Hoi all, Chris Ganale here, back and setting Kuro Arashi where it belongs in the group pen name dedicated to the Kuroverse. Why's it taken so long to get it moved when I sent out the intent of move announcements months ago? Well, because I was lazy. But as a prize for you guys being so patient, you're rewarded with the newest chapter of Kuro coming out at the tail end of the move.

A few things before we get into that. Yeah, as you can see, all I've done is copy-pasta, remove Interlude I, and remove some author's notes. I was lazy, and doing this at 5:30 in the morning, sue me. The only major changes would be adding timestamps anyway, which, truthfully, is rather low on my list of priorities in any event. I think you guys would much rather me advance the plot than sort out the timeline and add timestamps to previous chapters, amirite? I thought I was.

Some notes about the setup of the "Chosen Heroes." As should be obvious by now, each Chosen Hero has a specific character class that they personify. This list of classes has mostly been taken from Final Fantasy XI, with the exception of some classes, such as Haruka's Mediator class (which...really isn't much to it, I'm afraid), and the upcoming Mimic/Mime class that will debut in about six chapters. Two guesses who gets that one, and you guys won't need to use both of 'em. In any case, you'll notice several prominent classes (summoner, paladin, and ninja, to name a few) are missing from the Kuro crew's repetoire. Fear not, for in the next three chapters, not one, but six of the missing classes will be revealed. Yes, there will be at least one directly out of Negima, and all of the others (and I do mean all of them) will be OCs from the Mahora environment.

Upcoming plots. A few astute readers will notice the special work and detail given to Chao's backstory and my efforts in completing Future Perfect. Yes, that means none other than Mahorafest is coming our way. Look for it to begin in two chapters. We're setting a blazing pace to get to the ever-epic Mages vs. Mars battle, and we look to have it completed by the time that Negima volume 17 comes out Stateside.

With that done, the foreword is complete, and you old readers can skip right ahead to the newest chapter, Mists of Morning. Newcomers can proceed directly to the next chapter and immerse yourselves in the epic of Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. Please check your sanity at the door.