'Where in the name of Merlin is that book?' Hermione thought to herself as she browsed the packed library shelves. Hermione had an extremely large potions essay due the following day and she could not afford to waste her time searching for a book… but what choice did she have? Without that book she would surely fail. It was Hermione's fifth year at Hogwarts and she had changed greatly since she had first arrived. Although Hermione was a know-it-all (and she always would be), she had changed in physical appearance- her hair was no longer a mess of bushy brown frizz but instead she straightened it daily or put it up. She had developed amazing curves, her bust had grown- she was a 34C and she had amazing abs. Hermione looked down and saw the book she was looking for, with a smile she bent over to grab it, her short black skirt moved to reveal her yellow thong.

"Miss Granger" a sharp and cold voice snapped.

Hermione jumped and dropped her book as she turned around. "Professor" she said in a shaky voice. 'What could he possibly want? Isn't this essay enough?'

Professor Snape pushed his dark black hair away from his pale face. He was strict and many would call him cold hearted, but in his own way, Serverus Snape was very attractive and had a touch of mystery- actually, he had a lot of it. "Miss Granger if I were you I would be working on that potions essay. I am sure you are not finished already."

"No Sir…" Hermione began. Her voice was no longer shaky. "I was just looking for a book." She bent down and picked up the book, doing so, the two top buttons of her white blouse popped open. Her lacey yellow bra matched her thong.

Snape admired Hermione's chest for a second and then looked back at her face. "Yes, well you found it, now you might want to read it." With that he turned and walked away.

Hermione set the book on a nearby table and fixed her blouse. 'Did I see correctly? Did Professor Snape actually notice me?' Hermione had been secretly crushing on her professor since she first arrived at Hogwarts but she knew that it was a simple school girl crush. Not only was he her professor which made it illegal, but he was old enough to be her father. Plus, a man like Snape could never be interested in her. 'Get a grip Hermione- you have a paper to write.'

"Are you still working on that paper?" Ron Weasley asked when he spotted Hermione in the Gryffindor common room. He noticed it was eleven thirty and he knew Hermione had been working on it all night. There was a sense of surprise in Ron's tone.

Hermione looked up and nodded. "How did you already finish?"

"Finish" laughed Ron. "I haven't started yet. And by the looks of it, I am screwed."

"Really Ron, you should learn to prioritize."

Ron rolled his eyes discreetly. "I am sorry that Professor Snape is not at the top of my list…"

'He is at the top of mine' thought Hermione as a goofy smile appeared across her face.

"Hermione are you okay?" Ron asked when he noticed the goofy look.

There was no reply.

"Hermione- are you in there?"

Hermione looked up and asked, "Did you say something Ron?"

"What is with you tonight?"

"Nothing" Hermione protested with offense. "Why do you ask?"

Ron cocked an eyebrow playfully.

Hermione began shuffling through her notes. "Oh no" she cried.


"I left today's notes in Snape's room." Hermione could not believe it- her heart was racing. Without those notes she was doomed.

"You can use mine."

"Ron please- I need something legible. I don't feel that cartoon drawings of Malfoy falling off his broom count as notes for potions class." Hermione took a deep breath, she would have to go get her notes herself.

Hermione was careful not to awake any of the portraits. The halls were fairly quiet, a few ghosts were roaming around but they did not take much notice to her. For a girl who was usually brave, Hermione was feeling a bit nervous. She knew that she was not suppose to be walking through the corridors at this hour of the night.

"Miss Granger… my office now!"