Walking A Fine Line
Intro, Disclaimer & Teaser

Why is it that this doesn't happen. An Original Star Trek Crossover. Right back at the great beginning of Star Trek and one of the most respected and parodied Shows Sci-Fi or otherwise. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the whole bunch, right down to the bad acting and Shatner's strange pauses mid sentence. I think its time I dusted off my tapes. Polished my two DVD's and got writing...

Where should I start? City on the Edge of Forever, I'm sure you remember the episode. Anyone who knows Sci-fi has to know the original Star Trek and the immortal line:- "Edith Keller must die!"

Yes I'm talking about the time travel adventure that was one of (if not THE) best of the originals three year run. Well this is what happened after it, or at least my version. It's a crossover and you should know Who with (not original I know but you haven't seen what's coming).

I've made a big deal here about the USS Gemini. A science ship I designed, mostly because its an original element but it is important to the core idea and the development of the plot. If someone with a far greater knowledge of the Star Trek Universe tells me that this class of ship already exists please tell me. If so I'll rename it the "Verity" Class. Gemini fits the twin "drive section" design better (which we will go into in later chapters). But basically its a ship about two thirds the size of the Enterprise, a little lower and with two drive sections.

I do not own Star Trek The Original Series. Paramount/Viacom do. The show I'm crossing it over with is owned by someone else who isn't me but I don't want to ruin the "surprise".


'Captain's log. In opposition to my standing orders I have decided to stay in orbit around the Guardian's planet until the assigned science ship arrives. I cannot emphasise enough the damage this... this device can do. Something I hope to impress upon the Captain of the Gemini.'

Jim sat back for a moment. 'Additional; on a personal note. I look forward to my reunion with Katherine Stevens, the Gemini's Captain. I only hope she still listens to me.' Jim sat back again and flipped off the recorder.

'So Captain Stevens is in command of the Gemini.' Spock appeared at his shoulder. The Vulcan was very silent on his feet, as always. Playing with his bottom lip Jim looked up and shrugged.

Bones was already on his other side. Casting a look he could see his doctor and sometime barkeep's grin. 'So they're sending that new science ship of theirs? I hear its got almost three times the computing power of the Enterprise.'

Spock nodded. 'The Gemini class is a dedicated science vessel. It is only natural that it has more specified equipment.'

'Is that envy I detect in your voice Mr Spock.' Jim teased.

Almost sighing Spock refused to look at him. 'Envy is a human emotion. Yet another one we Vulcan's do not share.'

'Don't worry, I'll ask if you can play with their toys.'

Yep, there went the eyebrow. 'If you will excuse me, the temporal disruption caused by the Guardian requires further study.' Jim's Vulcan friend went back to is computer console.

'I think I struck a nerve.'

Bones chuckled. 'Well it would prove he had 'em.'

Jim smiled and sat up strait. Forcing his smile back down he half called out. 'Mr Sulu. Is the Gemini in sensor range?'

'Just coming in now sir, at about warp 6. They'll be here in nine hours.' His helms man turned.

Nine hours. Jim rubbed a hand over the faint trace of stubble. How long had he been on duty? Not counting the whole time travel thing, far too long. 'I'll be in my quarters. You have the bridge Mr Spock.'

As he prised himself out of his chair a strange sound filled the ship. Like the grinding of metal. It felt like the whole Enterprise was a giant sounding board and someone was playing it. 'Spock?'

'Unknown Captain, but the phenomenon is centred on deck four. Section five corridor. No damage reported.'

Flipping the internal comm switch Jim called; 'Security to deck four, section five. All personnel evacuate section five.' Jumping up he turned to Uhura. 'Yellow alert.'

Making his way to the turbo lift. He pointed to his first officer who was about to follow. 'Stay here, I already gave you the bridge. Find out what that sound was and where it came from.' Bones was already in the lift. 'Mr Sulu, begin a full sensor scan. If there's a ship hiding out there I want it found.'

Getting in the turbolift Bones cranked the control. 'Deck four, section five.' He called. 'You think it was an attack?' The haunting sound died out with a sudden clang.

'Bones. Down there is probably one of the most dangerous weapons in the universe. If the Klingons, Romulans or even the Orion Syndicate get wind of it they could do anything. Destroy the Federation, bring back future technology to fight us today... Our worst nightmare coming true.'

'I know Jim and I think I'm just as scared as you are.'

End teaser.