What Became of the Likely Lads

Disclaimer – All characters settings etc are property of Fox; I have made no money from their use. Song titles belong to Carl Barat, Pete Doherty.

Author's Note – These drabbles are a response to a challenge – Take your favourite album, write down the song titles and then a drabble based on each one. So, 'The Libertines' by The Libertines and 15 drabbles to come, all unrelated. Specific details will be posted for each one. Mainly House / Wilson friendship, I think.

Can't Stand Me Now

House shuffled onto his balcony. Wilson followed him; he retreated inside.


No reply except rain. House hadn't spoken to him since detox.

He did answer the phone, though.

'It's Wilson. I got tickets for a monster truck rally. Wanna come?'


'Come down to the canteen, get lunch.'



'You don't want to go anywhere with me. You hate me.'

Wilson heard a crash – House throwing something – and then, his hitching voice again. 'I hate me.'

The man who was once his best friend hung up. Wilson hoped this wasn't the ending; that he hadn't torn everything apart.