts on a utility belt.

(a certain Danny Elfman theme plays)

Ranma then reveals him/herself as "GIRLMAN". Girlman then gets word on his ON STAR brand radio that Dr. Gosunkugi aka "Scarecrow' has taken over a Girl-scout Jamboree and then Ranma then says, "No... I owe them one!" But before he jumps into the "Girlmobile" Kasumi then says, "Oh "Girlman", here's your "Girl-lunch" and I had your Girl-shark repellant" reloaded! Girlman then says, "Like I really need the "girl-shark repellant" but still it's really nice of you to think about me Kasumi, I'll let you know how this goes! And soon he/she rides off into the jamboree. Girlman then checks out the ON STAR radio for new information on the crime.

(At the Girl scout jamboree)

A figure with dark eyes and armed with voodoo dolls and a hammer holds up the fesival, he is dressed as a Scarecrow and he wears a poorly-stitched burlap sack with a hangman's noose dangling around the neck. The girl scout who "inspired" Ranma tried to fight back but then Scarecrow creates a illusion of worms crawling from his mouth and it frightens her, and then Emma Iveli who is just here to pick up ideas for a fanfic sees the girl scouts roasting marshmallows near a flame and she faints, Scarecrow then wakes Emma up and says, "Wake up, you're making me look bad! I mean those girl scouts roasting marshmallows have nothing to do with my fear gas...oh wait...THIS IS A HOLD UP! HAND OVER EVERY OUNCE OF CASH YOU MADE, I NEED THE MONEY TO SUPPORT MY FEAR-EXPERIMENTS OR ELSE I WILL CREATE SUCH A HORRIFYING ILLUSION KNOWN TO MAN!" Emma then asks, "Alfred E. Kahn in a diaper, dancing near a garden sprinkler? Scarecrow then says, "Even I have limits woman!"

Then all of a sudden the Girl-Mobile arrives and out from the Girl-Mobile comes Girlman! Scarecrow then says, "What in the, who are you?" Girlman then says, "I am the night!" Scarecrow then looks worried and then uses his fear gas on Girlman and he/she hallucinates that bats are flying out of Scarecrow's "mouth" Girlman then says, "I don't know what you just did but you are not going to hurt any of those girls! I WON'T LET YOU!" Girlman is trying to shake off the effects as Scarecrow gets away and then the same girl scout pulls out a tea pot of warm water and she pours it on Girlman, unaware that warm water turned him back into a guy. The Girl scout then says, "Hurry, he's getting away!" Girlman then runs towards a warehouse and he sees Scarecrow as a giant skinny limbed straw monster called "Scare Beast' and then Girlman tries to fight it off and throws a "girl-a-rang" at it's left foot, making it fall but then the beast's other arm grabs Girlman and crushes him while the other arm removes his mask, Ranma then realizes the warm water changed him back to normal and seems to be in trouble of exposing his identity but then the same girl scout appears and is shocked at who her hero really is and she turns on the lights and it's revealed that Scarecrow is controlling the "Scare Beast" as a puppet and then tries to escape but then Girlman throws some gas pellets at the scarecrow, knocking him out and the girl scout turns off the lights...

Scarecrow wakes up and his mask is taken off, revealing himself to be Dr. Gosunkugi. Gosunkugi then says, "I was just trying to get money for my fear research, they laughed at me in Tokyo University! But they will soon know what" Girlman then puts on Scarecrow's mask and he says, "Many lifes were taken by people like you and now's the time this comes to a end..." Gosunkugi then screams, "WHO ARE YOU?" And then Girlman grabs him and says...


Gosunkugi faints and then the girl scout appears and says to him, "You forgot you mask...It's really you! Don't worry mister, I won't tell anyone...t'ank you for saving us!" Ranma puts the mask back on and gives her a device and says, "If anything ever happens to you, press it and let me know, by the way I never got your name! The Girl then says, "My name is Rin, but Mr. Saotome, why are you Girlman and why are you a girl?" Ranma looks down and says, I'll explain everything eventually, however I chose a girl because everyone knows that men are afraid of girls and I also realize that girl scouts do good in their communies like what I will be doing now, I will not let anyone lose their loved ones like I did..." Girlman pulls out his grappling hook and before he fires it to the window hatch to make his exit, he says to Rin, "Before I go, I have a small favor to ask of you and your troop..."

As Rin agrees to Ranma's favor, both of them are unaware of a girl in a cat costume spying on them...

(Later that night)

District Attorney Tsubasa Kurenai sets up a town meeting with the other representatives of Gotham Ward about the news he recieved, "Ladies and Gentlemen, people of Gotham Ward, after we apprehanded Dr. Gosunkugi aka "Scarecrow" and took him to Arkham Asylum, a bunch of girl scouts have handed us a letter from a strange individual known as "Girlman" earlier this night. "Please inform the citizens of Gotham that Gotham Ward has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me."

Soun Tendo, the owner of the "Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts" and repesentative of the community pulls out a signal and he says, "I think this is it, let's test it out!"

Then Soun activates the signal and it beams the Girlman symbol (a venus symbol with batwings) to the sky and unaware to the public, Girlman stands on a tower and watches the signal, knowing that the people of Gotham Ward are waiting for him to keep the city safe...


btw, I need help on which Rumiko Takahashi characters should I cast as Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Solomon Grundy, and Clayface.