DISCLAIMER I do not own any characters in Holy Grail I just like to ridicule them!

This is a play that two of my friends and I have been writing and is the sequal to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Not Spamolot) There might be a few Random things that come out of no where. But it's probably just an inside joke between my friends and I soooo enjoy!!!

(ON SCREEN): DANGER DANGER we are here to warn you that this film is completly stupid!!!!We are not responsible for:

Loss of brain cells

Side pains

Head aches



Permanent Mental Scars

Feeling of brain dripping out of ears

Killer Rabbits savataging your house

Or any other health or mental condition from the cause of this film or through just plain stupidity!

Thank you,

Llamas Inc.

4561 Titipu Lane

Hong, Japan 44892


the show!!!