All was quiet. The dust slowly settled showing that the sky was dark and heavy, fat rain fell from the sky as if crying for its loss. They had all been so young and yet so old......

"Fate." "Destiny." "Eternity."

The three appeared, cheeks flushed and hair falling limply to their shoulders as the winds that had carried them died, eyes searched what was around them, "Iie!" Fate cried whirling fast on her heels she faced Eternity and Destiny with a scowl, "This wasn't supposed to happen!" She yelled gesturing towards the rubble, her voice held the feeling of betrayal and mistrust, the two looked over Fate's shoulder with sadness before turning to meet each other's gazes. "It wasn't." "Maybe that is why it did." "It might be time." "To finally give Hime a rest." The two finished off each other's sentences perfectly, allowing a chill to breath down Fate's spine, "It isn't time!" She whined feeling as if these two were in it together, and she like always had been left out of the planning, "Hime has never been truly happy!" Tears formed and slowly spilled down porcelain like cheeks at the thought that it was over and the chance for Hime's happiness had finally passed, "You two aren't fair!" "All is fair in love and war Fate-chan." Destiny was quiet as she spoke these words as if raising her voice would make the words more painful than they already sounded.

Fate said nothing in response but held the look as if she had been slapped. "You know that isn't true Destiny-san." Eternity regarded the two in front of her before she turned to once again look at the rubble. Her eyes wandered over it all before it came to rest on something that the other two couldn't see.

"Hime was never given a chance.... that is true. Demo do you really believe, Fate, that she will find true happiness this time? That she won't wish for something that can't be hers? Maybe she will prosper and the people will love her. Or will she only bring unhappiness, to others as well as herself?" Eternity spoke with years of wisdom, for she had seen the pains of war, of love, take its toll on people, but through it all she had taken an interest in this girl they so favorablely called "Hime", had watched her grow, cry and laugh, find love and lose it. It became almost like a game to see how long she would last, but now the game was no longer fun, it seemed...........cruel no longer something to joke about and toy with.

"I believe so." Fate spoke, her tone was even, no trace of tears were left on her cheeks and her childish pools had gone somewhat hazy and distant, slowly she pulled up her hood, hiding all but a few strands of gleaming hair, "And I believe she deserves a chance."

"What about you Destiny?" Eternity nodded her chin towards the girl who for some time had been silent, looking only at the rubble and thinking to herself.

Destiny slowly turned her eyes to meet first Fate and than Eternity's, she turned the question over in her mind before answering, "I agree with Fate. Hime deserves a chance..... A fair chance." Destiny too pulled up her hood knowing that the gesture told all and confirmed her words.

"Well than its settled, ne?" Eternity pulled up her hood and clasped hands with the other two, they bowed their heads and said nothing for moments, than quiet at first slowly getting louder they began to chant.

The words that they chanted sounded unearthly, something that has never been spoken by anyone else, a secret code perhaps or maybe something much more.

The words rang loud and clear, the rain stopped falling, the clouds started to part, everything brightened, and slowly the rubble cleared until the crumpled bodies of teenagers were visible, than they to seemed to come back to life, but only one awoke to see the sight of three unknown people chanting, and she knew somehow these people had saved her life.

"Nani?" Questioned the light and angelic voice, she touched her head and groaned slightly as she remembered what had just occurred, "Hee-chan?" She asked curiously innocent blue eyes landing on the man she loved with messy chocolate locks, "Hee-chan?!" She noticed he wasn't waking as she poked him and worry rose inside her chest like a tight fist cutting off her oxygen.

"Hush Hime, hes sleeping, as are the others." Destiny's voice was cool and comforting like that of a mother's.

"Ano.....who are you?" Usagi asked looking over the three-cloaked figures who seemed so familiar but she couldn't recall.

"Ah wonderful question!" One cried clapping her hands gleefully and looking as if she had waited her whole life to be asked that simple question.

"I, Hime, am Fate." The one who had clapped slowly removed her hood allowing her breathtaking features to be seen.

"And I am Destiny."


All three had removed their hoods, their features were beautiful yet chilling, their eyes held the looks of wisdom, but the one who called herself Fate also had a certain childness shine while the one known as Destiny a more motherly shine and Eternity..hers was in a sense dutiful and stern, all three were obviously different, even their hair and lips showed the distinctiveness in their personalities.

