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Chapter Nine

As Serenity and Tea talked about the Wedding their friends wanted to do something really special for them and so they decided to give them the most precious gift of all. That evening after dinner Seto stood up at the table and he said "All of us wanted to do something really nice for the two of you so we decided to ask if we could have the Wedding here at the Manor?"

Tea sat there holding Serenity in her arms and she said "That would make us both so very happy to be married here with all of you beside us." Serenity then said "Tea and I have been talking and since it won't be a traditional wedding with a man and a woman we would love it if Joey and Seto would walk beside me and would the Yami's walk beside Tea as we walk to where Ishizu will be waiting to marry us, and then for everyone stand with us as we become life mates."

Everyone had tears running down their faces after they were done and they all said "We'd be honored to do as you have asked." So now with the help of Helga and Mai the proceeding were being planned and Serenity and Tea decided to both wear gowns as they walked down the aisle. It was going to be held in the back yard of the Manor and when the morning finally came it was so beautiful and it was almost like a Fairytale Wedding. As Tea and Serenity both recited their vows in the presence of their friends, family and God, Ishizu then announced them to be Life Mates forever.

As they got into the limo for the trip to the airport, everyone threw flower petals from all the flowers that were around the altar and they all wished them all the happiness in the world. Then as the limo drove off Tea kissed her life mate and they settled back for their ride to the beginning of their lives together.

THE END………..

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