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Don't want to lose you…

By Anne Yuy

Disclaimer: *** Hey guys!! ~PrincessSerenity~ is back!!!! You guys might wanna read the next part of my fic "The trip that changed everything", but at this moment, I'm blocked, I cannot write on it anymore… for the moment. I thought I'd write something new, something going with the mood of the moment. This chapter will be short though, it's only the prologue. Hehe. Thought I'd make you guys crazy of suspence… Evil me!! By the way, I'm gonna change my pen name to Anne Yuy, so look me up under that name. Anyway, reading my fic, just remember that I do not own Gundam Wing or any of the characters, so don't sue me… I have no money anyway. Happy reading… ^_^ ***


It was dark, cold, wet… She couldn't figure out where she was. Being abducted by those men was the last thing she remembered. Her honey hair were all over… She tried to stand up, but winced in pain when coming half way… Her right hip was hurt, and apparently it wasn't a minor injury. She sat back down on the wet floor. 'Heero, where are you?' She thought. Tears weld up in her eyes… She couldn't take it anymore. She had no notion of the time, and was hungry. This horrible journey was more than she could endure. Then a thought passed through her mind. 'What would Heero say? What would he say seeing how weak I am now?'. Those questions ran through her mind again and again…

***I know, I know… It was short. It's only the prologue remember, I've started writing chapter 1 out, it should be out soon, so come back to check it out… ja ne.***