A short little drabble I wrote a little while back I looked at it again yesterday and decided I liked it as a short-and-sweet one-shot.

I don't own Naruto. And nobody would want me to. I can't draw that well that fast, much less create that good a storyline

"Sasuke…" Sakura said, her head hanging. "You… you… USURATONKACHI!!!!!" She took a step forward. "How could you be so heartless as to kill your best friend!?" Another step. "How could you leave us without a second thought?" Step. "How could you do this to us, to everyone who cares?" Sakura was finally by Sasuke's side. The boy was nearly out of stamina, and he could barely move. He made no move to get away, but Sakura kept her hatred-filled gaze on Sasuke. "You may have your special Sharingan now, but I can't bring myself to be around someone so filthy, someone so willing to kill their best friend. That's why…" She reared back for the punch, aimed straight at his chest cavity, that would certainly crush his heart and end his life. He braced himself from the end.

A few centimeters away from his heart, Sakura stopped. "I'd never stoop so low as you, Sasuke. That's why instead of ending your life, I'm ending my own and jump-starting Naruto's!" She made the handseals, then started performing the technique that would trade her life for his.

'In the end, at least I was able to give you your life back, Naruto-kun… I leave it up to you to decide Sasuke's fate!'

Sakura's lifeless body fell over as the last bit of her soul escaped from her body. Naruto slowly opened his eyes as life came back to him, a final present from Sakura.