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Kagome frowned as she watched the fighting couple out of the corner of her eye.

"Troubles?" Miroku asked as he leaned against the side of the house next to her. She snapped her eyes to him quickly.

"Troubles? Me?" she replied, feigning innocence and forcing a laugh. "Of course not." Her companion merely smiled enigmatically as the girl scowled into her cup of stale beer and tried to keep her eyes from straying.

"Quite a spectacle they're making, no?"

"I hadn't noticed." Such a poor actor. It was a shame she didn't know it. He opened his mouth to tease her again before catching sight of the approaching brunette.

"Leave her alone, lecher." Sango growled as she stopped in front of them with two cups, thrusting one toward her friend. "Here. Cold beer." With an appreciative grunt, she dumped her last one, surreptitiously glancing at the couple while drinking it.

"I was simply mentioning…"

"I know what you were mentioning and I said to leave her alone." Her eyes narrowed into a glare and he held up his hands as Kagome sighed.

"Well, I don't know what either of you…"

"Damn it! I love you Kikyo! I fucking love you!" Inuyasha's voice cut across the entire clearing in its anguish.

"Are talking about." She finished softly, eyes on the tormented features of her friend. Sango gave Miroku a murderous look as he opened his mouth again. He sighed and shook his head as he placed a hand on Kagome's shoulder. Beautiful women always thought the worst of him.

"My dear Kagome, have you had the pleasure of viewing a live drinking obstacle course…?" sliding his arm around her shoulders as he led her away, his voice honeyed and deep. Sango sighed as Kagome craned her neck to keep her eyes on the couple. Stupid males, never seeing the happiness in front of their noses. Still…she almost felt bad for the idiot, in love with an ice block like that. Kikyo stood impassive, arms crossed over her chest, eyes narrowed as she spoke in tones that could not be overheard. In comparison Inuyasha paced raking his hands through snowy mane, face expressive and reddened in emotion. He was pleading and she was aloof in her denial, finally walking away as he fell to his knees, claws sinking into the ground. Sango sighed as she tossed her cup down as well and made her way to him.

"Get up." She ordered brusquely. He growled as he looked up at her, eyes watery and unfocused.

"Leave me alone." He muttered miserably, looking down again.

"Get your ass off the ground Inuyasha." She said grabbing his arm and pulling him up. He made a half-hearted attempt to pull his arm away and she tightened her grip, holding his defiant gaze. "You've caused enough distress tonight. Besides, no one, least of all her, deserves to see you on you knees." Her face softened as she saw the misery etched in his features. "Let's go."

"Where? She left." Sango rolled her eyes at his sullen tone.

"Stop whining. Like anyone needs a repeat of the two of you. Now where did Miroku take her?" she murmured as she dragged Inuyasha with one arm and shouldered through the crowd with the other.

"Take who?"


"You left Kagome with that lecher?" he cried wrenching his arm from hers. His eyes scanned the crowd as he looked for her familiar dark head. Who knew what that idiot was doing with her…He glanced at Sango to see her smirking back at him. "What?"

"I thought nothing mattered but Kikyo." Her voice had a mocking edge that he chose to ignore.

"Just…come on." He took her arm as he headed for a less crowded area behind the house.

"She's over there." Sango pointed as she spied her friend, seemingly ill at ease with the attentions of a dark haired guy. "Where's Miroku?" Frowning, she spotted him laughing with a group of girls. "Figures." With a humph she left his side, intent on crashing the party.

"So what will it take to get you out there on the dance floor, Kagome?" She winced as Koga drawled her name like a caress.

"No thanks. I, uh, just started this drink!" she exclaimed, mind latching onto the idea before realizing her cup was two-thirds empty. He shook his head with a teasing glint in his eye before chuckling richly.

"Playing hard to get I see? Well I like a challenge." His hand slid across her back to encircle her waist eliciting wide eyed shock from the woman he held.

"Hands off, wolf." '

Kagome turned as well as she could manage to see Inuyasha stalking up to them. "Inuyasha?"

"What's it to ya, mutt?" Koga snarled as his grip on the girl tightened. "I thought you were still trailing behind Kikyo like a good pup."

Kagome, having been distracted by the tic in his strong jaw, tore her eyes from Inuyasha's face, blushing. Get control of yourself girl. You've got a situation to get out of. "Koga. I'm very uncomfortable like this, you're hurting me."