"Sa.....what....happened?" Usagi asked softly as she stood up and looked around knowing that she and her friends should all be dead, she looked towards the sky as if waiting to see an angel before she realized that there were no angles, the ones that had saved herself and the people she loved were right in front of her.

"To much that shouldn't have." -Destiny. "That is why." -Eternity "We gave you another chance!" -Fate

"Why?" Usagi couldn't help but let the question fall from her lips, she had to know.

"Hime..... forgive us. For so long we played with your life." Eternity spoke clearly and locked eyes with Usagi her eyes were cold and unnerving showing none of the hope that was so obvious in her words, "It took me a while, but I finally knew that I, we, couldn't keep doing this to you." She added as if that explained it all and Usagi should welcome these three with open arms.

"So now Hime we give you a choice." Destiny smiled picking up where Eternity had left off.

"What type of choice?" Usagi was cautious of these three. They seemed too pure to real for comfort. but that was strange her whole life she had been trusting but now she wasn't so sure. Maybe it was all that had happened to her that caused her suspicion.

"We want you to decide Hime-chan-" Fate giggled, stopping herself from telling of what she so badly wanted to but she knew it wouldn't be right, turning to her "sisters", "Can I tell her?" She asked gleefully.

The other two nodded smiling at Fate's eagerness.

"Tell me what?" Usagi felt like she was being pushed further into the dark here, like the words that fell from their lips were riddles that she was supposed to figure out.

"Life or death!" Fate chimed.

The look that came over Usagi's face was one of complete distraught, "Nani?!" She yelped wondering if maybe she should try and take cover from these three.

"Oi! Oi! Not like that!" Fate waved her hand impatiently as if swatting away a annoying fly. "You see Hime, you are a person of I guess.... mystery for lack of a better word. In a way you choose your own path, with a little help ever now and than from us. Demo this time we wanted you to choose all on your own! Without the senshi's influence or the influence of us three."

Usagi nodded, not really understanding but trying her best.

Fate contuined without waiting for Usagi to say something she held up one finger, "One path Hime is you use your powers to build a.... utopia I guess you could call it-"

"Isn't the Sanq Kingdom a utopia though?" Usagi had to know just what she was getting herself into here!

Fate made a face of disgust, "You're joking! The Sanq Kingdom is NOTHING compared to the utopia you will build! The Sanq Kingom is like...oi.... ano...a play place for people who think they are important but really just have nothing else to do with their lives and want to be thought of as special, you know like children who don't want to grow up!"

"She is right." Destiny broke in smiling.

"Your kingdom Hime will not only surpass the Sanq Kingdom it will surpass all densities and monarchies that have ever existed." Eternity explained patiently.

"Hai! Hai! You will rule everything Hime-chan! You'll be Queen of the Cosmos!" Fate looked like a child in a candy store as she spoke with wide shinning eyes as if she herself would take the position instead of Usagi.

"Fate, don't get ahead of yourself.... She has another choice." Destiny broke in before Fate got to out of control with her wild ideas and fantasies.

Fate made a face but slowly nodded, "I know, I know I was getting there."

"But will Heero and everyone be able to stay with me? In this "utopia"." Usagi broke in after her long silence.

"Well duuu-h!" Fate sighed, "Really do you think we would go through all this trouble if they couldn't?" A look of offense passed through Fate's eyes but vanished as soon as it appeared.

"But what of my other choice?" Usagi asked softly noticing that Fate seemed to want to stray off that subject. The girl with shiny sliver hair and innocent eyes noticed that all three seemed a little reluctant to touch the subject, that was stupid ne? Wasn't it just a choice? They acted as if it would bite them in the ass if they weren't careful.

The smile wiped away from their faces, they were silent and exchanged looks before Fate once again spoke, "Hime if you choose this next one you must know that..... this cycle of death and rebirth will never end for you....the choice is that you let your senshi have "normal" lives....they will no longer hold the power to protect you, they will have no memories of you or the each other, of the battles you have fought and the laughs you have shared, they will not remember this life or any of the lives they have lived before, you will be alone to fight the evils that come your way. Alone to be reborn again and again, no one to share your burden with." The tone in which she spoke made it sound as if instead of a choice it was a death sentence, Usagi herself had the same feeling but deep down she knew what it would mean, her friends would finally get the chances they had always wanted, no longer tied to the strings of being a senshi, no longer tied to her.

