Fandom: Fingerprints (books by Melinda Metz)
Pairing: Mandy/Rae, Anthony/Rae
Rating: PG
Timeline: After 'Payback' (#7)
A/N: I've always wanted to write a Yana/Rae fic, but I haven't quite managed it. But this is still from the same fandom, so I'm hoping it's a step in the right direction.
Beta: N/A
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.


The first time it happened, she'd been searching Emma's room for things for Rae to touch. Why she was even going through her sister's dresser when Em was so anal about where things went, she doesn't even know. The moment her finger touched the t-shirt, she was in a dark room with Zeak-skanko-phile slobbering in her mouth and feeling how much Emma was... enjoying it. As soon as it was over, once her death grip on the flimsy material was lessened, Mandy felt like spewing her lunch on the floor.


Once they found Yana and Sam was in the hospital, Anthony dropped her off at home and it wasn't until later that she remembered she still had his sweater on.

And then she was in the front seat of his car, kissing Rae. Heavy, like in those movies she 'borrows' from the box under Emma's bed. Her lips were soft and it was so different from Zeak and Emma. This time when she dropped the clothing, she sank to the floor, her eyes taking a minute to focus. Kissing Rae... was something that felt so right, even though it was really Anthony she was kissing back. It wasn't anything like when Emma's ex-(thank god)-sicko pushed his slimy tongue into her mouth or ever the funny feeling in her chest, half worried/half guilty, when Jessie tried to hold her hand and she pulled it back.

Mandy was tempted to take the sweatshirt back into her hands but she didn't. They were entitled to their privacy and it was like Rae always says, it isn't cool to poke around inside someone's head, even if they don't know about it. So instead, she kicked it upstairs and into the far corner of her closet and she took a nap while she waited for Emma to get home.


A week later she remembered it was there, and she told herself it was okay, as long as she didn't do it ever again after this one more time. For all she knew, Anthony could be babysitting his brothers and sisters or hanging out with Jessie. It wasn't like it was likely that he'd be spending Friday night with his girlfriend or anything. So she hugged it to her chest and she was Anthony kissing Rae like it was all they did, because how else could they get so good at it? And her (she wished) tongue slipped out and over Rae's lips, and something lower was starting to feel like...

Mandy dropped Anthony's sweater and gasped as she giggled nervously. That was new. Her heart was thudding hard and Mandy prayed that there was no was for him to know what she'd done.

"Mandy! Lights out!" She guiltily shoved it under her bed, not touching it long enough to make the connection and scrambled into bed.

"Okay Dad!"

As she lay there, staring at the sty on her floor in the dark, her fingers itched to grab the shirt again and she wondered if this was how addictions started.