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WHAT?! No boyfriend, NO PARTY?!

Woe 05

By Sara—The Hopeless Wanderlust –grins-


"I became an ass because of you, you idiot girl,"—Heated Natsume


There was no other word to describe the feeling Yuu Tobita felt in his chest.


There, standing in front of him, were two people kissing a kiss that even Ruka and Hotaru never expressed to that extend. Lust.

Natsume's hand circled over her back, prompting her to moan at the very least so that he could slip his tongue in, but Mikan wasn't giving in. As her back was facing Yuu, he didn't get to see the dead glare she cast over the raven haired boy. Natsume found her stubbornness amusing; he had never encountered any girl which was so hard to get as the one who was in his arms at the very moment.

Pretended that Mikan had given in, Natsume tilted his head in a way, he held her closer in his arms making her tiptoed. She had no chance in pushing him away, she even tried to growl with her mouth shut but it sounded almost like a muffled orgasm to her horror. With her one hand locked at the back and another in his hand, twining together, she couldn't even shake herself to free. She closed her eyes in annoyance, wishing in her very head that one of her friends would come to the rescue despite how it looked.

Yuu's biscuit eyes burnt in anger, watching them through the light fringes. His jaw locked in rage, fists balled up. He doesn't like the fact that there was another guy who just recently came took the love of his life away from him before he could even make a move.

Fiancé? The hell with it! He was about to storm towards them, when Ruka held him back with a determine look on his eyes. He nodded with assurance; giving his friend a trust that he will deal the matter without him. Ruka knew since forever that Yuu had loved Mikan but Mikan being who she was, was dense when it involved love. Yuu threw his hurtful gaze on the ground, holding back his anger that was storming a blizzard in his little chest.

Ruka laid a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder and she understood. Taking her latest Baka Gun invention, she aimed well towards Natsume.

Breaking the kiss, he dodged the shot swiftly with Mikan in his arms. His triumph smirk wiped across his gorgeous face, his crimson eyes glinted in awe. He had undergone crazy wild trainings from his uncle, Persona, an infamous Dangerous Ability teacher and this kind of attack was like swatting a fly to him.

"Try harder next time," he chuckled darkly, giving them a sneer look. Hotaru froze in utter shock, never once she had got defeated by anyone before nor had been humiliated, this was her first.

That was the last straw for Yuu. Activating the Alice of Illusion, the ground shook with great Richter scale. Mikan and Hotaru screamed in fear, Ruka took Hotaru in his arms but Natsume accidentally let Mikan go. Though the ground quaked, Yuu walked as though nothing happened toward Mikan. Natsume stared in disbelief at the lad.

"Illusion…" he mused, understood. He had never thought that he would see another Illusion caster in his life again. Once she was in Yuu's embrace, the ground stopped shaking.

"She's not yours, never was," Yuu's voice was smoothed in seriousness. His gaze was on the raven haired boy. Natsume eyes widened as his voice echoed in his head. He heard the same words before, and it made him burst to anger. Unlike the past, he decided that he wouldn't lose to the repeated history that played before his very eyes. This time, he was ready to act.

Blaze of fire swept between Yuu and Mikan, causing Yuu to push her away. Mikan was about to fall flat on her face when Natsume caught her by her shoulder in time.

"She is mine, and always been mine," Natsume said through gritted teeth, his handsome face went red in anger. He turned on his heels, dragging the mystified Mikan with him.

She whimpered on the pain he squeezed her hands. His anger worsened as they took a step towards the Volvo every time.

"You idiot! Let me go, Hyuuga!" she whimpered, trying to break free from his iron clutch. She swept her gaze to the back where a devastated Yuu, dumbfound Ruka and a pokerfaced Hotaru were standing among the fire, her eyes begging for help.

He threw her into the Volvo and he got in.

"Your home, where is it?" he snapped, trying to keep his head cool. His eyes looked ahead; the lamp post suddenly looked interesting to him as he tried to keep his anger at bay. He didn't know why he felt so angry but the scene before him was a complete déjà-vu to him, making him remembered something bitter from the past.

