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Day Three

Kagome peeked through her lashes at Inuyasha who was engrossed in the movie they were watching. A symphony of blood and guts, she had tuned out long ago. Watching the lights play off the angles of his face she tried to tamp down on the wave of giddiness that was crashing through her.

Inuyasha was her boyfriend.

It was surreal. Okay, so they still had the albatross that was Kikyo hanging over their relationship but they were on the same page finally. Or at least the same book.

"Enjoying the show?" he asked, eyes still trained on the dramatic carnage.

"The movie is okay." she allowed, shrugging.

"I wasn't talking about the movie." he turned to her with a smirk. She blushed but didn't lower her gaze. So what if she liked to look? She was allowed to now. "We can watch something else if you want."

"But I thought you were enjoying this…"

"I have no idea what's going on." he admitted shaking his head. "I've been watching you."

Smiling at the feeling of warmth his words caused, she leaned into him, tucking herself under his arm that he tightened around her.

"This movie is fine then."

Day Eight

Inuyasha was scowling as he took the stairs of Kagome's building two at a time. She hadn't called him all day. She wasn't answering her phone. The idea that something had happened to her quickened his steps considerably.

"Inuyasha!" a girl called. Turning, he couldn't place her face for a moment before it came to him in a flush of shame. He'd been with her months ago and dumped her unceremoniously. "It's been a while, huh?" she cooed in a breathless voice, eyes bright and fixed on him.

"Quite a while." he corrected nodding. "If you'll excuse me…"

"You're not here to see me?" she pouted.

"I'm here to see my girlfriend," he answered, surprised that it came so easily to him. It was odd being able to tell anyone who cared to know.

"You? Have a girlfriend?" she blinked in confusion.

"I do." he replied, smiling more to himself than her as he left the stunned girl in the entryway. Pounding on Kagome's door, he didn't know whether to kiss her or kill her when she opened it looking a picture of health and happiness.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" she asked with a bewildered smile on her face.

He settled on kiss her. Face flushed, hair pulled back, smile lighting up his world, he thought she might be the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. As her words sunk in, he scowled.

"What am I doing here? Why aren't you answering your phone?" he demanded. Half expecting her to yell back at him, he was taken off guard when she adopted a self satisfied look and grabbed his hand leading him into the room.

"I apologize for not answering my phone." she said contritely looking over her shoulder. "I wanted it to be a surprise…"

On the stove was a large pot. And from this pot was a most wonderful smell.

"You cooked?"

"Homemade ramen. For you."

Unsure of how to respond, he blurted the first thing that came to his mind. "You didn't have to do this, you know."

She slumped a little, her smile faltering. "I know…I just thought it would be nice…"

Regretting his poor choice of words he tried again. "It is nice…thank you."

"Don't thank me yet. Let's see if it's edible."

"Smells good." he shrugged. As she turned to check on the food he stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder. Turning back, he cradled her face with his free hand, kissing her lips softly. "Thank you." he said sincerely.

Blushing Kagome stood on tip toe and quickly kissed him back. "You're welcome."

Day Thirteen

"So why did you faint?" he asked casually.

From her prone position next to him her cheeks pinked as she feigned innocence. "What? When?"

"You know when. At the bonfire. In front of Koga."

"It was hot?"

"Try again. The truth this time."

"I was overwhelmed. I thought you'd figure out what he meant. How I felt about you." turning to look him in the eye, she asked her own question. "Did you?"

"No." he admitted before shifting uncomfortably. "I never apologized for the things I said after Kikyo and I broke up…I had no right-"

"S'okay." she said softly cutting him off. "I probably wouldn't have ever admitted it otherwise."

"Still. I was kind of an asshole. I'm sorry."

"I forgave you when it happened." She smiled. "But that was still nice to hear. That night, of the party? What was that about at the car?"

"Oh." he looked away rolling onto his stomach. Intrigued, she sat up to look at him.


"I, uh, could tell you were…attracted to me. But I was still with Kikyo. I just thought you were drunk and brushed it off."

"How could you tell?" she asked, embarrassment heating her face.

"I smelled it."


"I could smell your…attraction." he admitted reluctantly.

"So you can tell when I'm…"


"Every time I…"

"Pretty much."

She was quiet for a moment before pointing a finger at him. "That's how you always knew things! I just thought you were perceptive!"

