Hello, gentle readers, welcome to the first chapter of Things you don't know about...The Next Generation Yes, I know, the concept is not an original one, but after I read the excellent 10 Things you never knew about the HP Characters by ooosk, this story stuck with me. It's slightly different, though, because chapter after chapter you'll discover a little background story about one of the kids...

I won't tell anything more...you'll have to read until the very last line to figure out what happened (evil grin)...

I will say it just once: I don't own anything, even if I'd like to own Teddy...

Things you don't know about…


1. He was too little to remember, but Aunt Ginny often told him that the first time he saw Vicky he was so awestruck that he couldn't use his Metamorphmagus abilities for a whole day.

2. The first word he said was "Mum"; it took a lot of effort from everyone to convince him that the woman with brown hair always holding him wasn't "mum" at all.

3. The first full moon after Harry revealed him the truth about his father – he was seven by then – he was terrified. He was afraid he would turn into a werewolf in a matter of minutes. He didn't want to go to his Godfather, so he lay really still on his bed at Godric's Hollow. Then Vicky curled next to him, telling him that even if he turned out to be a werewolf she would love him no matter what. He wasn't afraid anymore.

4. He used to be really mad at his parents for dying, especially at his mother. His dad had begged her to stay behind with him, safe at home. Instead, she went straight in the middle of the battle. For a long time, he thought that she didn't love him enough to stay with him. Worse, he thought it was his fault that she didn't love him enough.

5. He had a foggy memory from when he was still a baby of a blonde woman crying and begging her Grandma for forgiveness. After Grandma closed the door in her face, he never saw that woman again.

6. He knew about its existence since he was five. He didn't know how, he just knew. He'd heard the tale so many times from his Godfather: the last walk into the Forest, right into Voldemort's clutches. He fought the temptation every single school year. Then, his seventh year, he finally made that walk through the Forest. He searched everywhere, but he never found that Stone.

7. He didn't know why everybody started laughing at him. Okay, he put his damn elbow into the bloody butter dish when Vicky came downstairs, so what? He got distracted, that's all. It didn't mean anything.

8. Sometimes he just couldn't stand his Grandmother. She was always complaining about his low grades, his mischievous behavior, and she didn't want him to become an Auror because she was afraid he would get hurt. Then he had an interesting conversation with Neville Longbottom about Grandmothers, Boggarts, and the bravery it takes to raise someone that looks exactly like the son or the daughter you've lost.

9. The only time he saw the angry Veela in Vicky, was when he caught her screaming at his ex girlfriend Christina at the tops of her lungs. Less than a week earlier Christina had broken his heart. He never heard such language coming from Vicky's mouth ever again.

10. She begged him.

He said no. He didn't want her to see his real appearance.

She begged some more.

And he changed his turquoise hair into his mother's light brown and his black eyes into his father's gray ones.

Vicky smiled, and he was lost.

11. Harry was the best Godfather he could have ever asked for; he gave him his very first broom, he was an excellent Auror, a loving father and husband, a loyal friend and a brave man. He thought him to be indestructible. Besides, had he or had he not killed the most evil Dark Wizard ever born? Then he saw Harry crying next to Lily's bed at St. Mungo's, and he understood that Voldemort was nothing, compared to this.

"What the hell happened?" say you. "My lips are sealed for now" I say. Go on and read.

Next chapter will be Victoire...