Hi guys! So…here comes my second GrimmIchi fanfiction! My first fanfiction It's All About Zoology isn't finished yet, but since I have a lot to do for school in the moment, I don't have time to continue writing long chapters, that's why I decided to start this new story.

Okay, this one's gonna be in email/live chat form…there's this book that really inspired me (by the way I loved that book, I laughed and cried while reading it).

Guys, I know this is supposed to be a GrimmIchi fanfiction, but I have to pair our beloved strawberry with someone else off in the beginning, it's part of the story. Don't worry, our two protagonists will find their way to each other. Oh yeah, and I'm sorry for the crappy title.

Summary: Ichigo and Grimmjow are friends who write each other emails, or chat on the internet. But as time goes by, their friendship grows and their relationship becomes even more complicated…Yaoi, AU, GrimmIchi.

Rating: Normally it's T, but they swear sometimes and they also talk about sex in later chapters, so to be safe I'll rate it M.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Tite Kubo does.

From: Inoue Orihime

To: Kurosaki Ichigo

Subject: Happy Birthday!

Hi there Kurosaki-kun!

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY! You're finally a teenager! I still have to wait a little…then we'll both be official teenagers! I already baked you a cake, and guess what, I did it all by myself! I hope you got all the gifts you wanted, I'll give you my gift tomorrow in school…I hope you'll like it. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, have fun, INOUE

From: Arisawa Tatsuki

To: Kurosaki Ichigo

Subject: Happy Bday

Oi Ichigo! Happy Birthday! Tz, it's gonna be my turn in ten days, so don't feel all mighty because you're a little older now…Even though I'm younger, you'll never win against me in martial arts, you weakling! See ya, Tatsuki

From: Kurosaki Ichigo

To: Inoue Orihime; Arisawa Tatsuki

Subject: Thanks

Thank you. See you tomorrow at school.


HanaHime has signed in. KarateQueen has signed in.

HanaHime: Tatsuki, did you also get that short email from Kurosaki-kun yesterday evening? I was so happy as I saw it in my inbox, my heart was beating really wildly! Then that short message was there…

KarateQueen: Come on, Orihime, be happy that he even answered…you know Ichigo…and yes, I also got that short email.

HanaHime: Of course I know him! I've been in love with him for a year now. And did you see that today at school?! He didn't like my cake…well at least he liked my gift.

KarateQueen: Hime, I'm sorry, but your cake didn't taste that great. I understand why Ichigo ran to the toilets after biting into his first piece.

HanaHime: How can't you like strawberry cake with pumpkin cream and ketchup? I even added some noodles…

KarateQueen: I really don't understand your taste in food. You're weird, but unique.

HanaHime: Oh Tatsuki-chan, you're such a meanie!

KarateQueen: Hehe, I know! Okay, let's stop talking about your cake. So when are you gonna tell Ichigo you like him? If he doesn't like you too, I'll beat him up!

HanaHime: You can't beat him up! And what's if he rejects me?

KarateQueen: If he makes you cry I'll kill him. No one makes Hime cry!

HanaHime: Thanks a lot Tatsuki.

KarateQueen: You're welcome, best friend!

FearTheGrimm has signed in. Ichigo13 has signed in.

HanaHime: Hi Kurosaki-kun!!!

Ichigo13: Hello, Inoue. Thanks for the keychain you gave me.

HanaHime: Oh you're welcome! I knew you would like it!

FearTheGrimm: What's so great about a keychain? And I don't think Ichigo would ever carry around a plush teddy holding a strawberry. That's so girly.

KarateQueen: Say one more bad thing, and I'll beat you up!

FearTheGrimm: But it's true! Say something Ichigo!

Ichigo13: I think it's cute, but I won't carry it around, sorry Inoue. But don't worry, I'll hang it in my room, I promise. And by the way, Grimmjow, it's a lion and not a teddy.

HanaHime: Okay…I think I have to go now. See you tomorrow.

HanaHime has signed out.

KarateQueen: You boys are so stupid. Honestly, you'll pay for this.

KarateQueen has signed out.

FearTheGrimm: What the hell? What did we do?

Ichigo13: I don't get it either.

FearTheGrimm: You know what, I think Inoue has a crush on you.

Ichigo13: Shut up, that's not true.

FearTheGrimm: Are you blind? Hello? She baked a cake for you, she gave you a girly keychain, and she always blushes if you come near her.

Ichigo13: Stop talking nonsense, you just want to tease me. Can't you just be nice to me on my birthday?

FearTheGrimm: Hey, listen, NO ONE tells me what to do. First of all, I'm one year older than you, so you have to respect me. And second, I'm the famous Grimmjow Jaggerjack!

Ichigo13: Gosh, with the famous weird name…hehe. And why should I respect someone who repeated a year?

FearTheGrimm: Ouch that hurt, Ichigo. Come on, everyone knows I'm not dumb, but lazy. And thanks to you I got a lot better.

Ichigo13: You're welcome, buddy. You should be happy that I'm giving you private lessons for free.

FearTheGrimm: Oh and I love coming to your house, it's so big!

Ichigo13: Hey, half of it is a medical clinic…

FearTheGrimm: I have an idea! Wanna sleep over at my place on Friday? My parents aren't gonna be there (like always). So we can do what we want!

Ichigo13: Yeah sure!!! I'll ask my dad right away! Okay, I'm going offline now, see you tomorrow.

FearTheGrimm: C ya! And sleep well with your new plush teddy friend!

Ichigo13: Shut up, Grimmjow, and IT'S A LION!

FearTheGrimm: Yeah, whatever.

Ichigo13 has signed out. FearTheGrimm has signed out.


From: Kurosaki Ichigo

To: Grimmjow Jaggerjack

Subject: Friday's okay

Yo Grimm, my dad said yes. Awesome, I'll be at your place for the first time! Okay, I know you hate it when we talk about your parents, but why are they always gone? I'm curious. Oh and by the way, don't forget, we have a math problem to do for tomorrow. Don't forget to do it. I know how lazy you are, and as your buddy I'm here to tell you so. Bye, ichigo

From: Grimmjow Jaggerjack

To: Kurosaki Ichigo

Subject: hell yeah!

I told you I don't like talking about my parents. And thank you for telling me about math. I almost forgot (haha). Awesome, you can come on Friday. Okay, I'm gonna take a bath now, see ya, Berry!

From: Kurosaki Ichigo

To: Grimmjow Jaggerjack

Subject: That name


Okay, that was chapter one! Yup, I know it's short, but I really don't have time to write more. And I know that nothing interesting happened yet, but hey, they're all thirteen in this chapter. But don't worry, they're getting older in the next chapter.

So, what do you think? I hope you like it so far…people, give me some ideas!!! Thank you for reading and please review!