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Pain exploded in front of his eyes, splashing and marking the darkness with white spots as a giant black world grew and engulfed him.

It took several seconds to House to realize how he was managing to move. He was running, yes, he was surely aware of that, since each painful step burned, and melted his fucking leg as they frantically dashed across the darkness. There was something else, though, some supportive force that crossed his back and kept House upwards and forced him to continue; beyond blinding pain spots and darkness, he saw the fading yellow light of his office illuminated a strand of golden hair. So it was Chase the one supporting him, forcing him to move forward and escape. Trying to awake from a fear stupor while the group ran and turned corners, House's mind struggled to absorb all the things that were happening around him. The sharp clapts of Cuddy's high-heel shoes echoed in a frenetic rhythm around his head while darkness grew in a heavier and almost palpable circle around them; ragged breathing –his own?- burning in chests as the disturbing noises of high-speed steps behind them, strong and reaching them, getting closer, damn closer…

A series of pushing movements told House they have turned another corner and, for a second, a cruel, almost inexistent pallid light struggled to appear behind the draperies, splattering across the corridor and clarifying his vision. Everything was pitiful blurred and unshaped, but he could see them, his group, the worried looks on terrified faces that seemed now twenty years older. Cuddy said something in a whispered broken voice, the sound reaching the air for one second, blending with the pale light; she was so blurred he couldn't hear her… One second later, however, there was a new series of pushing movements, and all things diluted into black again as they entered a room; a wooden door closed behind them with a soft click.

Confused, extremely tired and filled with pain, House felt he was again reaching his breaking point as Chase supported him across the shadows. He wanted to simply lean against anything and die, letting his fibers finally rest in peace…His inner-self fiercely blamed Chase for carrying him, blamed Wilson for his charity, blamed everyone for obeying him and trying to escape, especially Wilson; his mind contorted with red shame as he admitted that, besides Chase support, it was Wilson's presence that kept him going on. Damn Wilson. The Corvette's key clinked inside his trousers' pockets, a tiny happy sound that resonated in a disharmonic tone in that oppressive atmosphere.

"We are in the X-Ray room…" Cuddy's voice whispered again, barely reaching House. Apparently, she had taken off her shoes, for the loud clap sounds were absent now. Darkness gave him the strange impression he wasn't getting out of his place, tough he was sure they were going forward. Their bodies moved sleekly through the room, years of living in that Hospital making them divert from the electronic equipment in the area. "We will get outside by the other door." Why that annoying clinking sound was still in House's mind?

"We are going to be Ok…You are going to be Ok…" mumbled a weak Australian voice near his ear. House wanted to laugh, laugh with desperation until his lounges exploded in bitter tears.

They were almost reaching the wooden door when another click sound was heard behind them, followed by fast footsteps…

The Corvette's key clinked in his pockets.

For what seemed the first time in his life, House allowed himself to act for impulse. Pain, confusion and all things got to second level as he dived his hand in the trousers' pocket, retrieving the car's key.

He never knew how he managed to put the key inside Wilson's pocket in the middle of the silent pandemonium that the footsteps caused in his group. He didn't know how, but, even before the swift movements started, the key lied safely inside Wilson's pocket. And then running again, running, runningreaching the fucking door, the corridor, a window letting cruel white light haunt and wet the corridor; his leg exploding, melting and revolting in an ocean of liquid pain while they ran, ran away from the footsteps; he was going to die before reaching the exit…And how he knew Wilson was close in that dark room? Was it because of the oncologist's scent? Or just because he knew Wilson would be by his side, like always?...

Then, all things vanished from his mind.

First, it was only a metallic strange noise. But it was followed by a scream.

Chase's scream.

Then it was the cold harness of the floor against his body, a huge confusion of limbs crashing against each other as House and Chase fell, both screaming in pain. Adrenalin dashed across House's body as a feverish voice inside his mind ordered him to get the fuck up, but Chase's body was unmoving, a huge dead weight on the diagnostician's legs. Distantly, he could see Cuddy paralyzed, her eyes darting from Chase and House on the floor to the corner they were supposed to turn. Wilson was there too, shocked, almost unmoving as the passed out Chase…And there was blood. Thick and fluid, the deep red wave soaked the floor around Chase's leg, escaping shiningly from a dark hole in the blonde's calf…

All things got silent to House; just a thick buzzing noise filled his brain, touchable mist obscuring his thoughts. He could see Foreman's mouth opening and closing into screams, his arms frantically moving up and down, but no sound reached House. The diagnostician could only feel the things around him: Cuddy's terror and Chase's breathe against his bare chest, ragged and balmy in his skin; Foreman's desperation, Tritter and Callong getting closer and shooting, nearer, the cold bullets missing, but for how long? Pandemonium. Madness. His eyes locked with Wilson's.

Run Away. Take the Corvette and run away.

Do it for me.

A brief flick of brown eyes.

And House sensed he died at the moment Wilson forcefully grabbed both Foreman and Cuddy and ran away.

He let his head rest against the welcoming coldness under him while pain attacked and surrounded his body like a thick red mist. But pain, even pain didn't matter anymore. He sensed Tritter passing next to him, face shining with hot sweat as his long legs tried to catch the others, but House could really care less. He could only fell himself now: it felt strange how his heart bumped achingly against his muscles and bones, because he was dead…And why all his cells continued beating and aching when his body should be freezing? Was it because Chase's body remained still and warm against him, blond head accompanying the rise and fall of the diagnostician's chest?

House closed his eyes, but even with closed eyelids, he watched footsteps approaching him, now in a much calmer pace. Instinct washed over him again, and he carefully moved his arms, letting they rest in an almost –almost­- protective way around Chase's shoulders and head, fingertips diving into smooth fair hair. His disappearing inner-self rolled his eyes for what seemed the last time: soon he would be dead, and so would Chase, so why care about the meaning of his gests or things like that now? He could really feel Callong's smile as the bipolar teacher kneeled next to his head, sensed the sick pleasure that filled the corridor when Callong walked across it, the maniacal happiness infesting the air. A cold, calloused hand rested on the diagnostician shoulder.

Warm breathe caressed his ear as Callong got closer to him.

House's grip around Chase got much firmer.