Title: Inner Beast
Author: Amaniblue
Pairing: Ian x Rin
Rating: PG-13 to R
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: The legal rights to these fine characters belong to Yuki Shimizu, lucky gal.

AN: Written for the Love Mode LJ January challenge.


"Get your hands off me, you beast!"

Delicate hands, tried as they might, couldn't dislodge the strong grip on his wrist. The teenage brute refused to let go.

He was a stubborn one, judging by the crease on the man's forehead marring that handsome face. Rin saw the irate fire burning within the others eyes. His lover wasn't backing down. Yet, he too was not a force to be reckoned with.

Feigning compliance, Rin stopped his struggles briefly only to draw the other's arm towards him in another moment and bit down, hard.

A yowl of pain erupted from the supermodel and Rin was free. But he wasn't done yet. His lover would continue his advance until he dominated him to submission. The host would have none of that. He was through with the brute's manhandling him.

Quick to take advantage of his release, Rin was quick to step backwards and grab several objects that decorated throughout their hotel room for his arsenal. He would need them to keep the beast at bay.

When the crude cursing died down, Rin knew his lover's attention was back on him again.

He eyed the other, assessing that handsome visage that is currently on several magazine covers of Milan's haut couture. That clueless scowl was back in place on the other's face.

"What the hell has gotten into you, Rin!?" demanded his lover as he kept his distance.

Despite wising up to his threats, the man is still a stupid idiot. Of course he wouldn't remember what he did wrong.

It just made Rin's blood boil even more and his vision blurred fire red.

Without another thought, he launched a slew of projectiles at his disposal. Shattering sounds of ceramic and glass accompanied his screeching tirade, "GET OUT YOU BEAST! I'm heading back to Tokyo and starting over! I don't need you, you hear me! I DON"T NEED YOU!"

Huffing and puffing due to his exertions, Rin took a much needed moment to catch his breath. Surprisingly, the beast didn't attack nor could Rin hear the man prowled about his territory roaring obscenities.

Cracking just an eye open at first, the host felt lost and strangely anxious. The beast had actually taken heed… and left.

Good riddance, Rin thought smugly despite the slight feeling of disappointment. The other has never given up so readily before. Thinking perhaps the other has retreated and must be preparing to attack him another time, the host decided to clear the war field for another battle.

Rin took a moment and surveyed the destruction. He knew he had a temper and had been pretty good at controlling it before. But his lover just has a way to bring out the worse in him it seems.

Disgruntled by his own self evaluation, he released a sigh only to have his breath hitch the next moment.

A small splatter of blood dotted the cream afghan carpet from where his lover stood leading towards the exit.

Panic surged within his heart and Rin couldn't help but whisper his lover's name in concern, "Ian?"