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Storyline: Lux point of view on how Cecelia's death effected her on the inside.

Lux laid on her bed. She been like that all day. Since her parents pulled her and sister out of school they all couldn't do anything that was fun anymore. Lux knew it was her fault. She shouldn't have went to the field that night of the dance and made out with on the field. Seeing that he just left and abandon her in the middle of nowhere even hurted her more.

First she was this whole fun girl who loved to party and smokes but she changed a lot in the past year. Since her baby sister Cecelia died she changed. She was more wild and out of control now. Even if she wanted to go on dates her parents wouldn't allow it since they were strict on there religion but just wasn't that. Ever since she died they couldn't do anything fun like party or go to the library or anything. Their mother was more likely to be a manic and crazy than her father was. She blamed her dead little sister for that. If Cecelia didn't die by that invisible electric fence then non of this wouldn't have happen. She could go to any place but no. They didn't even buy any new clothes either.

'If only I saw the signs I could've helped her out then' Lux thought. She blamed both herself and Cecelia death. The only reason she blamed herself was cause she didn't see the signs. She always knew that her little sister was sad and depressed and already tried to kill herself in the bath tub by drowning. But she wished that she saw more than that. If she wasn't mean to her all the time then she could've helped her and save her little sister. But it was too late and now and she couldn't.

Whenever she thought about her sister death, memories from the past when they were little come into her mind. Seeing her face in her dreams making it look all so real but wasn't though. At night sometimes after she had those dreams she would cry. But not to loud though. She didn't want to wake her other sisters up or her parents either. It was more of weeping then crying if wasn't loud though.

That is how much she missed her sister.