Fandom: X-Men Evolution
Pairing: Rogue/Risty
Rating: PG
Timeline: Season 2
A/N: I had all sorts of visions of Rogue/Risty dancing in my head before I found out Risty... Well, if you don't know, you will after reading this.
Beta: None.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.


How could she not have known? She was her best friend... and that alone should have given it away. Why would anyone want to be friends wait a freak like her without some hidden reason? She's not like Jean, who everyone falls all over themselves trying to impress her or even Kitty who has that adorable smile and endearing shyness that makes everyone protective of her. She's the bitter, harsh freak who everyone's scared of, even people who don't know about of her mutation. Was she so pathetic that any little but of affection made her stupid? How could she have developed a crush on...

There's pity in her friend's eyes as she pulls away from Rogue and that just cuts her deeper. Pity, not empathy or sympathy, but poor-little-girl pity. Because she's the world's own joke and the one person she opens up to and falls for turns out to be so wrong she just wants to die.

Why didn't the professor tell her? She knew he knew how she felt from those knowing smiles her gave her anytime she talked about Risty, and it was his way of saying he didn't disapprove. And he met her more then once so how couldn't he have known that Risty... wasn't? Why didn't he tell her who she was? Did he really think it would be better for her if she didn't know who it was that she was falling in love with?

Well now she knows. Now, she knows everything. Who Risty really is, how gullible she is to have been so blind, how desperate she must have been not to have seen what was right in front of her. No one who didn't already know would have been as cool with Wolverine as she was that afternoon. Right there should have clued her in. If she wasn't so blind, so completely stupid, it would have.

Her best friend, her first love, her only friend outside the institute... was all a lie. It was all just another slap in the face, more proof that she's the world's, no, the universe's personal idiot. Another lie, delusion of a sign of normalcy, like she had any right to a relationship or even a friendship. Another sign that she's always going to be alone.

Risty's really Mystique. She really should have seen it. She's all alone again and she really doesn't want to figure out what new level of twisted she's sunk to; being in love with Risty when Risty's really Mystique and Mystique's her mother.

She didn't know. God, why didn't she know?