"You mean my friends will get the lives they always wanted?" Usagi asked knowing fully the true answer but wanting it to be confirmed.


"And the boys?"

"They too will no longer have missions or gundams....they will also be "normal". Well as normal as you can get for them, they will have no memories of any of this, of their past or of the present, the people of this galaxy will also lose memory of who the real gundam pilots were."

"I see." Usagi was quiet she turned to face her friends, all were still asleep, as she let her eyes roam over them she noticed one was missing, "Luna-san?" She asked.

"Shes gone Usagi."

Tears formed but Usagi blinked them away, now was not the time to cry over the death of Luna, now was the time to make her decision. As she looked over them all thoughts entered her mind, of the times she had spent with them, the friendships she had built.

"Its Mizuno-san! I hear all she does is study, guess shes to good for us!"- A voice in the hall.

"Oh is this your neko?" -Ami

"Ami-chan want to come play video games with me?" -Usagi

"You are Sailor Mercury!" -Luna

"Love...I too.." -Ami

"You three go up the hill, I'll stay here and hold them off." -Mercury

"Demo-" -Venus

"From here on your offensive powers are more important than I am." -Mercury

"'re not.." - Sailor Moon

"I won't die." Mercury

"You promise?" -Sailor Moon

"Today is the last day I use this.." -Mercury

"Usagi focus!"-Mercury

"Why? For us?" -Sailor Star Healer

"To protect the ones that are important." -Mercury

"I want to be a doctor! To find cures so people will no longer suffer."

"The beautiful priestess Hino Rei, people think she has something to do with the

disappearing buses!" -Anonymous voice

"Are you saying it is our fault too? The police came many times." -Rei

"Usagi no baka! Get away from my magna!" -Rei

"Psst, Rei-chan! Have you kissed Yuuichirou yet?" -Usagi

"What made you think of that?!" -Rei

"I mean if you should die you'd regret-" -Usagi

"I'm not going to die!" -Rei

"You're so mean! I'm just worried about you Rei!" -Rei

"You can't keep crying every time. It gets worse from here on!" -Mars

"Rei-chan.." -Sailor Moon

"Sailor Moon, we fought all the time, but it was fun." -Mars

"Why are you saying this?!" -Sailor Moon

"I wanted you to know that, if I should die." -Mars

"Please Rei go home and wait for me! I'll beat them all by myself!" -Sailor Moon

" have to save your strength for the final battle... Come on! We don't know that I'm going to die! You just see Usagi! I'm off to defeat them!" -Mars

"REI-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!" -Sailor Moon

"It...isn't...over..yet. FIRE SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Mars

"Just like you said Usagi, it would have been better to kiss Yuuichirou goodbye." -Mars

"Don't cry. We'll always be with you!" -Mars

"I want to be a singer! A successful businesswoman! keep my grandfather's temple."

"That's Kino Makoto, she got kicked out of her last school for fighting! Usagi stay away from her!" -Umino

"Wow! Your lunch looks good!" -Usagi

"He looks just like my old sempai!" -Makoto

"So you'd try using lighting on me in battle? You've got some guts!" -Jupiter

"Go on..You have to hurry and get to Queen Beryl." -Jupiter

"Don't! Don't say that! We're all going to get through this! Mako-chan, you said to me 'I'm already thinking of falling in love with I get back.' That's what you said! Don't let it be a lie! 'The devil will tear out your tongue!" -Sailor Moon

"Theres no time to cry Hime.cheer up." -Jupiter

"I want to be a famous chef! Have my own restaurants and I want to find a sempai! One that will love me for me."

"Look at her! Acting like shes to good for us! She even does her hair like Sailor V!" -Girls who watch Minako walk away from the school.

"This is all right. The one Alan chose was onee-sama. I want them to be happy." -Minako

"Maybe I'll quit being a Sailor Senshi for a while." -Minako

"Usagi-chan lets not think of dying." -Minako

"I'll never forgive you if you do that!" - Venus

"Usagi-chan! Now we can take make up exams together!" -Minako

"Don't give up hope!" - Venus

"Sailor V!" -Sailor Moon

"Yup! That's me!" -Venus

"Important to you?" -Maker

"Sailor Moon and Starlights are very important to us." -Venus

"Do you think you can do everything by yourself?" -Minako

"I can't believe that I'm the one without a pure heart." -Minako

"An idol! Idol Anio Minkao! Demo....I want a love, I don't want my love life doomed."

