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Caged Up - The End

Don't know where I am. I'm on something soft, very comfortable, especially on the back of my head. Another bed. I look around, another clinic bed. Both my arms, can't move them, they're in casts. Fuck, my whole body hurts, I suck in a breath but it starts to numb now. Tubes running all through me, must be some kind of morphine drip dulling the pain. So I must be in a real hospital, not back in prison. I'm... out. Door opens, someone comes in, takes me a minute but I recognize her. "You... you're Kim's mother." I remember her, during that messed up plan Drakken had during Mother's Day. Ain't this a twist.

She nods, she looks like she works her, even got a ID tag clipped on her coat. "Anne Possible, Dr. Anne Possible. I've been monitoring your brain activity from the other room."


"Because security thought it was too dangerous for me to be in the same room with you."

"No... I mean why my brain? What's wrong with it?"

"Well, so far nothing much, normal activity up until now for someone in a near comatose state."

"Comatose? How long was I out?"

"Six months."

I laugh, it's stupid but I laugh. Six months in hell, six months in bed. Like waking up from a bad dream with all the scars still on me. "Well don't worry Annie, I can barely wiggle my fingers let alone want to scare off someone screwing with my brain."

She doesn't look amused. "That's Dr. Possible and I'm not 'screwing' with your brain, I'm simply monitoring it for any damage. Your friend said you were electrocuted and choked."

"My friend... Adrena Lynn! Is she okay?"

I really was scared, something broke my arms while I was out cold and I'm guess they had to go through her first. "She's in pretty bad shape but she's recovering. I'll tell the doctors you've regained consciousness."

It goes on like that for days, people refilling my liquids and checking my vitals. They don't talk to me so it's like being in solitaire all over again. I even started noticing when Dr. Possible is monitoring my head in the other room I was so bored. "Hey, Dr. P, how about some company? I'm going crazy over here."

She comes in, talk about customer service. "I don't know what your thinking Shego, but I'm here on a professional capacity but I'm not going to be friendly with someone like you."

I crack a grin. "Oh, I get it, it's because I'm green, isn't it?"

"It's because you're a thief and a murderer. I know about those people you killed in that prison. They had families, they had loved ones."

"Oh don't cry to me about the plight of the victims unless you remember the other victims, the ones kept in the cells. Those people raped and beat women, one I know personally at the command of the damn warden. Did their wives and daughters hear that part? About how their beloved, deceased father and husband spent their time at work beating women into submission and took turns fucking them with their friends?"

"That doesn't excuse what you did."

"Oh really? What if it was your daughter?"

That tugged at something, she goes from serious to pissy in under a second. "Don't you dare talk about my daughter, especially like that!"

"Like what? I'm only saying what if people she was told were there to maintain order suddenly pushed her to the ground and forced her to choke on some slimy, unwashed dick?"

She moves fast, not like it matters, can't move from this bed. She backhands me as hard as she can. Not a bad hit for a doctor. "Shut up! Don't you ever... oh... no, I didn't..."

She's realizing she lost it. Not her fault though. "Calm down, that should be a natural reaction. You want your princess to be safe and happy but maybe now you won't look at me like some kind of monster because of what I did."

"I... I'm a doctor, I took an oath, I'm not suppose to strike any patient for any reason."

"We all have our moments where we fall from grace. Trust me, that riot, not my best work but I couldn't help myself. Just please... sit with me... I want to talk, I want to keep my mind occupied on something."

It takes her a while to calm down but eventually she does sit down to talk. "Alright, I suppose your comfort is part of the job. What do you want to talk about?"

I honestly don't know, I don't even care at this point, I just need the distraction. "You pick a topic."

She thinks it over. "Well, how about your mother? I noticed in your records that she died while you were very young."

Ouch... wasn't expecting that. I should ask her to change the subject... but I did take a crack at her daughter, guess it's only fair. "Well... actually haven't thought about her since... well the day of the riot... not that it's a welcomed memory."

"Why, what's so bad about remembering your mother? Did she abuse you?"

"No... that's why it's so hard to think about it. When I was a kid... a meteor crashed into our backyard... turned me and my brothers into these superheroes. But mom... well... mom heard the crash and came running out... I guess the rock must've still been pretty active when she did. Radiation poisoning... cosmic radiation, the kind you get if you go out a shuttle without a space suit on. It took her... about eight months to die... it was... really painful for her."

"I... I didn't know... I'm so sorry."

"...I blamed myself... I don't know why that meteor gave me the power to produce unlimited energy from my hands but gave my mom cancer. It was... so fucking unfair! I loved my mother! She was the only person in my life that gave two shits about me and she died, BAM, right in front of me, slowly and painfully! I was just a ten year old! That's fucking messed up for a ten year old to live through!"