"I'm half dog demon, how did you not get that?" he countered, rolling his eyes.

"Well I don't know! It's awfully sneaky if you ask me…" she accused before paling slightly. "Does that mean all youki can smell…that."

"Not all." he grumbled. "Some."

"Great." she laughed humorlessly. "Now half of the school's population will know everything I have a racy thought."

Scowling, Inuyasha sat up. "They better not be sniffing around you, especially for that." Pulling her close, he privately enjoyed the subtle shift in her scent that had been calling to him for months. "That's my job."

Day Twenty One

Holding hands, Kagome and Inuyasha were talking animatedly as they walked through the courtyard. As Inuyasha was recounting a story from his history class, Kagome caught sight of Suikotsu and Kikyo walking in the opposite direction. Tensing as Kikyo shot her a cold look before her gaze slid to Inuyasha, Kagome prepared for them to cross paths. Steeling herself for the longing look that would be in his eyes when he saw her, she was surprised when Inuyasha continued speaking as if nothing was happening.

He has to see Kikyo, she's staring holes in his head. Kagome looked up at him perplexed and he smiled at her as he went on with his story. As she looked at Kikyo who was visibly agitated, Inuyasha squeezed her hand briefly as they crossed paths, eyes focused on hers.

"Listening?" he asked pleasantly.

Feeling a bounce in her step she smiled back. "Yeah. I'm listening."

Day Thirty Eight


"Inuyasha?" she responded groggily into the receiver. "What time is it?"

"I dunno. Late?" he tried, his voice slurred. "Roku! What time is it? 'gome wants to know!"

Kagome could hear Miroku in the background. "Kagome's here?"

"No, idiot! She's on the phone…"

"Hi Kagome!" he called happily. She listened to the sounds of a scuffle with a groan. Wrenching her eyes open, the digital display of her bedside clock screamed '3:27'. "Hi! Kagome? Hi!" Miroku giggled into the phone.

"Hi Miroku." she sighed, a tired smile breaking though her irritation.

"I took Inuyasha's phone."

"I see that. I take it the bachelor party went well?"

"Yes." he confirmed trying to steady himself, his voice taking on the wavering seriousness that only one who is intoxicated can attain. "Kagome, as the best friend of the woman I intend to marry, I want you to know I was on my best behavior. Will you tell my love this?"

"That's sweet Miroku but you should tell Sango yourself." she giggled. At the mention of her name she heard Sango grunt from her room through their open doors.

"Ah, Kagome you are as smart as you are lovely. Although, Sango has the most luscious-"

"Whoa!" Kagome cried at the same time as she heard Inuyasha shout 'Oi! She don't want to hear that lecher! Gimme my phone back!'

"Bye Kagome!" he called as the phone was forcibly taken from him.

"What's going on?" Sango called out sleepily. Covering the receiver as Inuyasha shouted and Miroku giggled Kagome explained that their boyfriends were drunk and calling her. Before her roommate could respond, her phone rang and Kagome smirked amending her earlier report to 'calling us'.

"Hello? Are you there?" Inuyasha drawled into her ear.

"Yes. I'm here."

"What are you doing?"


"Oh." Pause. "What are you doing now?"

"I'm talking to you."

"Oh." Pause. "I miss you."

"You saw me this afternoon." she smiled, enjoying the flutters his drunken statement caused.

"I know." Kagome could almost hear his pout over the line. "But I don't see you now." His voice brightened. "Hey! This is your building!"

"What?" she said flatly, eyes widening.

"It is!" he crowed. "Look out your window!"

Cautiously getting out of bed, she wasn't sure she wanted her inebriated boyfriend shouting in front of her dorm. She peeked out and sure enough there he was, waving enthusiastically as Miroku slumped against a lamppost. "Can you see me?"

"You guys are the only ones outside - I see you." she responded giggling as he blew her an exaggerated kiss.

"Miroku?" Sango cried just as Kagome saw his cell phone roll out of his hand as he slumped to the ground.

"He passed out." Kagome called to her.

"What? How do you know that?" she asked, still sleepy.

"Come look for yourself." she smirked. Sango, wrapped in her comforter, joined her in the living room groaning at the sight of her boyfriend sprawled in the grass.

"Crap. They know he's mine."