"I am the melancholic warrior...Sailor Saturn." -Saturn

"I am called upon only when everything is done.I am the solider of destruction."-Saturn

"Wake up." -Saturn

"Who are you?" -Hotaru

"I'm Sailor Saturn. I'm your protector. The time has some. You have to awaken." -Saturn

"Then I'll have to release my power of destruction to end everything." -Saturn

"If you use that power, you will be destroyed too. Do it if you can." -Neherenia

"That is my destiny." -Saturn

"What good is that." -Neherenia

"I believe in the princess." -Saturn

"Iie! It'll will be all right. Don't do it Saturn." -Chibi Moon

"That is because of the pure heart from that sacrifice by the one called Chibiusa." -Mistress Nine

"That pure heart...don't you use it for evil things..." -Hotaru speaking from inside Mistress Nine

"I have...I have...people who mean a lot to me!" -Hotaru

"I too want to be a doctor...and I want to be well to run and be happy like the other children. I hate that they are afraid of me, I want friends."

"Is it ok? She's going to die." -Michiru

"We have no choice. In order to save the world odango atama has to be sacrificed." -Haruka

"At that time I wanted to be the wind, I just wanted to escape from my destiny." -Haruka

"I was good at all sports. I was just doing them so I wouldn't get bored. The only thing that interested me was motor sports. The circuit was everything, if I hadn't met Kaiou Michiru." -Haruka

"Sailor Uranus, I got the one with the talisman." -Eudial

"What are you talking about!" -Uranus

"I'll tell you. Sailor Neptune is the owner of the talisman. I'm going to take the talisman from her. If you want to watch, come to the prayer hall." -Eudial

"We can save the world without the talisman! I'll save the world." -Usagi

"It's strange. When you say it, I feel like you can do it. Just before, your appearance looked like the Messiah. Sailor Moon, find the last talisman." -Uranus

"I tried for so long to run away from this destiny, I was always running from something....but I couldn't let my love fight this alone. We are all tied to destiny one way or another."

"I am the Sailor Solider of Time and Solitude, daughter of Chronos guarding the gates! I can not let you through!" -Sailor Pluto

"This will be the hardest battle, I too will join the fight." -Pluto

"Go! I'll hold them back!" -Pluto

"Why did you do that?" -Pluto

"How can I leave my teammate? As a leader, I order you to fight with me to protect the princess." -Venus

"It gets lonely at the time gates, no one to talk to. But I do it because its my destiny. I love the Sailor Senshi, watching over them is something I don't mind..makes me feel like a mother that's all I really need demo I wouldn't mind being a fashion designer and someday maybe having my own little ones."

"So you're not going to choose your methods." -Haruka

"Hai, I'm not going to choose." -Neptune

"There are girls at my school who want to ride in a car with you along the seashore." -Michiru

"I didn't investigate you because you were the other senshi. It was before I knew. I was watching you when you raced. I wanted to ride in a car with you along the seashore. I knew more about you than you do. I've been watching you all the time. I didn't want you to take the same road as me. But I was happy when I found out that you were the other person." -Neptune

"Remember, no matter what happens, we have to get the talisman. We have to ignore each other's dangers and go for it alone." -Neptune

"Haruka, I won't let you die." -Neptune

"Wait Neptune! Don't move!" -Neptune

"A world where children can stay as children?" -Uranus

"Becoming an adult makes it more fun! They shouldn't interfere should they?" - Neptune

"I want my love to be happy, I was willing to fight alone....but she joined me, I'm glad even though deep down I wish I could have kept her from such a life, but I couldn't. We are in this together."

"Odango did you get my message?" -Seiya thinking to himself.

"Odango! Thanks for coming tonight." -Seiya

"I thought I could do it alone! That I was strong enough! But I'm not, I'm weak and a crybaby. I don't want to be alone anymore." -Usagi

"Am I not good enough?" -Seiya

"Don't worry I'll protect you." -Seiya

"Seiya! Wake up! Wake up!" -Usagi

"Guess I'm not as pouplar as I thought." -Seiya

"Don't make her so sad." -Seiya

"When I first came to Earth I wanted only to find my princess, to take her back and rebuild our home. Than I met her..funny the way things changed, I couldn't think about much except for her. I loved my princess but she was gone and well Odango was real...I guess as long as shes happy I'm happy. Just I never get to meet her soon enough."

