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bCheck it out City lights electrify, I walk alone one starry night/b

The dark night surrounded the city bathed in lights, the lights twinkled like stars that were cast low enough for the people to touch the people walked arm in arm smiling, kissing, and hugging. Everyone was happy. Everyone except a boy. His hands shoved far into his pockets he walked his cold persian blue eyes so emotionless, seemed to stare down people who only glanced at him innocently he felt his fingers graze over the cold metal in his pocket. His true friend. His gun. The boy's unruly brown hair brushed against his forehead from the slight breeze that blew down the neck and gave you shivers. This boy was different from most he had grown up to fast seen more horrors than you ever wanted to go through things that would kill most. But not him. He was emotionless, the "perfect solider" as his friends called him. But to one girl he had shown more. Much more.

bAfraid to sleep, cause I see her. Its all the same, Its all a blur./b

Thats what his time with her had been, a blur, it had gone by to fast like a ice cream cone that melted in summer.


iA girl sat on a bench her long creamy smooth legs pulled to her chest, her arms wrapped around them as she rested her chin on her knees, golden hair that looked like the sun pulled back into the strangest style two odangos on the side of her head with a few hairs out of place. Her pure blue eyes casted down as she fought back tears chewing on her rosebud lips. Heero merely cast her a glance as he and his 4 fellow pilots walked by, but the loudmouth with the chestnut hair pulled into a braid that went to the midway of his back, his violet eyes always glinting and the ever-present smirk on his face stopped, "Hey babe. Why you looking so sad?" He asked leaning over and peering into her eyes. The girl blushed, "No reason." She went to stand up she was wearing flares and a black tummy shirt, Duo eyed her while Quatre blushed, WuFei muttered something about, injustice, weak onnas and cursed at a braided baka, Towra stood silent while Heero stood there his fingers flexing to pull out his gun so they could get going when he remembered he hadn't brought his gun because the guys had taken all his guns from him sick of hearing his favorite words. Damn them. He thought./i

bCan you erase her, erase her can you help me lose my mind can you erase her, erase her can you leave the past behind/b

The boy stood by a bridge leaning on the rail looking at the ocean the salty smell rising in the air his reflection barley noticeable he was farther away form the city now the lights weren't so bright and there weren't so many.

bIts all so cold. A dirty game. I saw her out. She looked the same. She cracked a smile I used to see I wonder where; I'm supposed to beb


iAfter time the girl appeared more often, the boys got to know her better. She was Usagi Tsukino, she seemed a happy cheerful girl at most times but when you looked in her eyes you saw sadness, something that didn't belong there. Usagi never spoke about her past just like the boys never spoke about theirs' it was almost like a truce that had never been said but it was there. Don't ask questions and neither will I. It was a warm summer day; Towra, Duo, Quatre and WuFei had gone out to pick up a few things from the store leaving the rabbit of the moon and the perfect solider alone. Heero sat the on the couch his beloved laptop in his lap as he typed away. Usagi sat Indian style her hair down and her bright blue eyes eyeing the gun on the table with mischief. Her slim hand reached out to graze the shiny surface when the gun was whipped away, "Don't." Was all he said and went back to typing while Usagi pouted, "Hee-chan!" She whined. Heero winced her whining sounded to much like the annoying pascifm princess he had yet to kill, "Hn." was all he said,

"Lets do something!" She said jumping up.

Heero couldn't help but smile just a tiny smile that only he would know was on his face, her happy cheerful tone reminded him of the braided pilot that he had to admit was a good friend, "Hn." Was all she got.

"Hee-chan!" She giggled and pulled his laptop away shutting it off, "No excuses!" She smiled, "We are going to do something." She grabbed his hand and pulled him off the couch. She was stronger than she looked for such a small figure. Heero wanted to sigh but it was something he never did. He also wanted to pull his gun but he couldn't, for some strange reason, not on Usagi. He let Usagi drag him out of the mansion and to where she wanted to go. Her happy cheerful chatter was enough talking for the both of them./I

bCan you erase her, erase her, can you help me lose my mind, can you erase her, can you leave the past behind/b

"Duo, have you seen Heero?" Quatre a shy boy with plantuim hair and an innocent look about him glanced up from the book he was reading to Duo who was stretched out on the couch, "Nope, haven't seen Heero for at least a couple hours, sorry Q-man. How 'bout you Wu-man?"

"My name isn't WU-Man, its Wufei!" A Chinese boy with shiny black hair pulled into a painful looking ponytail leaped up and chased Duo around the room threatening to detach the boy's braid, "Help!!!!" Duo yelped jumping behind Quatre and using him for a shield. When everything finally calmed down Quatre tried again, "You don't think hes still upset about Usagi do you?"

"Dude. That was a long time ago, I think hes over it. Even though she was a babe."


"Shutting up now." He stated while hugging his braid.


