My Not So Happy Ever After

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'What the fuck did I just do?'

That was what Hinata thought whilst wiping her mouth with her shirt to get off any "germs". The kiss seemed like minutes but only lasted a few seconds. Not a perfect "first kiss" as you may call it.

Naruto was mumbling about something Hinata couldn't really catch and Sasuke was grinning like an idiot as if he was planning the whole thing or something. Sasuke didn't look right grinning like an idiot… He maybe really did have an inner idiot after all.

Hinata ran. She ran away from reality and the fact that Naruto was the first person she had kissed other than people part of her family (which she didn't even kiss on the lips dammit).



The lunch bell had gone off 10 minutes ago and class started 5 minutes ago and

Hinata was nowhere to be found. Not in Health Class, not anywhere. She had really disappeared from reality.



Run. Run from reality. Run from Naruto. Curse Karin and her goons. Kill everyone with your imaginary Death Note. But you can't run forever.

Hinata was panting for air. Running from her class was no use. She'd just get expelled, never see Naruto ever again and get lots of hits from her dad. Hinata fell backwards onto a tree behind her, it hurt, but not as much as the pain she suffered from Karin. She felt some sort of paper behind her so Hinata grabbed it, it really was… paper.

Join the Akatsuki!

Looking for members with good mental health.

Not a psychopath.

Thinks art is a bang, un.

Doesn't hate fish.

Worships Janshin-sama.

Doesn't waste money.

Likes puppets and diss it like it's a girl doll.

Origami is not crap.

And last but not least, Looking for power, revenge, love (WTF PEIN?!) and killing those crappy plastic people and saving the socially rejected people like you!!

BTW, This is not teacher-approved so don't tell Tsunade-sama.

Auditions at Shed East from South Music Building.

Free Muffins, Cookies and Iced Tea for those who come, un X3

You get a free hat and free cloak (with fashion statement, un) if you get picked!!

'Is this school weird? Or does it think its awesome or something?'



20 minutes into 4th period Health Class… It was boring as the Shinigami World without Hinata. No spice, only sugar.

A minute passed when the door opened to reveal Hinata, looking a bit bloody but with a smirk, her books and a piece of paper in her hand (the Akatsuki Auditions poster).

"Hyuga-san, you can go sit next to Uchiha-san" Jiraiya said, serious for once. He wasn't hitting on her at all.

Hinata shot Jiraiya her most evil death glare and flopped into her seat next to Sasuke. He flicked her a note.

Nice Smooch with Uzumaki baka.

Hinata shot Sasuke a death glare, all he did was snicker but kept his face at Jiraiya.

Shut the fuck up emo lonely bastard.

Hinata tossed the note back to Sasuke.

Ah. I'm not lonely you know. And I'm not a bastard cause all girls hit on me ;)

Hinata glared at the note. If stares were really real, there would've been a burn in the note at that point.

Yeah, Fucking bimbos who have fucking implanted boobs. (Ah. Sorry, not all blondes are dumb. I know that, sorry if I deeply offended you. Didn't mean to. Gommen)

With that, Sasuke stopped tossing her notes. Hinata was relieved in a way. But after 5 minutes passed and only 5 more minutes til' the end of the period, Sasuke flicked a drawing of Sasuke, Hinata and Naruto with the top scribbled as "Loners".

Yeah Right.

"Stop hitting on me Uchiha. You know you want us to be together forever and have a happy ending which not all of us have"

Sasuke glared.

Hinata's inner cheered. But her inner wasn't going to get out soon. Hinata smirked. Hinata was not a loser but a winner.



"So do you want to go to Icharaku Ramen after school?" Naruto asked Lee after 5th period.


Naruto was used to this kind of talk so he took that was a yes.

"Great! Look! There's Hinata-san. Maybe we can ask her too!" Naruto exclaimed as she beckoned Hinata to come over to them.

"What?" Hinata asked urgently.

"Let's go to Icharaku Ramen!"

Naruto had definitely forgotten the incident earlier on. He had short term memory lost really.

"Fine" Hinata spat as they all walked out to the bus stop. There weren't many people. One of the girls at the bus stop turned around. Hinata froze in her tracks.

Out of all the people Hinata could meet up with at the bus stop it just had to be Karin… and her two goons.

"Well, if it isn't the outcasts" Ami laughed.

"Fuck off. We didn't do anything to you" Naruto spat at Karin.

Hinata was shocked. She didn't know Naruto had a foul mouth as well. He seemed too innocent and… cute.

Did she say… cute? YES CUTE OK?!

"Should I? I would love teasing Sasuke's so-called best friend. But you know what? Sasuke won't really care as you are too lame to be Sasuke's best friend. He knows it to. He's just using you" Karin sneered back. Naruto was taken aback.

With that, Karin swung her foot and was about to kick Hinata. Hinata, defenceless, closed her eyes and covered her head waiting for the pain to come. It never did. Hinata opened her eyes to see Naruto. Naruto's face was bleeding badly. It hit her that Naruto was the one who blocked Karin's kick that was aiming at her.

"A true man will never let someone down. BELIEVE IT!" Naruto exclaimed to Karin. For a second Hinata thought she saw his eyes go red. Hinata blinked to see Naruto's eyes blue again. I really need to learn about him. He seems different to others.

Meanwhile Ami was kicking Rock Lee, a millions times. Lee was making no reaction to it what-so-ever.


Little did they remember Kin was with them and was taking a video on her phone of the whole thing.

The video ended when Lee vanished.

"What the fuck? He couldn't have vanished!!" Ami exclaimed.

"No nee-san, I'm right here" Lee's voice came from behind her.

Before Ami could react, she was hit in the face by Lee's amazing-ly strong kick for someone like him.

Lee was an expert hand-to-hand combat guy before becoming an emo. He was a nation-wide Karate Champion.

"Karin-san, we should retreat" Kin said tugging on Karin's sleeve.

"You're right Kin… Ami, we've done enough damage, let's go now"

Ami scurried over to Karin. After 3 steps, Karin froze again and turned.

"You will be needing this, otherwise you won't catch onto everyone in a week" Karin sneered as she tossed a piece of paper behind her.

Rock Lee, still with a bit of energy left, walked to the piece of paper, picked it up and brought it to Naruto and Hinata.

Watch my Youtube stream, your video will be put up soon.

Everyone knew what Karin's youtube stream was. It was even in all the fucking bulletin boards.

Hinata started crying with that. Seriously, if Neji found out and told father, Hinata would be even more disapproved. It was bad enough when her father found out about her change. Who knows what her change was about? There was only one person that can change Hinata's view of the world. Who knows what that can be?

My Not So Happy Ever After

To be continued.

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