"Let me out!" demanded Mikan as she tried to open the door but failed. It was on child's lock. She exhaled angrily, giving the car a kick.

"Where's your home?" he repeated, impatience was thinning. He squeezed his steering wheel in annoyance. He couldn't vent his anger to her, he never had done that to any girls before though the only girl he would, would be no other than Tangerine R. He needed to concentrate on staring on the lamp post, he knew, if he was going to meet her eyes, something bad would happen. 'She's not Tangerine R, she's not Tangerine R,' he said repeated in his head, biting his lips in chagrin.

"Why are you so angry?" Mikan asked, feeling upset. She folded her arms over her chest, looking away.

"Where?" His voice rang dangerously sending Mikan jumped in her seat frightfully. "Or do you want to go to my house instead and be my mistress for the whole day?" he said dryly. The threat sounded dead real to her, her lips whitened in fear.

"Down the street to the right, the one with a garden," she said in a breath, as though her life depended on it. She never met someone as terrifying as the lad. That made sense on the reason why he was in the Dangerous Type Alice. Within a second, his tire screeched to top speed. The supposedly three minute slow drive turned out to be 30 seconds by his car. She was so afraid of his driving; she had her eyes shut tight all the way. She exhaled in relief when he stopped a few houses away from hers, panting as though she just went off the rollercoaster ride.

The door clicked open and he walked off, opening the door for her.

"Out," he spat, his hand held out, offering a hand out of habit. Mikan glared at his hand then at his face before she rolled her eyes on him and walked out of the car herself. Mikan began to walk off as Natsume closed the door before her. He took her by her wrist, pinning her to the car.

"You're my toy, got that? Mine," he voice was laced with possessiveness, caging her small frame. Natsume himself couldn't understand why he even said that to her, but whatever he wanted, he'll get it no matter what. He had been living in that kind of luxury ever since he was born.

Mikan merely glared at him, biting her jaw in disgust. He seriously reminded of someone she hated the most, the idiotic Crimson E. 'He's not Crimson E, he's not Crimson E,' she reminded herself repeatedly because the only person she would want to waste her precious energy in fighting was no other than that childhood jerk of hers.

"Yea, whatever," she said in abhorrence, pushing him off and began to walk away again. "You got attitude problem, jerk," she muttered under her breath, glowered upon the thought.

"I heard that, Polka. Watch it," he warned, shooting a blaze of fire at her side which she nullified at once. He was taken aback, not sure of what Alice the girl had to be able to get rid of his own easily. He rasped his throat in annoyance.

"Women are stupid creatures," his velvet voice muttered, walking back into the car.

"So are men," she shouted back from a distance, sticking a tongue at him. He threw a look of disgust at her in response before entered the car. She glared at his car as he passed by, honking at her on the process, and left the angry brunette to storm back to the gate of her house.

She had never met a guy so weird and twisted like Natsume Hyuuga, apart from Crimson E.



I have never met any girl as stubborn as Polka Dots, apart from Tangerine R and.... I glanced to look at a little beautiful figure at the other side of the car, my sister.

I slammed the door to my Volvo shut. My sister, Aoi gave me an annoyed look at my reaction as she walked out of the car.

"What?" I whined to her silent accusation. "I did pick you up after a while," I added, averted my eyes away from her condemning cerise ones. She pouted upon my lack of honesty. Aoi was only at her tender age of ten, she was rather intelligent and more matured than any of her friends. That Persona really had no mercy, even to little girls. He made sure that my sister and I were completely capable in starting off taking dangerous missions as young as we could. I was only six when I went for my first mission. Aoi was eight when she had hers. I rasped my throat in annoyance upon the thought.

"I waited there over an hour, Natsume-nii," she stated glumly, walking off without waiting for any of my retorts. I stared at her as she swept passed me, rolling her eyes and entered the house. I sighed exasperatedly, shaking my head. She was one girl whom I cared a lot to feel bother.

"Aoi…" My voice trailed in frustration as I followed behind her in a light jog. "I'm sorry already."

She waved her hand undiplomatic, her back was facing me. I exhaled, feeling exhausted before sitting in a slump. I guess I have to get that silly candy that she loved so much to make her talk to me again.

