From the sky a small puff like bird came down

From the sky a small puff like bird came down. Crashing down. In its wing was an arrow. The three huddled around the fallen bird.

"Is it dead?" Kouga asked.

"No. no I thinks its just injured. Its wing I think" Inuyasha leans in to look at the poor bird. Mirkou hops off Kouga's back to lift the birds head.

"What a strange looking bird." Then dropping it.

"Poor little guy. You must be in so much pain. O.k. you two we need to hold him down so I can pull out the arrow."

"Ready" Kouga said. Inuyasha first broke the arrow then pulled it out. Then she carefully mends the wing. Mirkou lifts open ine eye if the puffin like bird.

"Hello this is your wake up call." Mirkou said. Now for the bird it was like there were three frogs(n/a none of need three Mirkou's in life one is hard in enough to handle as it is, but I digress back to the story at hand)

The bird suddenly jumps up pulling off some karete moves to scare everyone.

"Ha. It takes more then a couple of swamp folks to take down Puffen" (1)

"Hold it. I'm your friend." Inuyasha said.

"Well then if you're my friend then why do ye have an arrow in your hand." He continues his ranting. "The very same one that was…."

"I pulled it out when you were out."

"You mean you cloud have cheeked but you pluo" ( kill him save him)


"Well then madam I apologize. I am Lt. Shippo Puffen" The guys saulte to him while Inuyasha crusty.

"Its an honner. I'm Inuyasha. Princess Inuyasha, and these are my closest friends. Lazernzo Kouga"

"Friends call me speed."

"And JahnBabo Mirkou."

"I have no friends only servants. And they call me your highness"

"Thinks he's a prince."

Shippo whistles to indicate that Mirkou is crazy. "Well I own you princess and I will be staying until my debt is paid."

"No you can't you mustn't. He has me under a spell."

"You mean the magical oh lululuu." He waves his feathered fingers and flowers appear. The whole scenery changed going from dull to full of life. Kouga and Mirkou pulled Shippo back into the bushes.

"Inuyasha. Your night in shining armor has arrived to set you free." Naraku said coming out in shining armor.

From the bush.

"Let me at him. Let me at him." Shippo said. Loosing some tail feathers.

"Chill.'' Kouga said.

No more bush

"Come now all it takes is one little word. Will you marry me?"

"Every night you come."


"And every night you ask me the same question.''


"And every night I give you the same answer"


"I would rather die than marry you." Suddenly the beautiful flowery place disappeared and it went back to being dull.

"You're really starting to bug me."

"I thought that you would be used to it by now."

"That's it you just keep pushing it. Don't you? And one day I'm gonna boil over. "

Inuyasha gets mad. "Go a head see if I care. But I will never give you my mothers kingdom. " Naraku get mads and he mutters incomprehensible words then turned around with a smirk on his face.

"I was hoping you would say yes but maybe you need another day as a dog."(n/a sounds bad right? Please don't answer this is a rhetorical conversation)

He is laughing as the moon goes down.

"No. no no no" Inuyasha says to herself.

Inuyasha turns into her dog form as Naraku kicks something and walk off still laughing. Shippo is so studened that all he does is say "Princess"


In the castle InuTaishou was currently talking to Rin (2). Rin was helping arrange a match for Sesshomaru. Currently piles of letters were being dumped in the room where the two were.

"You see Jaken. One of these girls will help take Sesshomaru's mind off her." Rin said.

"Oh absolutely. Not" Jaken whipped the not part.

"Myouga do not loose any of these." Rin said.

"Don't worry."

"Now then where is my son. No wait don't tell me trying to figure out the mystery of the great animal."

"And here I thought it was fat?" Rin said.

InuTaishou walking out with Rin and Jaken


Sesshomaru was in the library looking at many books. He pulls out a book closes then looks through another book.

"Its not what it seems. Of course. Its not what it seems. Now I shall find you Inuyasha." Sesshomaru closes the book with a determined look in his eyes. He jumps down and runs to the door where The trio enter. He spins Rin to mover her.

"There coming" Rin announces.

"Son where are you going?"

"To find a great animal"

"Oh o.k."

"Well just make sure you're her tomorrow night." Rin said.

"Tomorrow night??"

"The ball." Sango says.

"Father Rin I can't"
Rin'slower lip begins to treable.

"No don't do the lip thing."

"If I leave now then I just might make it back."

"Yeah. Thank you Sesshomaru."

"But please no beauty pagents."

"What me no. Its just a few friends."

"I want this to be big." InuTaishou said.

"But but." Myoga tried.

"I promised not Uncle Taishou."

"I want all the carriages and four foot men four everyone." InuTaishou and Rin began to talk about what else they could do.


"So let me get this straight. Every night when the moon light leaves the lake you go wolf wolf ?" Shippo asked.

"Yes and if I want to be a human I must be near water."

"What she needs is a little moon light all I need is a smooch." Mirkou said.

"No fear." Shippo said. "You run to the lake we bring your prince her then you turn back into a princess then. (Plays wedding music) Happily ever after."

"How will I find him?"

"You don't know where he is?" Shippo asked.
"Hey I don't even know where I am."

"I bet he does." Kouga said pointing to Naraku's castle.

"Oh yes what a good idea. Monsieur Naraku I would like to leave now do you have a map?"

"That's it." Inuyasha exclaimes.

"A map" Inuyasha and Shippo say together Mirkou claspes his mouth.

"Lets do it."

(Guess what its song time. No fear. So they are going through the castle to find the map. Then Kagura chaeses them please look on youtube ti find this swam pirncess movie 1 part 4 or no fear)


We're off on a mission

We're tough; in good condition


We're short


But standing tall


No fear!


There's danger around us


They'd hurt us if they found us


Our backs are to the wall


No fear!


'Cause we have all the courage we require


Take it from a frequent flyer


Try your luck

Inuyasha & Shippo

Our plan will fly


No fear!

(talking right now)

"It's in the upper chamber." Shippo said.

"Shippo can you keep a look out whil we get the map." Inuyasha said.

"We?" Asked Mirkou

"So your saying your not going to help

"Oui.'' (French for yes)


This plan if applied'll

Be simply suicidal

You'll be a sitting duck


No fear!


Suppose that I do this

Who knows if we'll live through this?

How 'bout a kiss for luck?



Shippo & Kouga



Our team is shy one green, web-footed volunteer


No way, Jose

No chance!


No choice

Inuyasha & Shippo

No fear!


"All right now you two have to be faster." Shippo said.

"Easy for you to say." Kouga told him.

"Oh yes when I need speed send the turtle." Mirkou said.

After climbing some stairs. "I think I pulled a muscle.'' Kouga said.

"That's it were going to die. I am on a misson with a lame turtle and a crazy bird. Ypur going to get us killed."



No fear!

No fear!

No fear!

We will take any dare that the other side'll dare to dream up

We'll fight tough; we'll play fair

But we're sure to win because we'll team up.


I'm shaking!

I'm leaking!


He's freaking, frankly speaking


We're riding for a fall


No fear!


She's gaining!

She's faster!

We're heading for disaster!


Our hero, warts and all!


No fear!


I would be fine if one of us knew how to steer!


Get a grip!


Get set


That's our respect!


No breaks!


No sweat


And no regrets!


We're dead!


Not yet


Oh no, not there!


Kouga is falling from the sky.

"Save me."



No fear!

(End of song)

"Yes we got the map.'' Inuyasha said.


Yes they get the map


1 Shippo has a Scottish accent

2 Rin is a niece or something like that