Usagi knew what was truly in the hearts of the ones she loved, they didn't have to say it, she knew. Sighing she turned to face the three who could make her wish possible.

"I know what I choose." She smiled a little as tears formed in her sapphire pools and this time she didn't try to keep them at bay, she let them run down her cheeks making tiny trails, "My lover....I want them to be I choose-"

"Don't you dare Usagi-chan!" Came a trembling voice from rage or from weakness no one could be sure. Maybe it was a mix.

"Rei-chan!" Usagi turned to see the fiery girl struggling to get up, "Your so selfish!" Rei cried, "You always want to fight alone!"

"Why can't you share the burden with us?" Minako asked as she stood slowly, soft blue eyes holding a look of hurt as the wind whipped yellow locks around her delicate face.

"Why do you want us to forget you? Forget the times we had?" Makoto helped Rei to stand as she gazed at the girl she loved like a sister, emerald eyes sparkled through her matted hair and torn clothing.

"Usagi our dreams are the things you know but theres something you always seem to miss." Ami sent her a small smile as she too stood there was a cut above her deep blue eyes and sky blue hair was messy, out of place.

"Yeah Koneko, why do you think we allow our selves to be reborn?" Haruka was already standing Michiru at her side, short sandy blonde hair tugged in the wind and her hazel eyes gave off the look of her being stern but really she was understanding, she held a love for her princess that was like the love of nothing else, it couldn't be replaced and it couldn't be tampered with.

"Hime we love you." Michiru smiled, her eyes shone with the love she felt too, the love that was much like Haruka's towards their princess.

"And we want to fight with you." Hotaru spoke softly as she stood alone, violet orbs held to much pain for someone so young but she seemed to be able to deal with it all for their was also a twinkle of playfulness in those deep understanding eyes.

"Together we can achieve our own dreams and the dreams we share." Sestuna's words were soft yet loud, crimson orbs radiated the mixture of everyone's feelings as well as her own.

"We vowed to protect you Odango don't forget that." Seiya winked and the affection that he held for this girl to whom he spoke to was obvious.

"Hai, you are our Hime now." Yaten grinned while pushing away his long sliver tresses, which were lighter than Usagi's.

"Don't take that away." Taiki's violet orbs shined with understanding for Usagi's feelings.

"Yeah! Plus you forget Rabbit we don't know how to be normal!" Duo laughed slinging his arm around Minako, his long brown braid was messy and much of his prized hair was falling from the braid and framing his childish face giving him the look of an innocent Bishonen though that was far from his true nature.

"We aren't about to let a bunch of onnas hold the fate of our lives in their hands." Wu Fei smirked, his onyx eyes twinkling as Rei shot him a dirty look.

"Its an honor to fight with you Usagi-san." Quatre slipped his hand into Ami's allowing her to blush, as his cheeks also colored but their hands stay clasped.

"You brought back to us what we needed." Trowa's voice was husky and Makoto smiled as she hugged him.

"Usa-chan you gave me what I was lacking, you filled that empty place in my heart." Heero made his way to Usagi and hugged her from behind, letting his chin rest atop her sliver locks, "Don't make me lose that."

Eternity smiled, "Hime....your decision."

Usagi thought over what everyone had said, a smile formed on her lips, "You all really feel this way?" She asked, "You want to give up your chance at being normal?"

"Odango Atama didn't you just hear what we said?!" Rei cried out.

Usagi nodded, tears streaking down her cheeks, "Hai! Hai!"

"Fate, Destiny, Eternity.....I have made my decision."

~*~ No cloud was in the sky, bells clanged and joyous laughter echoed in vast space, everyone stood with bated breath as they waited, waited for the thing that was a sure seal of happiness. "I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride." Cheers ran wild and happy laughter bubbled from the lips of everyone present, today was a day that no one could be sad.

~*~ Entangled in sheets two people who looked so young lay quietly, the boy was muscular and had boyish characterics while the girl seemed pure with sliver tresses framing her to good to be true looks, she rested her head on his chest listening to his heart beat before she finally spoke, her words were quiet and filled with love.



"I love you."


Two stood facing each other, sweating and breathing hard; one wore a smirk, the other a frown.

"Wu Fei!"


"Damn you to hell!

"Will you marry me?"

The look of surprise was priceless she said nothing but merely latched herself onto Wu Fei sobbing and laughing.

