A long, veery long time ago, the idea for this fic spout in my mind, but soon got a nap. Now, it's awake and has taken shape, and a feel I won't sleep until it's done. '

Set quiet a while after the Tritter Arc, this won't be a very happy, sun-bright fic. I will probably have to change the rating, because some adult themes and language might show up...But please, don't be scared! I should also warn that it strongly might turn to SLASH, House/Wilson, so, be warned. Flames because of this will be simply ignored.

Reviews are so, SO welcomed, because I'm kinda new here, and I don't know if I'm doing it right...

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The Corvette zoomed across the city streets like a shining cherry-red bullet, attracting many envious looks, but even more aggressive shouts from both drivers and pedestrians it speedily overcame. The nearly ran-over people commented with each other on the sidewalks that the Corvette's driver would probably be either drunk or a homicidal maniacal. Or he could be…

- House – Wilson frowned slightly as the red Corvette made another abrupt curve to avoid killing an old lady, almost hitting a taxi in the process. – Before fulfilling your death wish and taking me and other people with you, would you mind telling me where the hell are we going?

- Don't be such a moaning boy, Wilson. - Came the sarcastic reply.-Certainly you will not perish in a simple car accident. A much more horrendous death waits for you in the claws of the next ex-Mrs.Wilson.

- Thanks. – Muttered Wilson, turning to observe the outside. Suddenly, something in the exterior rang a bell in his mind, and he again turned to House. – Wait, are we going to our Hospital?

- Aaaaaaaand he SCORES, ladies and gentlemen! The greeeeeat boy wonder Willllsoooooon!...Took all this long for you to realize? – House smirked, a sparkle of evilness in his clear-blue eyes. – Maybe you're not that intelligent at all…Wait, have I ever said you're intelligent?

- Very funny. But why are you going there? The Hospital is closed for massive cleaning, maintenance, reforms, inspection, that stuff, remember?

Of course House remembered, although he couldn't really understand this "massive cleaning, maintenance, reforms, inspection" process. His inner-self rolled his eyes. He did understand the process for, naturally, the hospital needed all those things. However, he had never considered that it would be necessary to close a Hospital and relocate all the patients to do such things.

Even Cuddy had found that weird, but the orders were from someone even the great Dean of Medicine couldn't argue with.

House had to discover who this someone was. And his phone number.

- So, you're going to a closed Hospital to…- Wilson's voice brought him to reality abruptly, as the Corvette approached the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

- 32 year-old male, all the exams show he was able to do such damaged to his spine that he should be tetraplegic. Exams re-done twice. –House smiled wickedly, carefully parking the beloved Corvette in Cuddy's parking space.

-You're smiling at the guy being tetraplegic??? Oh, wait, that's you we are talking about.

House and his inner self both sighed in fake-disbelief, and the blue eyes shot Wilson a look that clearly said "You are the biggest moron this world have EVER seen. Have a nice day."

- Obviously I'm not smiling because of this. If you weren't dumb enough and if you were paying enough attention, you would have noticed that I said the guy should be tetraplegic. Hurts my fellings that you don't pay attention to me. – House exited the car, making his best 'kicked pup' face to Wilson.

- Give it up, you are never going to be as good as Chase. So, how come the guy is not tetraplegic?

- That's why Cuddy called her best doctor. To find it out.

- And why in our Hospital? It's clos-

- I don't know! Maybe it was an emergency, why should we care? – said House, a note of annoyance in his voice.

Entering the completely empty Hospital was something both House and Wilson have never experienced. The bright lights were turned off and the phone was silenced. The warm afternoon sun was still there, finding its way through the semi-drew draperies, drawing nice parallel patterns on the floor. Dusk was approaching, and the fading reddish-yellow light gave the wide corridor a distinct dreamy aura. House found all that silence weird. Day or night, there was always someone there: nurses, doctors, parents, family…Now, even the noise of the cardiac-monitors was absent.

- Remind me again why you brought me with you? Why haven't you called your ducklings? – Wilson asked, starting to walk to House's office.

- Well, I was actually scared with the possibility that Cuddy only called me here to reveal her secret alien-cannibal identity and eat me alive. So, I brought you with me to make her eat you instead of me, so I could escape alive. She wouldn't accept any of my team, they are too low-quality articles.

- Ha ha, House.

- Come on, Jimmy, a guy with a broken spine walking, moving? We gotta see that!- House replied in a high girlish voice, making Wilson laugh. The sound echoed strangely. – Oh, but this is a treasure…

With a gracious movement, Wilson looked to where House was pointing. Cuddy's office.




- Where is she? – The oncologist asked, looking concerned.

- And who does care?. Maybe in my office or looking after the non-sick guy. – The expression in House's face was similar to the one a boy would have if his parents told him he could eat and do what he wanted for all his life.- Come, we're going in.

- No, no, no!We-are-going-to-see-the-guy.

- You can go ahead, you coward. I'm going to discover all the unspoken secrets and treasures hidden in the lion's cave.

- Lion's Den. – Wilson corrected, leaving to House's office.

- Whatever religious geographic rock shape.

The sound of the oncologist's footsteps were getting weaker, weaker…And, all of a sudden, stopped.

House, his hand already placed on the glass door that allowed him to enter Cuddy's office, turned to see what had caused Wilson to stop so unexpectedly.

There was no Wilson there. The corridor was empty.

-Wilson, you loser, there's no way I'm getting scared with this…-House said, walking slowly towards the smaller corridor that would lead him to his office. The red light of dusk turned his blue eyes into an odd shade of liquid amber for a moment, and then started to gradually fade into an icy night-blue.

When he reached the smaller corridor, he could see that his office's lights were turned on, welcoming light passing through the draperies and splashing across the gloomy floor. He walked faster, his interest in the not-tetraplegic guy renewed. He pushed the glass door…

Oh, he found Wilson. And Cuddy. And Chase and Foreman. And an unknown guy.

And three guns.

-Good evening, Doctor House.

And Tritter.