"Hawalon, huh?" I mused aloud, leaning back on the red sofa. My eyes swept across the interior space of the new house we moved into. It was smaller than the one I lived before. There was a hundred meter distance from the main gate to the porch, the drive to the gate was filled with green grasses and blossoming flowers. The house was barely three storeys high, each floor could fit at most anything that was ten meter in height. The chandelier looked a little too large for the ceiling to hold its size. Large portraits, mostly my father's arts as he was a celebrated artist, were all framed with gold and silvers, hung on the elegantly expressed wall with golden sheets for curtains on the tall glass windows. Expensive Chinas of every sort, my mother's obsessions, sat innocently stunning in the glass shelf.

Fine, this house was luxurious, but not as prestigious as the one I had back in America.

"Natsume, there you are," a familiar voice piped up, nearly startling me. I didn't bother to swivel to know that it was my father who was approaching me.

"Evening, dad," I muttered in a dull tone, barely meeting his eyes. He took a seat opposite me, glancing around as well as I did before.

"Nice catch, huh, Natsume? I have always wanted to get a house like this in Japan," he smiled happily. I nodded, tacit. A faint smile tugged my lips out of respect. "Anyway," he began, clapping his hands once before rubbing it and had his lively crimson eyes on me, the color I without a doubt inherited, but the cheeriness, I obviously didn't.

I stared at him promptly. A smile played on his lips, the wrinkle of his coming old age began to show on his handsome face.

"I met my old best friend's ex-wife just now. I think you might remember her daughter,… err," his face ceased to remember, tapping his chin with his finger.

"Tangerine R," I said in a breath, covering my anger with an expressionless face. I gritted my teeth, thinking about the girl. My dad, Kyouya Hyuuga chuckled in amused, a strange glint shone in his eyes.

"That was just a nickname you remembered her with. Yours was Crimson E, right?" he added with an awe-inspiring smile. He suddenly leaned forward, laid both of his elbows on his knees, pressing his lips on his twined fingers. Odd seriousness was stirring in his usual cheerful face.

"I hope you would be good to her though. The poor girl was told that if she didn't get a boyfriend sooner, her upcoming birthday party that will take place here couldn't happen. I wouldn't protest if you volunteer though, in fact, I'll gladly approve," he gave me a knowing grin. 'Oh gowd.'

I rolled my eyes in chagrin. I suddenly developed a headache, frowning at him. My father had always wanted the both of us to be together since we were young. Back then, I wouldn't mind, but now,… that would come with a different twist.

"I'm not interested, dad," I said acidly, throwing my gaze away. I heard he chuckled darkly.

"Not yet you mean," he said confidently. I met his determined eyes. Seemed like he had something else in mind that made him believe that I would fall in love with that idiotic girl, hell no.

"Whatever, dad," I sighed in exasperated, wishing that he could just end this conversation. He exhaled sadly, eyes downcast.

"Can't I just let the poor girl have her birthday celebrated? She was really, really looking forward to this," he said in bitter. I closed my eyes in chagrin, I won't take the bait, I won't take the bait!

He fished out his cell, dialed up the number in reluctant, his lips was lost for his usual smile. He gulped, sulking and placed the phone in his ears. I bit my lips in irritation. I hated when my dad pulled out that dirty play on me, making me feel guilty to the core.

"Tch, can't she find herself any other boy to go out with?" I asked, annoyed. His eyes brightened as he looked at me.

"No, she never had a boyfriend before," he said immediately, holding the mobile away a little. He stared at me with hope glinted in his shining crimson eyes. Pfft, a likely story.

"I'll do whatever you want, dad," I said defeated and walked away. Don't ask me why I have such annoying people as my family, sometimes I felt out of place.

However, I thought, hope began to whirl in my eyes. This wouldn't be bad idea after all…

A smirk began to play on my lips. Malice began to glint in my eyes. I have always wanted to make Tangerine R life's misery like how she did to mine. That idiot girl… she was going to pay the price for her betrayal.

"Hn, vangence never taste so sweet before."


"Never had, you're the only,"—lovelorn Natsume





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