What Became of the Likely Lads

14th song, last proper track. A consideration of a friendship that broke down; a direct sequel to Can't Stand Me Now. But I couldn't leave House and Wilson's friendship like that. This is what became of them.

They were together. They outlasted marriages, health, jobs. Life.

The dreams they had failed. Wilson never cured cancer; House never run. But they faced age as they'd faced life – together. The arguments, the betrayals, no longer mattered as they fought their war.

Wilson died first.

House took the Vidocin.

Wilson was waiting for him. Saw his friend limp – then run – towards him. A crashing impact as House barrelled into him; laughter as they hugged.

One dream coming true in a lifetime was enough. They had each other; they had forever.

'Hey, Wilson! Shall we go haunt Cameron for a bit?'

A/N - And here we come to the last drabble. Thanks for the support, and I'm pleased to announce that several of these fics will be coming soon in extended versions. 'What Katie Did' is shaping up to be my next fanfic novel. Enjoy. And as Carl and Pete sung 'Never loose your faith in love or music.'