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Jack slurped up his Wonton soup. He had been sailing towards Poseidon's Peak, an island with a huge peak where said water god's treasure was supposedly hidden. On the way, he passed by the Fleur de la Morte, Captain Laura Smith's ship, and Arabella asked if it was okay for Jack to eat dinner with them.

So, now Captain Smith, Mr. Reece, Jack, and Arabella sat at a large oak table. Everyone was eerily quiet.

Finally, Laura broke the silence. "So, I'm glad you could stay and eat with us, Jack."

Jack looked up from his plate. "Well, it's not like I'm going to say no to a free meal." He replied, his mouth full of food. Jack didn't have very good manners. Arabella kicked him in the shin. "Ow!" Jack rubbed his leg where she had kicked him. Captain Smith glanced at Arabella, who just smiled innocently.

Laura tried to get everyone to talk again by saying, "So, Jack, where were you going?" Jack licked his fingers. "Poseidon's Peak. Treasure. Acquire the perfect hat. Rule the world. Live forever." Captain Smith cocked an eyebrow. "So, I have a life plan!" Jack said, a little unhappy.

Arabella laughed, remembering when she had given Jack a map in Tourtuga, Jack wrote his 'life plan' on it, and Fitzwilliam had found it. "And did ye write down your life plan on a map someone gave ye?" She joked. Jack looked a bit surprised. "No."

That just about ended the conversation. It wasn't until everyone was done that Jack finally spoke up without being asked something. "Well, I should be going now, eh?" He said.

Arabella looked at him. "Or ye could stay until breakfast." Jack liked the sound of that- more free food, a better place to sleep, and he could get to the island faster. "Yeah Jack, stay for breakfast," Captain Smith agreed.

"Well…" Jack thought for a moment. "I guess so."

"GREAT!" Arabella squealed as she jumped up out of her chair.

Jack stared out at the open sea and looked at the moon. He had come up to the deck because he couldn't sleep. Jack sipped from a cup of tea he found (or rather, borrowed without permission) in the Captain's cabin. He stood on the port side of the ship because his wimpy excuse for a boat was tied up on the other side. He hated his boat. It was not like the Barnacle was. The Barnacle had been destroyed not too long ago by cannon fire, but before that, it was a great boat. Jack even preferred it being called a ship.

Jack heard footsteps behind him. He turned around, bewildered, to see Arabella walking towards him.

"Couldn't sleep, eh?" She asked, coming up to the ship's railing beside him. "Yeah." Jack took another sip of the tea.

Arabella glanced at the tea. "Where'd ye get that?"

"Captain's cabin." Jack answered without taking his eyes off of the ocean. Arabella laughed and bit her bottom lip.

"Want some?" Jack offered her the cup of tea, but Arabella just pushed it away. Then Jack threw his arms around Arabella's shoulders.

"Ya know, Bell," he started, "I miss the old days with the crew and the Barnacle." Arabella looked at Jack's little boat bobbing up and down in the water next the Fleur. "What happened to it?"

Jack frowned. "It, uh… some idiot blew it up with a bunch of cannons. But anyway, remember? Remember Tourtuga and Captain Torn Pants…"

"Torrents," Arabella corrected him but Jack didn't notice. "…And the sea beasties and Louis and Cortés and the amulet that turned stuff into gold?" he continued.

"And when ye almost died on more than one occasion?" Arabella added. "Jack, what are ye getting at?"

Jack's eyes lit up. "You can come with me and search for treasure and everything! Like before, but this time there's no Fitzy-"

"What happened to Fitzwilliam, anyway?" Arabella questioned. "Long story," Jack replied quickly, "But hey, we can even go to the Yucatan and bring Jean, Constance, and Tumen with us!"

Arabella stared at the rolling waves, deep in thought. " I don't know…"

"Please? All you have to do is ask your mommy dearest, and I don't see any reason she'd say no…"

"Okay, I'll come," she said. Arabella hugged Jack. "But we're going to need a bigger boat!"

Jack laughed. "We can get one in Tourtuga!" "Alright then," Arabella agreed, "Tourtuga it is!"