So my boyfriend's love of country music inspired this fic...Michael this is for you.

"So that's where my Josh Turner CD went." Said Nick looking at his young lover. Greg blushed. The boys were going grocery shopping in Greg's car. Usually they took Nick's truck, but that was in the shop. Nick had raised his eyebrow when Firecracker started playing from the speakers, and not the usual heavy metal. "I thought you didn't like country?"

"Oh c'mon Nicky, I'm trying to share your interests..." Greg tried feebly. The look he received told him Nick wasn't buying it. "Oh all right, he's really good looking, and his voice is the sex. I can't help myself. You Southern boys are my weakness."

"That's what I thought. And I can't say I blame you. This song reminds me of you you know."

"Hm? How so?"

"Well you are my blond bottle rocket in the middle of the night!"

"Am I your heart-attacker Nicky." Asked Greg with mock-seduction and an eyebrow wiggle.

"You know it baby!" Greg sighed and smiled. The men rode in silence, and enjoyed the music for the rest of the drive. However the moment Greg shut off the car he pounced on Nick. Straddling him in the front seat was no easy task in Greg's little car. After a moment of readjusting and groping the kissing began. In the pause for a breath Nick looked out the window, there was a little girl watching from a few feet away. Her mother came past noticed the men and covered her daughter's eyes. Greg giggled.

"Alright G, I get the point. You know if I had known he makes you this horny I would have bought the CD for you. I think we better get going before we cause more uncomfortable conversations, and maybe if you're a good boy at the store I have some of his other albums..." Greg did not need to be convinced farther. He opened the door and tugged Nick out.

"Let's go Tex, but I expect a roll in the hay when we get home!"

" You got it Firecracker!"

Just a cute little ficlet for ya'll...and if you have not heard Josh Turner sing, he really is good (yeah his voice is the sex) ...particularly Firecracker!