Inuyasha was nudging him with his with his foot insisting that he get up. As he stumbled too, Kagome sighed and turned to confer with her roommate. The girls came to a decision as Kagome looked down at them again.

"You guys should just come up and sleep it off."

"Really?' he asked before frowning, suspicious. "I thought you said no more sleepovers…"

"This is a special case. And you're sleeping on the couch. Sango's on her way down."

"As long as I get to see you…" he muttered hefting Miroku onto his back. "Damn he's heavy…" Kagome could hear Miroku muttering and Inuyasha telling him to pipe down. As she heard Sango open the door she quickly said goodbye and hung up her phone. Running into the bathroom, she brushed her hair into a semblance of civility before rolling her eyes. Like he'd notice - he was three sheets to the wind. He was still grumbling as Sango led him to her bedroom and told him to put Miroku on the floor. As he came back out, closing the door behind him carefully, he called for Kagome in the darkened living room. His ears drooped as she entered with a pillow and blanket. Shrugging his coat and shoes off, he laid on the couch, motioning for her to come closer. She hesitated, scared of that way his eyes seemed to shine in the dark and even more scared of how it made her feel. That's why he's sleeping on the couch…she thought wryly as she perched next to him. Inuyasha was a mess - he smelled like a brewery, his clothes were wrinkled, and his eyes were in and out of focus on her face…But when he slid his arm around her waist pulling her to his chest, he was warm and the muscles under her hand were firm. She couldn't help the delicious shiver of pleasure that ran through her. Smiling, she brushed the hair out of his face with her free hand. "What am I going to do with you?" she sighed softly.

"I have a few ideas." he responded waggling his brows for effect. She giggled and he smiled. "I love your laugh…"

"Why thank you."

"I love your voice…" he went on in a soft murmur, stroking her face. "I love your face…"

"Inuyasha…" Alarmed, she tried to push away from him but was stopped by his arm.

"I love your hair…" he mused, fingering the soft strand before smiling. "I love the face you make when you're yelling at me…"

"Maybe we should go to sleep…" she tried, mentally begging him not to say what she thought he was going to say.

"I love you, Kagome." He smiled at her, bright and beautiful, just before his eyes closed and his head lolled to the side. Kagome stared in shock as he began to snore. He just…Anger replaced the pleasant heat that seeped through her before. She had waited and waited for those words from him and when he said them he was drunk? Pushing him onto his side, she paused, looking down at him for a moment before punching him in the arm. Wincing and shaking her hand, she decided that it didn't make her feel any better. Stupid muscles…stupid Inuyasha…she thought darkly as he snored on, oblivious. Marching back to her bed she yanked the covers over herself fuming. Stupid alcohol…

Day Thirty Nine

Kagome exited her room to find Sango and a haggard looking Miroku sitting on the couch opposite Inuyasha who was still snoring. Sango laid her finger against his lips. Kagome snorted and slammed her door shut. Miroku cradled his head as Inuyasha sprung up, looking around franticly. He frowned at her in confusion before putting a hand to his head, wincing in pain.



"How'd I get here?" His voice was gritty and if the way he was smacking his lips was any indication his mouth was too.

"You walked." she responded flatly. Inuyasha and Miroku looked at each other. Sango closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Please tell me you know where your car is, Miroku."

"I'm not even sure of where I am." he responded with a groan.

Taking in Kagome's crossed arms and flippant attitude it didn't take much for him to figure out that she was angry. But at what? "Did I, uh, do something last night?"

"What do you think?" she shot back.

"I don't know. The last thing I remember was leaving the party and calling you." he answered, shrugging helplessly.

"You don't remember." Her voice was tight, jaw clenched.

"Remember what?" he pleaded.

"You don't remember?" Her eyes flashed as she stalked over to him. "Well remember this: the next time you tell me you love me, you'd damn well better be sober!" she yelled as he cringed away from the sound, his ears pressing against his head. As her words sunk in, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped a little.

"I said that?" he whispered.

"Yes." she ground out.

"I -" Sorry didn't seem appropriate. 'Didn't mean it' would get his ass kicked, he was sure of it. 'Was drunk' would probably have the same effect. As he groped for the right thing to say, Kagome shook her head. "Don't bother. Just don't do it again." Her tone was harsh.

Nodding silently, he winced at the motion. Taking pity on them both, Kagome retrieved a bottle of pain reliever from her room. Taking them with a sheepish smile, he thanked her.