"Shego, it's alright, calm down!" She goes to my side. Fuck... got too emotional. Must've been crying half way into it without realizing it. It hurts... remembering her... lying on the bed like that... it hurts. She wipes the tears from my face, damn, she reminds me of my mom... she used to do that too... "I'm sorry... I didn't think it would be such a hard subject for you."

"It's alright... I'm glad to get it off my chest. Thank you for listening... you're a good person Dr. Possible... just like she was. I'm just sorry I'm not someone she could be proud of."

It was brief, but having older Possible hear me out really took a lot off my mind. The next day she came in and told me she was going back home, turns out all my synapses were firing off just fine and that she wasn't needed to look me over anymore. I don't say it but it felt bad knowing she was gone, but hey, lucky me, someone familiar rolled in sometime later. "Lynn?"

Both her legs were in casts and the top of her head was wrapped up in gauzes but it was her, I know that smirk anywhere. "Look at you, lying around like a lump. I break both my legs and I still get around more than you do. It's like prison all over again."

I smile, it's good to see her. "I guess I owe you one again, I suppose that's two nights of love making for you. Nice acting back in the clinic by the way, sure fooled me."

I really meant that, I wasn't being sarcastic, but it made Lynn depressed when I brought it up. "Shego... I'm sorry... that whole thing, it was the best I could come up with. If I could do it over again."

I shake my head. "You'd do the exact same thing, trust me. If you didn't fake sell me out like you did, she would've barbecued you first and then have her fun with me. I'm just glad it's all over."

It's all over... damn who was I trying to kid. We're going back to jail, we're going back for life because of what we did, maybe even get executed. Weeks, hell, months pass, and Lynn and I spend more time together. We don't just talk, we even take our physical therapy together, trying to outdo one another. That's when I start getting paranoid; who's paying for this, who's flipping the bill so that we can be back in tip-top shape. I might be brought up Protestant but this don't smell Kosher. I try to keep it to myself but Lynn starts to worry about me. I tell her I'm fine but she can see right through me. "Come on Shego, you've been edgy for days, what gives?"

I figure I might as well tell her. "Lynn... it's too... convenient. I don't think we're going back to prison."

She looks at me like I've been huffing chloroform and floor cleaner. "Well... that would be convenient Shego... hell, that be damn right fine with me."

"No... no, you don't get it. Why would someone want two people like us, with our criminal records, completely healthy and fully recovered from their injuries."

Takes her a while but soon she's on the same page as me. "So they can use us."

"Bingo. I'm guessing Global Justice is behind this. Make us work off a community service plea bargain by globe hopping as expendable gofers."

"Well, that sucks. But I guess it beats the alternative of rotting in prison."

Yeah, if she says so. Basically after that, it's just a waiting game to see when they'll finally come to take us away. Turns out, it doesn't take long at all, the next day, there's a woman with an eyepatch sitting on my bed after physical therapy. "I take it you're not here to change my bed pan?"

She smiles. She's smug, I already hate her. "You know what this is about, Shego, in fact, you basically pieced it all together yesterday. Of course, it's not like we were terribly surprised that you did figure it out; you're biggest flaw is laziness, not ignorance."

Damn, I want to rip her fucking head off already. "So, you're with Global Justice? Tell me, how much tax-payer money did your little organization blow on me and Lynn?"

"Don't presume you have us pegged, Ms. Go, we're more resourceful than that. However, today is the first day of you two start paying us back."

"Just answer me one question; why? Why bother? You know what we did, why bother doing all of this for a pair of killers?"

"I'd be short sided if I told you what happened that night wasn't being held against you, don't worry, we'll always remember what you all did. But that's not to say we don't turn a deaf ear on all the accusations made against those very same prison officials, accusations confirmed by what little hostages you kept alive. You're in it deep, both of you, but considering both your records... we're willing to consider your actions slightly provoked for the purpose of recruiting you."

"Don't you mean drafting?"

"I mean it's your chance to repay society for your crimes, all your crimes. After a ten year service, both your records, murders and all, will be wiped clean. That is, if you both can live that long."

I don't even ask. These people go up against mad scientists on a daily basis, I know they're ready for me to start trouble so I don't even ask her what they'll do if I resist. I ask the only question I can. "Where to first... boss?"

All things considered, it's not so bad. At least it's not prison. Getting escorted into the backseat of a car with Lynn, just us and the driver, very inauspicious. It's also very helpful for us because it's a lot easier to have Camille Leon, who's been disguising herself as the hospital's janitor for the last two weeks, take the driver's place before we roll out. And I'm sure it'll be a long time before Global Justice figures out what's going on, especially since I'm sure the real driver is locked in the trunk, making all that noise. I lean back in my seat, roll down the windows, and enjoy the feel of the wind whipping across my hair while my favorite psychopath curls up against my side. "Girls, I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship."