The Kitsune Seal

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'Hello' - Demon/Boss Summon Thoughts


The nine Bijuu were gigantic beasts of incredible power that surpassed that of any ninja summon beast, even Gambunta, Manda, and Katsuya, three of the most powerful summons. The weakest of their number having one tail and their strongest possessing nine tails. Many call these beasts evil demons and vile monsters for the chaos and destruction they leave in their wake, but that is inaccurate. The Bijuu may be demons but they are also forces of nature, thus they are neither good nor evil, they simply are. Over the years the seal masters of the Elemental countries have found ways to seal the Bijuu, first into objects that have their own special properties, and then into human hosts who would become known as the Jinchuriki (power of human sacrifice).

The Jinchuriki were granted special abilities that were completely unique to themselves depending on which Bijuu was sealed within them. But this power always came with a price. The chakra of the Bijuu is far more potent then a humans chakra, and in much greater quantities. Drawing on to much of the beasts chakra would often cause too much strain for the hosts body and mind to handle, and this leads to the weakening of the seals used to contain the Bijuu, granting them the chance to escape. Even if they don't use the demon's chakra, the hosts often develop psychological problems because the seals aren't strong enough to keep the two minds separate.

The separation of a demon from its host invariably leads to the human's death and the Bijuu's freedom, and the stronger the demon they contain, the swifter death comes. This was considered a fact of life for those who knew of the existence of the Jinchuriki.

That is until the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, imprisoned the Kyuubi no Kitsune, a demon of such incredible power that it had never been sealed before, into a new born baby using a seal that called upon the Shinigami, the only being whose powers surpassed the Kyuubi's, to bind the two souls so that should one die the other would follow. To spare the child the fate that faced other Jinchuriki the Yondaime designed several other seals to both help suppress the Kyuubi's chakra, and at the same time it would be continually converted into human chakra. Unfortunately, he underestimated the sheer power that Kyuubi had, and he merely delayed the inevitable, or what would have been the inevitable if not for the unintended intervention of the Snake Sennin Orochimaru.

Chapter one

(First day of the of the second test of the Chuunin Exam in the Forest of Death).

To say that the disguised Orochimaru was surprised would be a bit of an understatement. The previous years academy dead last Uzumaki Naruto was holding back one of his mid-level summon snakes with nothing but his own body and two kunai, after having defeated another of his snakes. He had also proven that he was brave and able to think clearly in dire situations when he grabbed the scroll his teammate Sasuke had thrown when he attempted to give their heaven scroll to Orochimaru in order to pacify him and save his team, not that it would have worked. Finally to top it all off he was the child that the Yondaime had sealed the Kyuubi no Kitsune into. From everything that he had seen this was a dream come true.

'Kukukuku…I will have to talk to Kabuto about his information gathering skills, to not know that Naruto is the Kyuubi brat. From what he has shown me so far I can only guess that the only reason he was dead last was because his teachers tried holding him back, and threw him out of the library. Hmmmm…demon vessels are known to be able to recover from injuries more quickly then normal people. Add in the demon's chakra, and I have a cornucopia of future research material. All I need to do is make sure that he comes to me, after the exam. Kukukuku…and I can make sure that happens.' Orochimaru grinned as he extended his tongue and wrapped it around Naruto's body.

"Damn it!! Let go of me!!!" shouted Naruto as he struggled to get out of his rather disgusting bindings.

"Oh, don't worry Naruto-kun, I'll let you go, but not until I give you a little going away present." said Orochimaru as he went brought his hands into some variant of the Tora seal and mutters, "Juin Jutsu (Cursed Seal Technique)". Extending his neck he sinks his fangs into Naruto's left shoulder, causing three swirling tomoe marks appear as he gave him the Cursed Seal of Heaven.

"What did you do…AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Shouted Naruto as started screaming himself into unconsciousness from pain.

"If you survive this, then you will provide wonderful data for future vessels." Whispers Orochimaru as he tosses Naruto away.

"NARUTO" Shouts Sakura as she throws some kunai to snag Naruto's jacket on a tree. "Sasuke-kun! I know that Naruto isn't the best ninja, but how can you just stand there and watch as Naruto gets hurt protecting you!" Sakura shouts at her dark haired teammate with tears in hers eyes. Naruto, the dead last, had gotten hurt because he jumped in front of the giant snake that was headed straight for Sasuke as he, the rookie of the year, had frozen like a rabbit in the eyes of a predator. She might not have had the skill to help Naruto fight of the Grass-nin, but Sasuke did and he just stood there.

Those words shouted at him by his pink haired teammate, snapped Sasuke out of his daze. Activating his sharingan and pulling out three windmill shuriken and four kunai. Sasuke threw the kunai and watched as his opponent dodged them one by one, predicting where he will move to until he threw his shuriken. The androgynous looking ninja dodged those as well but noticed at the last minuet the wires Sasuke was using to manipulate the path of the shuriken with his chakra, using the shuriken to wrap the Grass-nin around a tree with the wires. Smirking Sasuke makes the Tora hand seal and shouts, "Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique)" Causing a large stream of fire to run from his mouth, along the guide wires to incinerate his captured opponent, or so he thought.

"Kukukuku…such an impressive display of the sharingan, you are most definitely worthy to be called an Uchiha. In fact, I believe that yours eyes could surpass Itachi's." Chuckled team 7's enemy who walked out of the flames with his only wound appeared to be his half melted face, reveling pale skin around a yellow snake like eye.

"Who are the hell are you?" Questioned a both frightened and angry Sasuke. Frightened because this unknown ninja had just shrugged off one of his strongest attacks like it was nothing. Angry, like he always was whenever some mentioned his brother Itachi.

"My name is Orochimaru, and I expect you to survive this exam so that we may meet again, but you will have to get through my men first." Orochimaru stated while holding up the burning heaven scroll that he got off Naruto. "Now before I leave…" He makes the unusual Tora seal again and his neck extend to cross the distance between the two shinobi, and sinks his fangs into Sasuke's shoulder muttering, "Juin Jutsu."

"This is what you used on Naruto." Sasuke said rather weakly as he fell to his knees as Orochimaru retracted his head.

"Yes…you both will come to me seeking power." Was all Orochimaru had to say.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Screamed Sasuke as the pain of the Cursed Heaven Seal integrating itself into his body hit him.

"SASUKE-KUN!!" Screeched Sakura, "What did you do to him?"

"Kukukuku…I gave him and Naruto a little going away present." Chuckled the Snake Sennin as he sank into the tree branch he was standing on.

Turning back to Sasuke, Sakura sees that he had fallen unconscious just like Naruto had who was still hanging by the kunai. The only thoughts running through her mind were, "What should I do?"

Within the sewer-like mindscape of Naruto's mind resides the cage that keeps the soul of the Kyuubi no Kitsune imprisoned, and before its massive doors lies the unconscious representation of Naruto's body. From within the cage a pair of giant blood red eyes opened followed by a foxy grin so feral it could only be on the face of one creature.

"I don't know what that human was up to, but thanks to him and that seal of his, I now have a way to ensure my survival." Said the awakened Kyuubi as he started pouring his demonic chakra into the Cursed Heaven Seal that had appeared above the young blond.

The Kyuubi had always known that despite the power of the Shiki Fuujin (Dead Deamon Seal), Hakke no Fuuin Shiki (Eight Divination Sign Seal), and the two Shishou Fuuin (Four Image Seal) they would only prolong the inevitable of any human who had been forced to contain such powerful chakra. Granted these seals made it much harder for the Kyuubi's chakra to overflow to the point that it be harmful to Naruto, but it could still happen. And because Naruto's chakra coils contained two different charka's and was constantly increasing, his control was horrible, meaning that he would eventually have to use the Kyuubi's chakra, thus shortening both his and the fox's life. Now Kyuubi didn't have much of a life at this point, but he was still very much attached to it, and now some sort of body altering seal has plopped into his lap and he could use it to improve his host's body. The Shiki Fuujin would prevent any mind altering effects of the Heaven Seal so all he had to do was alter the seal to fit his needs. And if his little changes happen to allow him to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell everything that Naruto did, well then that was just a lucky bonus for him.

"Hehheh…when I am through not only will I ensure our survival Gaki, but the survival of the Kitsune legacy."

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