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It's Julia Rothman's thoughts right before she dies.

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It wasn't the most dangerous situation she had been in, but it was definitely the tensest. Anything could tip the balance of power out, and she knew that Yassen knew this. She had to be on her guard.

She was so tempted to just shoot – to be done with it, to be rid of this horrible situation, but she knew she couldn't. She had to come out on top. She knew that she was able to. Her previous attempts of talking the other two to her will hadn't worked, but she'd come up with something. She would just have to find a way to kill Michael Smith and Yassen without being hurt.

And yet, the way Yassen was acting, he looked like he already had a plan. He could easily be rid of both her and Michael Smith without being hurt – he'd find a way. Julia Rothman had to thwart his plan, somehow. She tightened her finger on the trigger.

She studied Yassen and Smith's face. Yassen was obviously thinking – he had a look of concentration on his face, yet he still remained aware of his surroundings. Julia had never honed that skill. She was a woman, and though she could multitask, emotions always clouded her mind. The one that was affecting her now was fear.

She had been scared before, but not like this. In the other dangerous situations that she'd been in, she knew there was some sort of way out – which she always took. Now, it was really all up to the others about whether she lived or died. She was scared it would all be over. What had she achieved with her life?

Nothing, really.

She'd run a multibillion dollar company, enjoyed the luxuries of life and yet as she stood there, in that final moment, she didn't feel that she'd achieved anything. The things that meant the most, she had failed in. She'd never really belonged to a proper, functional family. She had never had any true friends – friends that she could trust unconditionally and love for their personalities alone. She'd never had even a moment of relaxation – she always had to watch her back, and even in her childhood, she was always afraid that her parents would be taken away from her – which they were, in the end. She had the chance to be a mother, but that was snatched away from her as soon as she'd achieved motherhood.

And lastly, she'd found true love – she'd found the one man which could make her happy, and yet that was taken away from her as well when she found out that he had never really loved her.

Julia was snapped out of her reflection by Yassen's voice.

'Julia, listen to me,' he said. She knew he was up to something – she vowed she wouldn't listen to a word he said. She knew he was trying to appeal to her emotions by using her first name, and though she knew this, she couldn't help but feel a little compassion for Yassen. He had always been her favourite.

Even in the worst of people, there is a little good inside.

'Don't talk to me, you fool! I will shoot!' she screeched, regaining her senses. Yassen was a traitor. He must be destroyed.

She wondered whether this was the end. If Yassen had a plan, it would probably work, no matter what she did. In that last moment, she wished she had achieved something more.

'John Rider had something to tell you before he died,' said Yassen, and in that moment of fear, confusion and regret, Julia believed him. She gasped. John Rider. Her one and only love.

Had he told Yassen that he really had loved her? Had he come back to life? Had he felt regret for leaving her? Did he miss her? Did he really love her?

Before she could feel it, a bullet flew through her head.

Julia Rothman was dead.