"I'm sorry." He said immediately loosening his grip enough for her to slip away. Slitting his eyes at her as she went to Inuyasha's side, he refocused his attention on the irate hanyou.

"You heard her, flea bag. She don't want you."

Koga's fist tightened. Cocky bastard. "Kagome is the most beautiful, loyal, loving, amazing woman I've seen and I love her." He ignored the fact that Kagome and Inuyasha both paled at this. "You don't deserve her, you never have and one day she'll realize it. Mark my words, on that day, I'll be there to lift her up."

She felt naked. And exposed. And completely utterly fucked. He didn't say it, didn't say what everyone but Inuyasha knew. That she loved him, deeply. But he came close, enough for suspicion to breed. Kagome looked around trying to see anything other than him but he was blocking her. To keep her from Koga who was still spewing things that hit too close to the truth. One wouldn't move and one wouldn't shut up. It was too much…

Inuyasha felt rooted to the spot. He couldn't fight against what Koga said because he didn't understand. Not what the idiot was saying nor what he was feeling. All he knew was that Koga couldn't get his hands on Kagome again. He couldn't see that. Maybe it was just spare emotions from his fight with Kikyo but when he saw Kagome crushed up against that wolf…never again. He was vaguely aware that Kagome was trying to move around him. Damn if I'll let that happen, stupid wench. Does she want to get carted off?

"Inu.." Kagome whispered as her eyes rolled back. Inuyasha caught her before she crumpled to the ground, wide golden eyes scanning her passive features.

"Kagome?" His heart felt like it was clogging his airway, his voice only a rasp. "Kagome, please. Wake up." Shaking her a little, he felt panic rising up in his body. Why wasn't she moving? She was fine, right? She had to be…"Kagome!" He winced at the shrill sound of his own voice but sagged in relief when her eyes opened.

"Yasha?" she murmured confused. He smiled weakly as he tried to calm himself.

"Yeh." She grinned up at him, eyes still unfocused, and he felt his breathing hitch. What the fuck? First she passes out then gets all loopy on him. Why does she look so…happy? Shoving those thoughts aside, he lifted her into his arms. "Let's get you out of here." He said somewhat gruffly, scooping her in his arms bridal style.

Kagome was jerked into cognizance at the feel of his strong arms around her. Blushing she turned and noticed that Koga was still clenching his fists but had turned to walk away. It felt like everyone else however had decided to stare at them. Mortifying. "Inuyasha, I can walk."

"Why? So you can go and keel over on me again? Not likely." He responded slanting a look at her as he maneuvered the edges of the crowd.

"I'm fine." She insisted. "Really, I just felt…claustrophobic."

"Whatever. We're almost there."

"Almost where?"

"My car."

"What!? Why are we going to your car?" Kagome struggled in his arms fruitlessly. He let out a small growl and glared at her.

"Would you quit your squirming? I'm not gonna let you hang out at a party after you passed out. You black out, you go home."

"Who made you the boss of me?" she huffed indignantly, folding her arms over her chest at an awkward angle. He smirked at her and she attempted her own annoyed - albeit weak - growl. "Put me down Inuyasha. I came with Sango, not you, so she's who I'm leaving with."




"You can't say no."

"Just did."

"I mean you can't tell me what to do."

"Just did." He repeated, setting her on her feet. "Here we are."

"Who do you think you are? You can't just – just cart me out of the party like you're some backward caveman! I'm not even your girlfriend!" she yelled as she stepped back from him. Her face was red and her fists were balled at her sides, back straight in righteous anger. It took all he had not to laugh.

"I think I'm your friend who just saved you from an asshole." He responded with a slight smirk.

His smug tone of voice made her want to break his face but she settled on continuing to glare at him. "Saved me?" she ground out. "I was fine."

Inuyasha's brows snapped together at her words, hand unconsciously clenching around his keys as the irrational anger he felt before swept through him. She was fine? Koga was basically groping her and she was fine? What did she mean? She liked it? She couldn't have liked it…unless she did… "What the hell does that mean?"

Kagome was shocked at his tone, harsh and deep and full of anger. She mentally tried to recount what she had said that could have triggered such a response. Maybe bringing up the girlfriend thing…? She gasped and took a step back as his eyes seemed to flash red. "What?"

