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bold inner thoughts.

"I see your face; I look in your eyes. What you feel is no surprise."

Fred's POV

"You know what George?"

"What's that Fred?"

"I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for us."

"How can you tell?" George smirked.

"Come on twin. After Hogwarts we have the joke shop. Making our own money and having our own business. We're taking basic classes; mostly free periods. You have Alicia and I have-" I stopped abruptly. It hurt too much to say it. She left me. I still can't believe it. Her dad got a job at the American Ministry of Magic. She's going to Salem Academy. And…she left me. She said we had to break it off anyway. I was getting 'too clingy' for her. I'm really starting to think that we weren't soul-mates like I thought.

I looked over to see George looking at me with- wait is that guilt in his eyes?

"I know Fred, she left all of us. Said we were 'cramping her style' and all that. Ridiculous. Alicia still rants about it. She says Angelina doesn't deserve any of us. If Ali could give her a piece of her mind right now, she definitely would. Maybe it's for the best, mate. Maybe you'll find a new girl ya know? Maybe this year, you might be like guy-version of Hermione?"

Yeah, that's likely. "Are you serious mate?"

He snorted "No, I have no clue what I was thinking. I must have-Hey gorgeous!"

I looked over at my twin. Was he talking to me? Oh it's Alicia.

"Hey Ali."

"Hey Fred. Hi love."

And so they kiss. I don't really don't think they'll stop anytime soon. George hasn't seen much of Alicia this summer. Her Mum and Dad won't let her out of the house because of the war and the fact that Voldemort's back. Well, Mum will hardly let us out either. It's weird thought all the hands on the clock in the kitchen say 'Mortal Peril'. Mum's been worried out of her mind with us. Not to mention Percy being a royal prat and-OH MY GOD.

"Whoa. She's beautiful." I whisper. There's a girl I've never seen in Hogwarts before. She's not a first year. She looks about my age. Merlin, if you can hear me right now, PLEASE let her be my age. Oh god. She has long dark brown curly hair; With tinkling blue eyes. I look down at her robes- wait, she's not wearing any. She's wearing muggle clothes. A dark pair of- what did Hermione call them? Oh yeah skinny jeans or something- with bright red trainers and a white fitted –very fitted. Merlin save me.- t-shirt that says 'Bayside' on it. Must be a new band on the wireless. Her skin looks so creamy and perfect. Look away Fred! If you don't you'll get a hard-on right here in front of everyone. Think of something ghastly. McGonagall in a bikini. I think I'm going to throw up.

"Wow. She really is. Uh, not that your not beautiful too love."

Alicia just smiles widely and nods. "She really is. She looks so familiar though. And I can't seem to place it."

She's walking toward us. Merlin she's like an angel. Wow. It seems like everyone and their Mum notices her too. What a little prat that Malfoy is. Oh wait, she's not falling for his charm. I wonder where she came from. Maybe she's our new DADA teacher. Oh god, I'd get detention everyday from her. That'd be fun. Oh yeah.

All of a sudden a small hand waves in my face. I look around.


"Hi." Merlin's pants she's right in front of me. Don't think about her naked! Don't think about her naked!

"Hi. I'm uh, um, err-"

"What my wonderful twin here means is that he's Fred and I'm George Weasley. And this is my girlfriend Alicia Spinnet." I'm definitely buying him A LOT of stuff from Zonko's when we go to Hogsmade. Hell, I'll buy him anything he wants.

"Oh I've seen your name somewhere before." The mystery girl- no woman. No goddess.

"Weasley, Weasley. Where have I heard that before? Never mind that, I just wanted to know if you guys knew where Professor Dumbledore's office is."

She didn't sound like she was from here. England I mean. She sounded like she was from the States. I wonder what she wants with Dumbledore. Wait! She could be a death eater. Ask her something, go on your dolt ask her!

"Why? Who are you?"

She looks at me. Her gaze is piercing. It looks so familiar. But I can't-


Our eyes snap away from each other. Did she just say Angelina?! Not another one! I look at Professor McGonagall. Oh god, ew I see her in a bikini. Oh Merlin. Oh god. Gross. Mystery-Goddess' face lights up and she breaks out into a huge smile.

"OH MY GOD! Mirv! I haven't seen you since I was like really small! How's grandpa? I was just going to go see him, but I can't find his office."

What in the bloody hell is she talking about?! Mirv, Mirv what the hell! Grandpa? Who's her- Dumbledore has a granddaughter?! And she's hot?! Merlin's balls, why didn't anyone tell me! I see McGonagall's face get surprise than- oddly- it softens into what looks like a smile. In the six bloody years I've been here, she hasn't smile once. Well, maybe she I really can't-

"It is Professor McGonagall or just Professor in the halls, Angelia. But since your new to the school I'll let it go. His office is this way now. Oh! I've seen you met the Weasley twins and Miss Spinnet. They play for the Gryffindor Quiddtich team. Hello."

"Hi Professor." The three of us said in unison.

"Yeah, real talkative this bunch; Couldn't get a word in edge-wise with these three." Mystery-Goddess says with a wink and dazzling smile.

"Now, let's get you up to your grandfather's office so we can sort you. Gryffindor for sure I say. Come along now."

Mystery-Goddess looks from McGonagall to us and once again flashes us a dazzling smile. "Bye guys, maybe I'll be in Gryffindor. Later!"

And with that she waved a quickly jogged after McGonagall. She's amazing. What am I saying?! I don't even know her. She's probably just like all the other girls. But I can't think of why she looks so familiar. Why?

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