Sango shrugged at her roommate as she patted her boyfriend's head. "You're much nicer than me. I was going to let them suffer."

Day Fifty One

Kagome stared at the cell phone. It looked rather innocent really, just sitting there. Sneaking a peek at his sleeping face as he napped, she felt her insides melt a little. He looked pretty innocent too…

Biting her lip, she reached for the electronic device. I'll just take one quick peek…no harm in that, right? Just as her hand closed around it she heard a voice behind her.

"What are you doing?" he asked suspiciously. Freezing, she closed her eyes and swore under her breath.

"Nothing?" she tried, cracking one eye open.

"Really? Cause it looks like you were going to go through my phone…" She could hear the teasing note in his voice. "But I know you wouldn't do something like that, would you?"

"Of course not!" she laughed. It sounded shrill to her own ears. He chuckled lowly and sat up on the bed, reaching past her for the phone. As he removed her fingers from it, she was acutely aware of his breath tickling cheek. Her heart thudded erratically and she prayed he didn't notice. A hitch in his own breathing told her he did. Kagome was so distracted by his closeness that she didn't notice until it was too late that he now held her phone as well.

Pulling back with a smug grin he waved it at her as she stood to face him.

"Give that back!" she ordered, an expression of comical outrage on her face.

"No. I think I'll just take a look-see…"

"Inuyasha…" she warned as he flipped it open.

"Oh, is this Bankotsu's number? I owe that asshole a thumping."

"You asked for it." she muttered before reaching for the phone. He held it out of reach as she jumped for it, laughing at her efforts. She growled lowly and his eyes widened as she rammed her shoulder into his stomach causing him to double over. Grabbing the phone back, she cackled as she made a dash for the door.

"No you don't…" he huffed leaping off the bed and scooping her up from behind just as she touched the doorknob. Carrying her with one arm as she struggled, he plucked the phone out of her hand before tossing her over his shoulder.

"Don't you open my phone!" she yelled, batting her fists against his back. He jostled her a little and she fell against him with a oomph.

"Who's Yoshi?"

"I don't know. Who's Crystal?" she asked mockingly. Shit! He had put his cell phone in his back pocket. Hefting her off his shoulder, he tried to get it back unsuccessfully as she darted around the bed. "The shoe is on the other foot!" she gloated.

"What does that even mean?" he muttered as he estimated the distance from him to the phone.

"That means I have the upper hand."

Pointing to his ears he smirked. "Hanyou. I'll always have the upper hand." She scoffed at that. "You asked for it." As he leapt across the bed, she was momentarily distracted by the play of his muscles under his clothes. Realizing he was going to grab her again, she ducked under him crawling across the bed. He turned and grabbed her ankle with a loud 'a-ha'. She laughed as he pulled her to him, crawling over her as he flipped her to face him. Pushing him back he loosed his grip as not to hurt her but didn't let go.

"Caught you." he said, his voice thick. Kagome blushed at the position they were in. She straddled him, mere inches from his face. His eyes which had been so playful just a moment before were dark and liquid, the blatant desire written on his face setting off a chain of reactions in her.

Inuyasha was painfully aware of the position they were in and just as painfully aware of every curve that was pressed so tightly to him. He could see the emotions playing out across her face: embarrassment, fear, trepidation, curiosity…and finally, lust. The color rose in her cheeks as her eyes became less focused and she leaned into him involuntarily.

There was a long moment in which they could have parted. Instead, Kagome ran her trembling fingers down his face. He let loose a small growl as he pulled her head to his with both hands. Mouth opening under his ministrations, she melted into his touch, hands raking down his back as she tried to meld her body to his. Pulling back just long enough to tug his shirt over his head, she sighed in pleasure as her hands roamed his bare flesh before lowering her mouth to his again, her teeth teasing his lower lip before soothing it with her tongue. Pulling away with a ragged moan he pulled her hair softly, tilting her head back to expose her neck to his hungry kisses. As his tongue swept over the hollow of her throat, he absently hoped she didn't like the shirt she was wearing much as he ripped it down the front, his lips seeking out the newly exposed flesh. Her hands kneaded his shoulders, blunt nails digging into his skin as her breath came in short bursts. Gripping her tighter he caught her lips in a kiss again, reveling in the feel of her hands on his chest, her delicate fingers setting off sparks in their wake.