"Well? What is it onna?" Wu Fei smirk grew, he knew why she was crying and held nothing against her for it, though he had to tease.

"Shut up you ass and just let me be happy!" She yelled giving her answer.


The lights flicked on to show a dazzling pool with bubbles painted on the wall, the windows in the room were surrounded by tanks from the outside with sea life gliding freely giving a person the feeling of swimming underwater.

"Quatre-san you shouldn't have!"

"Ami, look I love you."

"Quatre....I....I love you to."

"Than you'll marry me?"

Ami said nothing, slowly her smile grew before she hugged Quatre and than pushed him into the pool, she jumping in soon after.

"I'll take that as a yes!" Quatre yelled out laughing.


Sneaking upstairs a blonde with a mischievous grin and a boy with the same look creeped towards the bedroom marked with a death warning, inside were the sounds of muffled giggles and husky promises.

"Duo-kun! Did you get the camera?"

"Of course Minako! Hurry up this footage may cost my braid!"

"This is going to be great!"


"Hai Duo-kun?"

"Marry me."

She stopped walking sending Duo smacking into her back.

"You-You mean that?" She asked softly, tears of joy slipping down her cheeks as she turned to meet his eyes.

"Of course!" Duo replied chuckling, "Why wouldn't I want to marry someone so beautiful?" She to laughed before hugging him, slowly she broke away and wiped away the tears, "Better get that footage." She told him smiling.


A girl with long brown hair and sparkling emerald eyes clapped her hands and grinned, a boy stood in the corner watching her with amusement.

"Trowa! Trowa you gotta try this!"

"What is it Makoto?"

"Its something I've been making for Usa-chan's birthday!"


"You like it?"




Before anything could be said he scooped her into his arms and twirled her around till she laughed.

"Hey let go!" Was her weak protest.

"Not until you say yes."

"To what?"

"Marrying me."

Wide emerald eyes showed her surprise, without thinking she smothered Trowa with kisses, that was her answer.


Two women stood facing open windows, warm air played with their hair and tingled their senses, the ocean water lapped greedily at the sand as they watched, one woman embracing the other.

"The winds..."

"Are calm."

"Are you happy koi?"

"Of course Ruka-chan."

"Haruka-Pappa! Michiru-mamma!" A short girl with dark black hair and pale skin came running in, skidding to a halt her breath coming out in small gasps.

"What is it firefly?" Haruka broke away from Michiru and bent down to be eye level to the girl, worry etched into her features.

"Were going to be late for Usagi-mamma's birthday!" Hotaru exclaimed as if this was the biggest crisis.

"Oi! Oi! We're coming!" Haruka burst into laughter at Hotaru's antics.


A lone woman stood watching the trees sway in the warm summer breeze, a small smile played onto her lips as she couldn't help but let herself relax and her eye's fluttered closed, she didn't even notice the person that stood mere feet away from her, but she opened one eye and her smile turned to a smirk,


"You shouldn't always stand alone Sestuna."

"You do as well Taiki."

"Than maybe two lonely people can make one happy couple ne?"

"Hai. I think so."

They faced each other and smiled.

~*~ A happy girl with sliver hair and sun kissed cheeks stood watching as her husband chased his braided friend who held a video camera and was shrieking with laughter, the warm sun played off the ocean and she felt like shedding her thin summer dress to go for a swim, she didn't notice the raven haired man who snuck up behind her and easily swung her into his arms.



"Nani?" Seiya stopped spinning her momentarily.

"Hehe if you do that again I'll send Heero at you with a gun!" Usagi teased flicking Seiya's nose.


The group sat in a room, talking and laughing, Usagi sat in Heero's lap and rested her head against his shoulder as everyone spoke of their plans in excited voices, each interrupting one another, it seemed everyone was getting married these days, she giggled and looked at the ring that sparkled on her finger, she got up and walked to the window outside it was bright and wonderful. The start of a promising day, the talking stopped and everyone turned to look at her, they couldn't help but grin at the sight of such a beautiful girl, she wore a tight fighting white dress that showed off her curves, her hair was tied into odangos and a tiara was placed delicately between the two odangos, her sapphire eyes shone with a child like innocence and on the middle of her forehead was a golden crescent moon. She looked like an angel.


"Hai?" She turned to meet their gazes with a small, nervous smile.

"Its time."

