Fandom: AtS/BtVS
Pairing: Dawn/Gwen
Rating: PG
Timeline: Sometime after the end of BtVS
A/N: I was tripping on faulty sleeping pills when I wrote this. It's a bit bizarre.
Beta: No.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.


She gets her. There's actually someone in this screwed up world that understands Dawn and doesn't think she's a freak. Or maybe 'Freak' is a relative term, but whatever. She thinks the squeals and exaggerated attitude are 'cute' and seems to enjoy showing her how to take her klepto-love to a whole new level as much as Dawn does. When they go out they have fun because they don't have to pretend that they don't know what really goes 'bump-shriek-poof' in the night. Even if one of the homeless headcases bothers her, Gwen just flips them off and they head back to their apartment in the center of Rome.

The gloves are new, although apparently, they're old. LISA burnt out more then a year ago during a more... vulnerable moment but for some reason not even Giles can figure out, the electricity doesn't do much to a key formed human girl. Well, nothing bad.

Dawn never thought when the Counsel paid for her to go to college she's be using her education to break into museums and art galleries for fun and chances are they didn't either. But they haven't been caught yet so she's not complaining.

Xander's stopped coming around since she move into Gwen's place, but she doesn't mind much. All her ever did was mope and feel guilty about having a good time since Anya died. Willow, Giles and Faith still contact her from time to time but ever since the Immortal turned Buffy and Dawn took her down, it's been weird. Because even though they never came out and said it, they blame Dawn for being able to see past her sister's body and do the job that they couldn't. Kennedy's another story all together because she seems to love Gwen which makes her feel a little funny, like she's the visitor, when the Slayer's shooting her girlfriend these looks across the room when she's there. Not that anything's going to happen, but it still makes her nervous. Which Gwen also finds cute and Dawn hasn't decided if she should be offended or not. Bt every now and then Kennedy gives Dawn the same looks so she isn't really worried.

The string of Egyptian gems in her pocket feel smooth in their gold setting when she fingers them for the eighth time in the past ten minutes and she grins as the two of them slide into a booth in a quaint if slightly grungy diner a few miles from the new museum. Her hand catches Dawn's across the table, her gloves off and a slight shock runs through her body, making her heart beat just a little faster then it already was from the adrenaline rush. It feels great, the electricity and lust churning through her entire being, and she lets out a high giggle. The kind that used to embarrass her but her girlfriend loves.

Gwen gets her. And that's the best feeling in the world.