"What does that mean? You were fine? You liked that mangy wolf's hands all over you?" he mocked darkly, tone changing into something else, something she didn't recognize. She stated at him mutely as he advanced on her, pressing her into the car at her back. "You liked it when he grabbed you Kagome? Didn't want me to get in the way?"

Kagome couldn't breathe. He was so close that she could feel the heat of his body but not close enough to ease the awful tension that had seeped into her. Her body felt tight and she was light headed. Why was he doing this? "I-I don't understand…" His smile was predatory as he leaned closer.

"Did you like his hands all over you, Kagome?" Each syllable was drawn out. Each syllable increased her strain.

"No." whispered, voice ragged, meeting his eyes. He touched her cheek and she trembled at the contact, eyes sliding shut. She felt her entire body pulsate and clenched her thighs against the unfamiliar onslaught. He stepped back quickly and she opened her eyes to see him scrutinizing her intently. Turning away, he opened the car door before going to his side. She watched dumbly as he completely ignored her, not bothering to face her as he told her to get in. Silently sliding into the car, she tugged on her skirt, afraid he could tell what she was feeling. He is annoyingly psychic like that, she mused wryly. Sighing she closed her eyes to clear her mind. Sango could ride home with Miroku, she still had a chem paper to write, can't forget to study for that Algebra test, how much money she'd need from the bank…how warm his hands felt on her thighs, the shade of dark gold his eyes changed to, how much she wanted him to…NO! Bad, bad, bad. Shaking her head, she tried to calm herself.

"We're here." Inuyasha's voice, uncharacteristically rough, broke the silence. Dazedly, she turned to the window and saw her dorm. Swallowing before turning back to Inuyasha she untwisted her fingers from her skirt, futilely smoothing the wrinkles.

"I'm sorry…if I upset you tonight."

"You didn't."


"I said you didn't." he repeated firmly finally looking at her. His face was unreadable in the dim lighting of the car. Nodding once, Kagome put her hand on the door to leave before he covered the other with his. "We okay?"

"Of course…"She breathed.


Feeling something clench painfully inside her, she smiled anyway. "Friends." Making a hasty exit she was up the stairs in under a minute, not pausing until she was safely inside her room, forehead pressed to the door. "Friends…"

Inuyasha watched her all but sprint away, leaning back into his seat once she was safely inside. Staring silently for a moment, he punched his dash board leaving a small dent. "Shit." It was a good summation of the night's events so he decided to say it again. Louder. "Shit!" Better. "Goddamn shit fuck…" It was wearing off. He sighed leaning his head against the wheel of the car. "Fuck."

What happened? One second he was so pissed at that damn wolf he couldn't see straight and the next…The closer he got to her the stronger she smelled of nervousness and something else. Something he couldn't place. It preoccupied him, drawing him closer before if hit him…arousal. Kagome was nervous and aroused. Before he could even think about his actions he was pressing closer, enjoying the subtle shifts in her scent, the tenseness in her stance. Her face betrayed her muddled thoughts, eyes glazing over as her eyelids drooped and her cheeks flushed. He watched in fascination as her lips parted, feeling an unfamiliar urge to taste them. His hand went to her cheek at its own volition and he was fascinated by smoothness of her skin. He felt her trembling as well as her shuddering cry straight to his core, closing his eyes against the desire it sparked. Quickly stepping back to distance himself physically, if not mentally from her, all he could do was stare. She was breathing heavily, thighs clenched, body taunt and he knew that she wanted him just as bad as he did her.


The thought was like a bucket of cold water and he reacted instantly turning toward the car, clutching the door to steady himself before going to his side. He couldn't and wouldn't do this to Kagome. She deserved better.

But shouldn't he be more concerned about Kikyo? She was his girlfriend and he loved her…didn't he? Surprised by another wave of excitement from Kagome he had glanced over at her and almost swerved the car. Hands balled in her skirt, her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back, pink tongue moistening her lips. His own darted out to match before he forced his eyes away. Kagome was only a friend. She was probably drunk. Beer made girls horny, right? That was all. She was just Kagome. Clumsy, smart, ill tempered, gorgeous, sexy…Kagome. Shit.

Inuyasha sighed as he put the car into drive. It didn't mean anything. Strange things happen when beer is involved, simple as that. Next time he saw her things would go back to normal. All he needed a good night's sleep.