Chapter 4: More Detentions

The famous Harry Potter had once again landed himself in detention with everyone's most favorite teacher to hate, Professor Severus Snape. All of Harry's friends (except Ron) along with every other House in Hogwarts were baffled about the never ending feud between teacher and student. With the war over, mostly all of Voldemort supporters were captured or missing. Sure there were still Pureblood attitudes and anti-Muggle sentiments but the stark hatred and violent distrust among the Houses were gone. Several months had passed and the unity the Sorting Hat spoke about had finally come about. The two men had spilled blood for each other, they ended a legacy of terror together, and still they fought. No one suspected, except maybe for Hermione and Dumbledore, and well, Mrs. Norris, that Harry and Severus had finally put aside there differences and threw away their previous prejudices and biases. Even with the suspicious lack of deducting points on Snape's part, no one seemed to realize just how deep a bond had now formed between the two wizards.

Two years later, Hermione's steadily growing suspicions were finally confirmed when Harry and Severus, now world-famous successful wizards, were discovered by the twins in a compromising position on Ron's old bed at the Burrow while celebrating Bill and Fluer's announcement of a new addition to their large and happy family. After some sputtering, arguing, and another round of snogging Harry and Severus finally decided to come out and admit to their friends and family that they were indeed, in a long-lasting committed completely exclusive and soon-to-be married relationship. When Hermione and a red-faced Ron asked how they got together the response was that during one detention with Severus, when Harry was assigned to clean some cauldrons, the two, after an argument over washing vials, finally had a chance to really understand each other as well as themselves. And the result?

They loved every mind-blowing minute of it.

And with that declaration the two wizards shared a kiss that had a smiling Hermione blushing and a still red-faced Ron promptly falling to his knees crying about his eyes and fainting in an undignified heap on the floor.


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