The 3 boys mused over the possibility of why Heero had been even more distant than usual.

Towra stood by the window looking out at the sky his emerald green eye clouded over, he knew why Heero was still like this, he would probably be the same with if in Heero's position.

bCan you make me laugh, can you make me cry can you tare down these walls I built inside, cuz I know, shes not lovedb


/IUsagi sat alone in a deserted park, crying softly into her hands. It was night time the park was empty except for the fireflies and a figure that stood not to far away from the crying beauty, he make his way slowly to her. "Usagi." He said in monotone, "Heero....." Usagi looked at him her sapphire eyes held such a sad look that it could anyone cry they showed all the pain she was feeling. He bent down and picked the tiny teenager up holding her close to him he slowly made it back to his apartment, he wasn't living with Quatre and the other guys claming he needed some time alone, but his apartment wasn't far from where they were.
Once there he opened the door and laid Usagi in the bed where she curled up into a ball and cried, Heero sat next to her and tied his best to comfort her. He watched her cursing at himself, lately he had found that he wanted to be by Usagi ever moment she was always on his mind, he couldn't stop thinking about her. She looked at him with her eyes red rimmed and her cheeks slightly flushed her skin pale and her rose bud lips slightly parted as tears raced lines down her cheeks, his emotionless persian blue eyes reflected her, Usagi studied the boy in front of her, brown unruly hair, cold eyes, his were to cold they disturbed her actually. Suddenly without warning Heero's lips claimed Usagi's, Usagi didn't resist though. Heero wanted more he deepened the kiss. Usagi whimpered against the pressure but he didn't lighten up.. A few minutes passed and the perfect solider pulled away, "Heero." Usagi said a small smile played in her lips, she wrapped her arms around him and pushed him back onto the bed his hands placed on either side of her hips the kissed once more feeling the bliss of it. The two teenagers were soon lost in a night if passion./I

bI'll never hurt you, you'll be there through everything, I won't make you cry, I know this world is cold but in my arms, you'll see/b

His hand curled into a tight fist he slammed it hard onto the railing and cursed at his misfortune, at his pain, "Usagi." Was the name he whispered and kept walking his mind clouded with memories that always haunted him.


IThe sun found its way through his curtains the light flooded the room shinning in his face. Heero's eyes slowly opened he glanced around the room and than at the girl he held close in his arms she was still sound asleep her golden hair everywhere, her long lashes brushing against her cheekbones her mouth set in a pouty look, what happened last night came back to him, he sighed as he glanced at the clothes strewn all over the floor. So he had a weakness, a big one, now, it was her. He slowly got up showered and changed. Checking his email he was glad that there was no new mission for him, "Hee-chan." Came a soft voice that was like bells, so beautiful. He turned to see Usagi her golden hair slightly messed a sheet wrapped tightly around her body she ran and hugged him close, "I love you Heero." She whispered, Heero looked at the top of her head, LOVE?!? What had he gotten himself into to?!?! Love that's what he had gotten himself into, damn him. He swore mentally, but than he thought, no I'm glad because, "I love you to." He whispered back, his voice at that moment was so full of love, so full of emotion he wrapped his arms around her frail body and hugged her. He didn't care if she was a weakness now, no one would ever hurt his Usagi./I

bI'll give my heart baby, I'll give you my mind
I'll be the one that brings joy to your life and if you're wiling girl, just give me the chance and I promise I will be a good man and forever for the rest of my life I'll be right by your side/b


IHeero was with Duo, and Quatre thinking they would be best for this kind of thing, "How about this one Heero?" Quatre pointed to something in a glass case.

"No it doesn't suit her." Heero said merely glancing at it. The man behind the counter was a chubby man with graying hair he sighed, "Sir, describe the girl to me." He said in a nasal like voice, Heero turned his cold persian eyes on him, "Beautiful." Was all he said, "Oh." Was the reply he got from the store guy.

"Heero buddy, come on, pick a ring already!!! Its just an engagement ring, not like it's a life or death choice, we've been here for 2 whole hours!!" Duo complained. Heero ignored him this was too important finally he stopped, "There." He pointed to a ring that had a gold band the stone in the middle was a diamond, it was in the shape of a crescent moon tiny sapphires circled the moon in the middle, it was beautiful juts like her. The man came over and took it out, "Ahhh, A wonderful choice!" Heero bought the ring and the guys left, now to go home and get everything ready.

WuFei and Towra had been the ones who had to keep Usagi occupied while Heero, Duo, and Quatre went ring shopping, believe me, it wasn't a pleasant experience. WuFei had been beaten up by Usagi quite a few times when he called her weak onna in the past so he now was forced to call her by name, they had gone shopping and now were sitting in Heero's living room, Towra dozing as he leaned against the wall, WuFei grumbling about what Heero saw in this onna and Usagi happily picking out a dress to wear tonight.

