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Thirty - The Ending


End of the Year / Feast / Family / WARDS!

In the end, Ravyn was relieved to wake and discover that he wasn't to be pulled from attending Hogwarts. However, Hogwarts would become the temporary abode for Ricardo Parker - Headmaster of La Escuela de Magica, his soon to be fiance Catharine Sard, Unspeakable River Parker, Warder Riley Parker and his tentative girlfriend Xi Wu Chang as well as the entire crew of Parker & Company, and finally the two heirs of Parker - Ravyn and Raphael Parker.

Raphael had arrived at Hogwarts two days before term ended via Floo and they happily spent the rest of the term annoying everyone in the school by doing the "Twin" act with the Weasley Twins.

The Feast was great. Food aplenty - although no chocolate cake for some reason. Gryffindor and Slytherin tying for first place in the House Cup even though Gryffindor did win the Quidditch Cup for the first time in seven years. Snape had seen fit to find more excuses than usual to ensure his house's position in the running for the house cup. The only problem was that he couldn't take points once the end of term feast started. Otherwise he would've taken them from Fred Weasley for the prank he pulled on his twin brother George.

Their bags were packed, with Hermione already promising to write at least once a week and Blaise nodding his agreement but making Ravyn frown as he knew how long post owls would take. Too bad they didn't have some sort of instant messaging device like the mirrors…

Oh well, that could be his secondary summer project.

He eyed the wards around him, his family all around him - with the weird feeling that they were going to be letting in someone else into their coveted circle soon or someones.

The future would tell.


Author's Note - This took me a while. I wanted this chapter to be EXTRA long but I just haven't been feeling it, you know? The last two chapters were pulled out of me. I don't think I will continue an in-depth sequel of his second and third years. I am probably going to do like I threatened and go to Ravyn's Fourth Year and then do flashbacks for the two years previous. Then I will go to seventh year and finish the series like JK should have finished them - IE, Remus won't die, or Tonks nor will 1/2 of the Weasley Twins... you just don't do some things like that.

Do I hear any requests for anything that could and might happen in the two years I'll skip?