She nodded and turned as they all fell into a line, slowly walking outside to where people stood jostling, reporters immediately started shouting questions and photographers took pictures.

"People of the cosmos." Usagi started as cameras zoomed to capture her breath taking features, that were currently being sent to televisions all over the galaxies, eleven senshi stood behind her and five men did as well.

"Thank you for coming today." Usagi slowly scanned the audience that was packed in like sardines, but she was looking for three people, finally she spotted them sitting on a branch of a nearby tree. She couldn't help but feel the urge to wave at the three who had made all this possible, she smiled as they smiled back.

"Today is the first day of a utopia-" At this cheers rose, she waited for them to quiet down, "Contracts have been signed with all planets in this galaxy and the ones beyond, we are now at peace and it is my hope that it shall stay this way. As Neo-Queen Serenity let me formally welcome you all to Crystal Millennium!" Again cheers rose and she did nothing to stop them, Heero embraced her and she smiled ignoring the questions that were being shouted as the senshi and former gundam pilots protectively pushed Heero and Usagi inside as they took over the press saying all the right things and flashing dazzling smiles.

"Come with me Usa-chan." Heero smirked and scooped Usagi into his arms as he ran towards their room, Usagi fake fighting all the way.

The press outside was quickly forgotten and the duties that they held were pushed aside for a later time.


Three girls watched the happenings with smiles.

One stood in pants and a tank top, she grinned, "I knew she would pick this one!" She cried happily.

"Oi! Oi! You just know everything don't you." Another taunted a mix between a smile and scowl on her crimson lips.

"Of course I do!" The one who had spoke first couldn't help but grin cheekily, "After all I am the smartest."

"Come on now you two, don't fight." The third clucked her tongue and shook her head at how carefree they seemed.

"Hai, you know I'm glad shes finally so happy." The second one to have spoken seemed to calm as she watched Usagi disappear back into the building from where she had only moments ago come from.

"Only more happiness can come."

"Sugoi! Maybe we can be the god mothers of her children!" Clapped the one who had first spoken.



"You strange."


The three looked at each other and smiled knowing that finally their Hime was going to be happy. They watched for a moment more before turning and heading down the street, talking leisurely and if anyone had been watching closely they would have noticed the sparkle that surrounded them before they vanished.

~*~6 months later~*~

The time known as Crystal Millennium thrived, the people were happy, the planets were happy everyone got along and only good things could be said about the monarchy, weddings had taken place and everyone was now settling down, the sun slowly kissed the horizon and one person was out to greet it. "Hello sun." Whispered the woman with flowing sliver hair, the sun said nothing in reply but the wind tugged playfully at the women's sliver tresses, she wore a silk slip and nothing else, her sapphire pools glowed with happiness and her skin gleamed in the early light, crimson lips played into a smile as she touched her stomach where something special was growing, "I hold only good wishes for you little rabbit." She tapped her stomach, "Do you think today is the day to tell daddy?" She laughed at her childness behavior before turning to go back inside with one last glance at the sun she winked, "I think today is the day." She agreed with herself and went to wake up her husband, the man she loved more than anything in the world.

FIN ~*~*~

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Crystal Millennium takes place INSTEAD of Crystal Tokyo, Usagi becomes NeoQueenSerenity and Heero, NeoKingHeero, they control the COSMOS not just the universe ^.~

The dreams that are written down are things that I remember from the anime and the magna, maybe I understood them wrong maybe not but this is what I feel each of the senshi wanted. The lines are things they said and things that others responded to..most of the inner senshi's lines occurred during the last two episodes of Pretty Sailor Solider Sailor Moon, season one because well..I think that and the battle with Galaxia are the most touching battles..but seriously the battle with Beryl wins over Galaxia for a tear jerker if ya ask me! The things that go along with Michiru and Haruka are mostly from the Pretty Sailor Solider Sailor Moon Super..There aren't many quotes for Hotaru and Sestuna due to the fact I couldn't find anything fitting enough..I looked and I hopefully I'll find some more before I post this, please Hotaru and Sestuna lovers don't hate me! I LOVE THEM TO!!! But I wanted them to have some justice...(SEE LAST PARAGRAPH) Also I didn't include anything for Taiki, Yaten, Quatre, Trowa, Duo, Wu Fei and Heero because I didn't want to make this to long its already 17 pages ^^ so sorry about that and I hope ya understand!!!!!!

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