Sirius felt insanely vulnerable and bizarrely out of control, so completely desperate with need for the ridiculous, paradoxical creature beneath him, he suddenly understood what James had meant about never wanting to be with anyone else. Moony was absolutely beautiful—there was no other way to describe it. Pale skin and bones and scars, a mass of hurt and love, and Sirius wanted nothing more than to strip him of his insecurity and make him understand how perfect he was. Because how could anyone so incredible ever think anything less? So he set about trying, kissing and tonguing his way across every inch of skin, every inch of injury.

The entire time Remus kept making the most gorgeous, wanton sounds, twisting and rolling his hips in time with Sirius's ministrations. It was almost too much, and Sirius wondered if he'd ever really enjoyed someone else's pleasure so thoroughly. Every movement Remus made only intensified Sirius's own arousal, until he wanted nothing more than to fuck him straight through the floor, consequences be damned.

Without explanation, Sirius grabbed Lupin's wand once more and summoned a jar of thick, slick gel from his own nightstand. Remus's eyes widened a bit, but Sirius kissed them closed and went back to work. With one hand, he popped open the jar and gathered some of the lubricant on his fingers. Slowly, delicately, he reached between their bodies and began to circle Remus's entrance.

The werewolf choked a bit but didn't object. Sirius marveled at his own nervousness. He'd done this loads of times—not with Moony, or boys for that matter, but the basic anatomy was the same. Still, for some reason, he really wanted this to be perfect, not good or comfortable, but completely bloody perfect, and not just for himself. So, with remarkable control, Sirius sank one (trembling) digit into Remus's body.

They both gasped at once—Remus at the foreign sensation, Sirius at the tightness around his finger. When he was certain Moony was alright, he added a second finger, twisting and worrying and wondering if this was even remotely alright. Remus on the other hand, didn't seem to be thinking about much of anything-- taut with need and rolling his hips rhythmically.

Sirius smiled.

He'd never felt anything quite so incredible. The heat and pressure on his hand was unreal, and he didn't think he could go another minute without feeling that around his cock. With a wet noise, Sirius withdrew from the smaller boy's body. Remus began to look nervous in earnest.

"Sirius, do you—err… is this going to hurt quite badly?"

Sirius smiled his most charming, reassuring smile, but even he could tell it was a little shy and crinkled around the edges.

"If I said it would, would you have me to stop?"

Remus chuckled uncomfortably. "Well, no, I suppose. But is it—Ahh!"

While Remus was stuttering, Sirius pressed the head of his cock past the tight ring of muscle. The heat was so intense, Sirius was sure it would burn him alive, leave him a smoldering pile of ash in Remus's small hands. It made everything else he'd ever experience feel so incredibly pointless by comparison.

"Sirr…rrr…iiiuuu…ssss…" Remus whined.

"Shhh, s'alright. I can wait—"

"No! Er... Move—you have to—aghh, move," said Remus, pushing down onto Sirius's prick.

Sirius was tempted to remain still— the thought of Remus fucking himself on his cock was rather tempting—but his hips had other ideas. Without conscious thought, Sirius thrust into Remus's tight, warm body.

He nearly came. If he hadn't stopped himself, Sirius thought he could come in one or two strokes, but he very much wanted to see Remus fall apart first, feel his muscles clench and tremble around him. He wanted to watch his brow furrow and his cheeks grow flushed and he wanted to see Moony's lips move the way he now knew they did when the smaller boy was very happy or very angry. Little fluttery unconscious movements, as though he were trying to speak, but words would not suffice. But most of all, he never wanted to be anywhere else ever again that was not there—exposed and sweating and touching every inch of Remus.

"Padfoot…" Remus muttered, eyes still shut tight.

Sirius realized he'd been staring and silently gave up his "This is Simply a Particularly Incredible Fuck" mantra. Without waiting to be asked again, Sirius began rocking his hips back and forth, concentrating on the way Remus's body seemed to cling to his cock, as though he was wanted there. It was intoxicating.

With every thrust, the pressure in Sirius's groin built, and he took hold of Remus's legs, pulling them up so that little more than the werewolf's shoulders touched the bedding. His pace increased and as much as he wanted to feel Moony come, he'd better get on with it, because Sirius knew he wouldn't last. In a moment of clarity, Sirius reached down and took hold of Remus's prick, stroking it in time with his movements, and was rewarded when Remus clenched himself around Sirius's erection.

Suddenly, there was no thought or clarity to be had, as Sirius drove into the boy beneath him, bed shaking, knees aching, mind on fire with a thousand different foreign sensations. Remus let out a groan and began to come all over Sirius's hand, his arse clenching and tightening with his own orgasm. Sirius surrendered. With a few final, sharp thrusts, Sirius attempted to bury his entire being inside Remus Lupin, and came deep within his small, scarred body, shuddering and shouting his name. Gooseflesh crept over Sirius's body as he emptied himself in burst after burst, until he was certain he had nothing left to give.

They collapsed.

Panting and sweating, the two lay quite still, each murmuring a series of obscenities directed at various deities and one another.



"I, well, I may have lied."

"About what?"

"Expectations. Or well, that is to say, I think-- I think I umm—might have some."

"Fuck… Erh, right. Moony, I—well, what are they?"

"I expect you to do that again within the next twenty-four hours and every day for the rest our bloody lives, or I swear to fuck-all I'm going to stalk you like that Ravenclaw Chaser our third year."

"What if I want you to stalk me?"

"Well, I could hide in your bushes, but what ever will the neighbors think?"

"Fuck the neighbors...

"That's a thought."

"Ugghhk, or don't! ...Please, don't? Oh, come off of it Moony, I said 'please'!"