"Kagome? You have a -" Sango stopped short in the opened door, eyes wide.

The pair on the bed froze in shock.

Miroku coming up behind the stunned girl let out a loud whoop followed by a thumbs up. Kagome eep-ed and tried to pull her torn shirt together. Inuyasha growled and put Kagome behind him as Sango elbowed Miroku out of the way and closed the door, her face a fiery red.

Kagome was pressed against his back, hiding. Inuyasha took a deep breath trying to get his body to catch up to the fact that the moment was lost. Standing up stiffly, he crossed the room and locked the door. Finally looking at her, he was slightly disappointed to see that she had already pulled on a tank top.

She was still flushed and hot and feeling oddly empty. Pressing a hand to her lower stomach, she closed her eyes briefly trying to calm herself. A strangled sound from Inuyasha made her reopen them. Shirtless with his jeans riding low on his hips, she was sorely tempted to pick up where they'd left off. But there were still things that needed to be figured out. Ignoring the complex look in his gaze, she held out his shirt to him. He took it silently and she forced her eyes away as he put it on.

"Kagome? I'm so sorry…but you have a phone call." Sango said from outside of the door. Kagome opened it to see her roommate's sheepish face. "I'm so, so sorry…I didn't think…I mean…"

"It's okay." she assured her in a coarse voice before clearing her throat. "Who is it?"

"Koga." she whispered.

"What!" Inuyasha exclaimed coming up behind her. "I'll kill him…"

"Tell him I'm not here. Or that I'm in the shower or something."

"Don't tell him that!" Inuyasha cried as she closed the door. Glowering at Kagome he folded his arms over his chest. "I don't want that mangy wolf thinking about you naked…"

It was amazing, Kagome mused hazily, how he could go from anger to desire in an instant. Instinctively leaning toward him, her hands itched to be on his skin again. He was so close and so warm…

Face contorting into a grimace, he took a step back. He only had one chance to make this work and he couldn't mess it up. Watching her wrap her arms around herself as she looked down, her hair tumbling over her bare shoulder, he sighed. It certainly wasn't going to be easy. His first instinct was to go home and take a cold shower but looking at her confused face he quelled it, deciding instead to be there for her.

"So…do you want to watch a movie or something?" It sounded weak to his own ears but she perked up slightly, searching his face.

"You want to stay?"

"Keh. Where else would I go?"

"I kind of thought you might be angry…" she admitted averting her eyes.

"Don't be stupid." he said softly. "A little frustrated maybe…but I understand. I know we should wait."

"Thanks." she smiled at him and as he smiled back, he figured it was worth it.

Day Sixty Eight

Inuyasha watched as Kagome slept soundly in his bed. Her long lashes created shadows on her pale cheeks, her wavy hair spread out on his pillow. It hadn't been easy convincing her to stay the night, considering what had almost happened a few weeks ago but her own sleepiness worked against her. Holding her through the night and waking up to her this morning felt so…right.

There was no tension, no confusion this time. She was his and his alone. And I'm hers, a soft voice sounded in his head. Running a cautious finger down her arm, marveling at the soft smoothness of her skin, he realized it was true. He hadn't wanted to be anywhere but by her side for a long time. But it was more than that.

Being with her made him happier than he remembered being…well, ever. She made him feel invincible, wanted…complete. Her eyes opened slowly, blinking as she focused on him. He could feel his heart pounding. She smiled widely and he could swear it was bursting.

"I love you."

Face slackening in shock, she stared at him. He was shocked himself, considering he had meant to say 'good morning'. As it subsided however, he felt a certain amount of giddiness bubble up inside of him and realized that it was true. Waiting patiently for her reaction, he didn't expect the one he got.

"Are you drunk?" she asked narrowing her eyes.

"No!" he scowled.

"You meant it?"

Seeing the cautious hope in her gaze, his tone softened. "Yes…I love you." Tears sprang to her eyes and he panicked slightly. "Hey, why are you crying?"

"Cause I'm happy…" she responded with a watery laugh. He chuckled softly as he pulled her into an abbreviated hug, kissing her forehead and touching her hair. Looking up at him with shining grey eyes, her voice was gentle but sure. "I love you."

"Keh. Now you say it." he teased kissing her softly as she giggled.

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