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Chapter 6

Duo, Quatre, and Trowa were standing in front of the large gated area.

"How are we going to get in?" Asked Quatre scrutinizing the gate.

"We don't need to worry about that. We'll get in the same way Heero probably got in." Said Duo looking at the device of the gate.

Quatre took his backpack off his shoulders and set it on the ground. Kneeling down, he opened it. Getting out a small device similar to the one Heero used to get in the fortress, he handed it to Trowa. Trowa walked slowly toward the gate device, and turned on his little device. After a couple of minutes, Trowa had hacked into the gate device and opened the door.

"Sorry for taking such a long time guys." Said Trowa.

"No harm. We haven't done those things in quiet a long time." Replied Duo cheerfully. "Now, let's go get Heero and Relena!" He continued.

Trowa and Quatre nodded and all three of them started toward the mansion.

"Now, where did you say Heero probably got in Quatre?"

"Well, after studying the plan, I figured he probably got in by a window at the back. That would be the easiest way to get in, and the least expected way to get caught."

Duo nodded, and they all ran toward the back of the building.

Coming to the window they were going to get in by, Trowa looked around at the wall. He smirked when he saw a little hole on the wall near the window.

"I think somebody came through the same window as expected."

Duo and Quatre were also looking.

"That's for sure." Said Quatre.

Trowa got out a long rope similar to Heero's and proceeded on doing the same thing Heero had done to get in. Once all three of them were in the mansion, Duo commented:

"I don't have a good feeling about this guys. This is awfully quiet."

"You're right. Let's walk through the hallways a little bit to see if someone is in this house. It gives me the creeps." Whispered Quatre agitated.

Guns in hands, they started walking through the lugubrious hallways. Not a sound, nothing. They could hear their own footsteps. Finally coming through yet another hallway, they heard two loud voices arguing. Coming closer to the door, they finally recognized the two voices.

"It's Heero and Wufei." Said Trowa calmly.

Duo nodded.

The door wasn't closed. Duo slightly pushed it and took in the scene that was unfolding in front of him.

"Let's come to our senses. You and me were made for wars Heero. We cannot survive in a peaceful environment. All we have ever known is the battlefield." Said Wufei angrily showing his back to Duo.

Apparently neither of them had seen the three pilots looking by a little opening they made while pushing the door.

"There isn't any purpose on fighting if there isn't a goal. We all fought for peace, and now that we achieved it, you want to destruct everything we've all fought for? What Relena fought for?" Heero asked angrily.

Wufei's eyes were glaring intensely now, but Heero would not look away.

"If there isn't any wars, then there isn't any point on both of us living." Replied Wufei raising his gun once more, aiming for Heero's head.

At that moment, realizing what was going on Duo burst in the room followed by Quatre and Trowa, and jumped in front of Heero to shield him from the bullet he was about to receive. The bullet pierced through Duo's skin. Located near the heart, there was nothing that could be done to save right then and there. He fell loudly on the floor, wincing in intense pain. Quatre and Trowa were now aiming for Wufei's head, taking control of the situation. Heero hurried to Duo side, took his head in his hands and put it on his laps. Blood was pouring freely from Duo's wound. He was losing a lot of blood. The Pilot knew it was his last moment. He looked at Heero and smiled.

"I didn't want to lose my best friend and the one that can hold peace."

Heero's eyes became full of tears.

"Keep her safe Heero. Tell her your most hidden secrets. She will… understand." His respiration became weaker. "Confess the feelings you… have for her. Let yourself go. There isn't going to be any wars… for as long as she's alive. She changed the world and…. The colonies."

Heero was looking at his best friend dying. Anger rose in him.

"I told you to not follow me! Why didn't you listen? You never listen to whatever I say! Look at you now! Don't die Duo… I don't want to lose you."

"It's going to be alright my fellow pilot." Started Duo with a big grin on his face. "Everything is back to normal and… I can go in peace knowing this. Don't lose Relena once more… I know what it is to love someone… and not being able to express yourself. Tell… Hilde… I loved her more than anything… in the whole world… and that I always will."

Nodding, the first tears of many streamed down Heero's face. With a last smile, Duo let go of himself and his soul left his body for a far better place, a place without worries, pain, problems. Where you couldn't feel anything but happiness, and where someday all his friends would come and share that lasting happiness with him.

A few minutes past before Heero could get a hold of his emotions. When he did, he stood up and faced Wufei. Taking the gun from Quatre's hand, he pointed it to Wufei heart.

"You will die the same way you killed him."

Trowa and Quatre were watching silently, respecting Heero's decision.

"You will never achieve peace without wars." Said Wufei angrily, almost screaming.

This said, Heero shot. The bullet going straight to Wufei's heart. No pain. He fell, instantly dead, on the floor.

Not saying a word, Heero walked toward Relena that was tied to a chair about two meters away from what had just happened.

Kneeling down, he caressed her head gently. She opened her eyes suddenly. Guessing that she heard everything that had been going on, he took her in his arms, and let her cry softly on his shoulder. Never again would he let her out of his sight, never again would he hide from her, never again would he make her cry, for never again would he lose her.

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