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Chapter One

One day Tea and I were sitting in my room and we were talking about boys when the subject of why all the cute boys were either already taken or gay and I looked at her and I said "Does it bother you that Joey and some of the other guys are gay?"

Tea looked at me and then she said "At first it did kind of made me really upset that two guys would rather be in relationship together rather then them having a girlfriend, but your brother sat me down and he asked me "Tea do you have a boyfriend now?" Well I told him the truth and said no and then he then asked me "Do you think that any of the girls at Domino High are good looking" and well I guess I blushed and all he did was smile at me.

I wanted to hit him for that, but then he just gave me a kiss on my cheek and he said "Listen just because you think a girl is good looking doesn't make you a lesbian." That got me thinking and he was right and I apologized to him and eventually all the other guy for being a regular bitch and they all smiled and told me "Don't worry about it."

I asked Tea if she had ever thought what it would be like to kiss a girl and she turned blood red but she told me "Yes, I've thought about it" and that's when I moved over and kissed her. She moaned and as I ran my tongue over her lips and she opened her mouth and as I stuck my tongue into her mouth and our tongues did some kind of ritual dance I reached out and put my hands on her breasts and I kind of felt them and then we heard "Rene, I'm home."

We broke apart and as we tried to get our breath under control Joey knocked on my bedroom door and asked "Is pizza alright for dinner tonight?"

I got up and walked over and as I opened my door, Tea was straightening her clothes and I said "Pizza's are fine."

Joey smiled at me and then he went to call the Pizza Place and as I turned back around Tea was sitting on the bed and she said "Serenity are you a lesbian?"

I just shrugged my shoulders and I told her "Tea I don't know who the hell I am, all I know is that the sight of you sitting on my bed makes me more excited then looking at Tristan or Duke parade around without a shirt on."

That's when Tea confessed that "she has always liked me and was always afraid to tell me just in case I was straight and would look at her a differently."

I walked over to my bed and I sat down and reached out my hand and she took it and that's when the reality of our thinking would get us so I said "Can I see you again, but we will have to be careful that none of the others find out especially Joey."

Tea took my hand and she tugged me over to her and she gave me the most passionate kiss and if we didn't need to breathe I really believe that we would of made love right there in my room.

Joey knocked and said "Pizza's are here, come on you two if you want something to eat you better come out here before I eat them all up." Tea and I laughed as we ran out of my room and went to the kitchen and grabbed several pieces of the best pizza ever and as we ate Tea smiled at me and I nearly choked on the bite I had in my mouth. Joey laughed and said "Hey, slow down I was only kidding I won't eat them all myself."

When we were done eating, Joey said "Come on Tea I'll give you a ride home." So we all piled into Joey's car and as we sit in the back Tea held my hand and when he pulled up in front of her house Tea thanked him and gave him a peck on the cheek and said to me "I'll see you tomorrow at school." I waved good-bye and then I got in the front as Joey drove us home.

On the way home Joey asked me "What were you to talking about?"

I smiled at him and lied "We were talking about boys and what clothes we liked."

Joey shook his head and then he laughed and said "Girls is that all you ever do is talk about boys and clothes?"

I closed my eyes and could picture Tea sitting on my bed naked and I would be crawling up onto the bed and I opened my eyes because I was getting so damn excited and I said "sometimes we even talk about how a boy kisses and how hot they look with no shirts on."

Joey nearly lost control of the car as he said "Don't you ever think about Tristan or Duke like that or I swear I'll lock you in your room till you're twenty-one."

I laughed out loud and then I said "I love you too big brother, but you can't really tell me who I can or can't think of now can you"

He smiled as he said "I guess not, but please be careful and don't get yourself into anything that you can't stop please."

When we pulled up outside the house and we got out and locked his car, I hugged him and gave him a kiss and as he unlocked the front door I ran to my room and I said "Have homework to do, see you later." I closed and locked my door and I got out my cell phone and called Tea and we talked for about two hours then as we said good night she said "Goodnight" and sent me a kiss across the line and I told said the same to her and I said "I wish I was there to kiss you in person." Tea let out a moan and said "So do I." We hung up and I did my homework, took a shower and went to tell Joey goodnight and went to bed and dreamed about Tea and me.

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