Heero walked in and went straight to his laptop to read his emails, the ring hid carefully, Duo went to harass WuFei while Quatre sat in a chair and sighed. Heero stopped dead when he read one email.


Its been awhile since your last mission, but I'm pleased to inform you that you have one. Your mission is to assonate Ms.Usagi Tsukino, if you accept I'll send you the information.

Accept or Decline?


Heero read the letter once more before he just backed away. He had never declined a mission before. But this was Usagi! He glanced toward the bedroom where he heard Usagi humming happily than at his laptop shaking his head he just walked away, "Usagi, 10 mins till we go." He informed her looking in to see Usagi only in her bra and underwear, "HEERO!!!" She shrieked he smirked but backed out he had seen Usagi in less than that before.

Usagi emerged from the room wearing a silver dress that clung to her curves nicely it was spaghetti strapped and had a low neck line, the back was open and t sweeped the floor her hair was down from the usual style and instead up in a messy bun she walked by the laptop and noticed it was still on, "Heero." She whispered shaking her head at how forgetful he was she walked over and was about to click off the box on the screen when she scanned it, her eyes widened in shock, "Oh god." She whispered, she heard footsteps and quickly shut everything off than backed away turning she saw Heero standing there in black dress slacks and a white dress up shirt, he wore a blue vest and his top buttons weren't buttoned, but it didn't matter, he looked cute. The email instantly forgotten she smiled and took Heero's outstretched arm the two made their way to the door only to be stopped by Duo, "Now you two. No getting all frisky tonight, ok? I don't want any Heero juniors hatching, that's not what we need." He teased patting Usagi's stomach, she blushed while Heero gave Duo his famous death glare than he pulled Uagi from the apartment and they went out./I

((Another song part))

Heero looked at a bench a lamplight stood next to it casting eerie shadows the awful memories seemed to actually be playing right before his eyes.


They had eaten dinner and had a wonderful night. Heero walked with Usagi to the park suddenly both fell silent. Heero's mind on how he would to propose to Usagi, Usagi's mind on the email. Heero suddenly stopped they stood near a bench he smiled a true smile at Usagi and reached into his pocket to pull out the ring. Suddenly he was stopped, "Heero." Usagi looked at him.


"Do it."

"What?" Heero wondered if Duo had told Usagi that damn-his thoughts were interrupted.

"I know all about you Heero Yuy, you've never failed a mission, and I'm not about to let you."

Heero was taken back by this, she knew?!?! A gun was pushed roughly into his hand.

"Kill me." Usagi spoke somewhat harshly her sapphire eyes seemed cold but also sad.

"No." Heero was about the throw away the gun when Usagi lifted his arm up so the gun was trained right where her heart was his finger rested on the trigger he stood there frozen.

"I made a promise to myself. Never to get in the way of your missions, Heero! Well I am your mission. I love you Heero. But it has to be done." The wind blew softly around her, strands of hair blew in her face her eyes held tears that she refused to shed the dress blew a little with the wind, her hand was still outstretched she moved her lips close to Heero's and brushed them against his that small kiss was filled with passion and strength and. Love.

"Heero Yuy, it was wonderful to be able to say I knew you." She than let her hand slip to the trigger her finger brushed against his before he knew what was happening she pulled it the bullet went straight to her heart, piercing it. The goddess crumpled to the ground before his eyes, a few tears had slipped down her cheeks she laid there her chest stopped rising her eyes grew empty her lips held the smallest smile. But you knew it was there Heero dropped the gun it made a loud clatter, "No." He whispered, "NO!!!!!!!!" He screamed in pure outrage he kneeled down and held Usagi close to him, "You can't leave, god damn you Usagi I loved you, you're so selfish, how could you do this to me?! How could you." He stopped screaming as sobs racked his body and tears of pain and sadness rain down his cheeks, tears he had kept back for all of his childhood and all the wars he had gone through. The ring fell out of his pocket and made a small clinking noise as it hit the ground. He looked at the ring picking it up and staring at it he held Usagi close to him with one arm he looked at the ring before slipping it onto her finger, "Usagi......" He whispered before kissing her lips once more he laid her body down and picked up his gun walking away from the body that was once so full of life now empty, his face masked his pain his eyes returned to their emotionless look, "Mission Accomplished." The two words cold words rang throughout the park.

b What will I do, you know I'm only half without you. How will I make it through. If only tears could bring you back to me. If only love could find a way
What I would do, what I would give. If you return to me someday, somehow, someway. If my tears could bring you back.
To me./b

The gun was ready he placed it next to his head his finger grazed the trigger, "I can't go on without you." He murmured, as a few tears slipped down his cheeks, he hadn't cried since she died, and this would be the last he was ready to pull when suddenly he lowered the gun and just looked at it before he saw her face in his mind she was smiling telling him to wait. She would come back..........Someday.


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