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Chapter One…

By age six, any hopes that the Dursleys had for Harry to turn out normal were cut to pieces. Because, on Harry James Potter's sixth birthday he found out that he had abilities that were spectacular even by magical standards. He was a seer (sort of), he had visions.

By the end of the day he could hide his magical essence, something that caused the Ministry to go bonkers. Fortunately, Albus Dumbledore could explain it as his magic interacting negatively with the wards that he had placed over Number Four Privet Drive and thereby eliminating the wards that the Ministry had for underage wizards.


Sirius Augustus Black was a patient man, but after five years even the most patient man could become annoyed.

Sirius was far past annoyed. He had been thrown into Azkaban without a trial on the condition that he was to receive a trial after a small tenure in Azkaban.

'How is five years a short tenure?' he thought as he leaned back against his cell wall listening as the other residents of Azkaban screamed relentlessly about being innocent. 'No one bloody believes you all are innocent, I'm the only one in here that probably is. '

He fell asleep listening to the pathetic moans of the prisoners.


Sirius was in a weird place, it looked kind of like King's Cross Station, but there was only one other person there, a young boy with black hair and green eyes.

"Harry?" he asked in disbelief.

"Hello Padfoot. Today was my sixth birthday, so after I found out that I could do this I figured that I might just have enough power to see how you were doing."

"What did you just do?"

"I duh no. I saw all sorts of things when I got a headache this afternoon I saw you in a cell. Padfoot, what happened?"

So Sirius told him, and a few months later he was practically skipping when Harry appeared in his dreams.

"Harry, I've got great news!"


"I'm getting a trial!"

Harry froze in his dream-state. "Padfoot, you do know how to swim, right?"

"Harry, what's wrong?" he asked. He was learning that when it came to Harry giving out warnings, most often he didn't do it for the fun of it.

"I saw them push you into the water…. you drowned Padfoot. They killed you on orders of someone named Lucifer or Luci or …"


Harry nodded, "That's it!"

"They want the family fortune. Too bad. I arranged it years ago. Dumbledore has a copy of my will and everything goes to you."


A week later what Harry told him proved to be true, and then Harry had another headache… he was going to die.

He didn't know the complexities of the wizarding legal system, but he knew that he should get everything written down.

THE FINAL WILL AND TESTAMENT OF Harry James Potter - age 6 ¾

I, Harry James Potter, do solemnly swear that anything granted to me should, in the event of my death monetary wealth acquired by rite of inheritance (nothing in the Potter family vault or other Potter family assets) is to be be given to Mrs. Molly Weasley, wife of Arthur Weasley to with as she pleases. This includes all property acquired by act of inheritance other than Potter family property. Have fun with Kreacher!

Furthermore, the other half of all gold acquired is to go to Mr. Remus John Lupin, friend of my father's, man with a slight fur problem and a monthly PMS cycle (Pre Moon Syndrome).

Harry James Potter


He also wrote a letter to her, to explain.


Dear Mrs. Weasley,

You might be wondering how I thought to leave half of everything to you. Well, I am a seer, sort of. I get headaches and see visions and in one of them I saw you.

I know now that your brothers died fighting with the Order. I think that you deserve what is in my Uncle Padfoot's vault more than anyone, or half of it anyway.

I don't know if you know Remus, but if you do tell him thank you for me. Tell him that he'd better settle down and have kids too! Or I will haunt him in a way that only a Marauder knows how!

Please give him the letter attached.

Harry James Potter


He then wrote Remus's letter…


Dear Remus,

I know that you don't think that I remember you, and to be quite honest, I don't. I have (or is it had now that I'm dead?) visions. They give me really bad headaches and this last one that I had showed my dying. Don't worry, I will die instantly so don't feel bad.

Remus, I also had another vision.

Three months ago, I saw the duel. Padfoot's and Wormtail's. Wormtail is a rat know as Scabbers. He is currently the pet of Mr. Percival Weasley. So, if you "Accidentally" hit him with a curse, I don't think anyone will fault you.

Padfoot was innocent. That's why he was murdered. Sorry this had to be told postmortem of the Great Black Lump but I'll tell him you forgive him (don't you just love seers with green eyes and black hair? Wait, you do. Sorry, hadn't seen that yet.)



Mr. Prongs II


Albus Dumbledore was normally a very astute man so when the small elf owl came soaring through the window of the Great Hall during the End of Term feast, he immediately opened up the only letter not in a box.


Dear Professor Dumbledore,

My name is Harry James Potter. I recently heard about my innocent godfather's death, no his murder. It got me thinking that I needed a back-up plan. Inside the box is my last will and testament as well as letters to those who will inherit. I realize that I cannot give away anything in the Potter family vault, so I guess it will remain dormant until another Potter comes out of the woodwork.

Harry James Potter


Needless, to say that he thought that any child would be shaken up by a death.. No, Murder. But he thought that it was just a child getting scared.

A month later he proved how very wrong he could be. A month later, Harry James Potter was killed when the double-decker bus that he was riding was attacked and burned to the ground by death eaters.


Remus Lupin looked at the letter in shock. No matter how many times he read it he still couldn't understand how Harry had known that he was going to die. Throughout history, no seer had ever seen their own deaths. It was said to be impossible. Although, it was a bit comforting that he knew that Harry hadn't suffered.

He mourned for his "Black Lump" of a friend that he had blamed for the deaths of their greatest friends. A certain rat was going to die - via Werewolf. The beauty of it was that everyone thought that Peter was dead. It was the perfect crime. Too bad Sirius had been the one to have been punished for it.

He looked over at Molly Weasley, the other one that Harry had given something so in his will. The woman was in tears as she held the letter in her hand.

She looked lost before she glared at Dumbledore. "Did you know that he was a seer?" she demanded angrily as she let loose the famous Prewitt anger that Dumbledore hadn't seen since 1977 when Gideon and Fabian Prewitt were killed.

Dumbledore looked at her, "What?" he asked in astonishment.

"He says in his letter to me that he knew all of this was going to happen! Albus! He knew he was going to die! NO CHILD should know that!" she yelled.

"Molly-" he said, dumbfounded as he realized that it was "the power the Dark Lord knows not".

"Don't Molly me, Albus! He knew…" she sobbed.

Remus scooted his chair over to her and held her as she sobbed. "It's alright… it's okay…" he said while he closed his eyes and prayed to every deity known to man that wherever the two fallen Marauders were that they were alright. That Prophet and Padfoot were finally free.

He didn't know that his prayers were already answered.

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