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Summary: This story is going to be losely based off the ABC family movie Three Days. Elphaba is killed on Lurlinemas eve and an angel gives Fiyero a second chance to relive the last three days with her. Fiyeraba

Note: I already wrote a story like this for the tv show Bones. A lot of people liked it, so I decided to try a Wicked verison.

Only Hope

Chapter 1

"Elphaba!" a familiar voice called from behind.

Elphaba Thropp did not bother looking up from her book, she already new who it was. "What do you want, Fiyero?"

Fiyero swiftly walked through the Library and took a seat next to her. "I knew I would find you here," he told her gently.

Elphaba smirked, but didn't pull her eyes away from the book she was reading. "Oh no, you found me," she said sarcastically. Fiyero opened his mouth to respond, but she quickly added, "I'm surprised you've made it this far."

Fiyero scrunched his face in confusion. "What?"

"You have actually walked into a library, on your own free will." Elphaba still kept her eyes glued to the book. She wouldn't look at him, not yet.

Fiyero laughed. "Oh, but you don't understand. I didn't come here to read."

Elphaba gave him a half smile and told him, "I wouldn't expect such a thing."

Elphaba sighed, as charming as Fiyero was, he could be rather annoying, and she desperately wanted him to leave her alone. And even though she was not reading anymore she still had her eyes glued to her book. She refused to look at him. Ever since that day with the lion cub, something had changed between them. She didn't know what it was, but she desperately tried to ignore it. However, it was rather difficult to push this new 'feeling' aside, especially when he would not stop talking to her.

"Fiyero, what did you come here for? Other than to annoying me."

"I'm rescuing you!" Fiyero told her happily.

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "From what?"

"Yourself," he whispered.

Finally, Elphaba looked up from her book, and looked him in the eye. It was only for a moment, but they could both see the passion in each others eyes. The same passion, when they helped each other with the lion cub. Elphaba quickly tore her eyes away from his. She didn't like the way he looked at her. It made her stomach do flips. She hated it.

"I don't need to be rescued."

Fiyero blinked a few times and silently wished that she would look at him again. Elphaba made him feel happy and she always gave his stomach butterflies. He liked this new feeling. However, he did have a Galinda as a girlfriend, but ever since that day with the lion cub he had been thinking.

"No one should be alone on Lurlinemas eve," he told her.

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "I have spent my entire life alone. I think I can handle being alone for another night."

"But, we're celebrating."

"A party? No. I don't like parties," she told him as she play with the hem of her skirt. She still refused to look at him.

"It's a small get together at the café. Only a few people will be there. Boq, Nessa, Galinda, and me."




Fiyero pouted his bottom lip. "Please."

Elphaba looked away. "No."

"Why not!"

"Because I have to… study!" she told him.

Fiyero grumbled. Why does she have to be so stubborn? "Elphaba, you study every day. I think you can take a break. Come on it'll be fun and Galinda really wants you to come." I want you to come he thought.

Elphaba was about to say no, but when she look him in the eye again she found herself accepting the invitation. "Fine… I'll go."

Fiyero jumped and punched the air with victory. "Ok let's go!"

"Wait, you go," she told him. When she saw him frown she quickly added, "I have one more chapter to read and then I promise I'll meet you guys at the café. Ok?"

Fiyero rolled his eyes, but accepted her wish, "Fine, but if you're not there in half hour I'll come looking for you."

Elphaba watched as he quickly left the library, and as soon as he was gone she quickly read the last chapter in her book. Once finished she quickly raced out the library doors, but soon stopped running. She knew she had to take her time getting to the café or else Fiyero would know that she had actually wanted to come, so she decided to take the long way.

It was very peaceful out, and it made her relax. Elphaba sighed and truly wondered why Fiyero had invited her. She should have said no. After all, he probably just invited her out of pity or because she was Galinda's friend. Elphaba sighed. Fiyero was … but she was … Ugh! What was the point? Fiyero had Galinda and she would never be that girl.

As Elphaba continued to argue with herself, she didn't see or hear the person heading straight towards her. All of sudden they bumped into each other with full force and sent her falling to the ground.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, Miss. Here let me help you," a deep voice said as he quickly pulled her back up.

"Thanks," Elphaba mumbled as she tried to pull her arm away. However, he gripped her arm even tighter and gave her a creepy smile. "Thank you," she told him, trying to stay calm, "I have to get going. I'm already late for a party, so if you'll excuse me… "

The man just smirked. "I'm sure your friends won't mine if you're a little late. After all, my party is just beginning."

Elphaba eyes grew in fear and she struggled to get out of his strong gripped. This earned her a painful smack to the face. And before she had the chance to scream, the man clamped his hand over her mouth and began to drag her into a dark alley where three more men would be waiting.

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