Where Is It?!

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Chapter 1 : This means war!

It was a bright and sunny day on the Duel Academy Campus. The sun was shinning, the birds were sinning, and Jesse was wreaking havoc everywhere. Yep. It was just another average day…

"JADEN!! WHERE IS IT!!!???" screamed a frantic Jesse. He ran over grabbed the brunette by the shoulders and shook him. "Where is it??!!"

"Jesse! Calm down!" Jaden shouted prying his friend off him. "Where's what? What are you looking for?"

Jesse wasn't listening. Instead, he was busy hitting himself with a fish that appeared out of nowhere.

Jaden sighed and ripped the fish from Jesse's hands. "Jess! What did you lose?"

The bluenette didn't listen. Instead he rambled on about the horrors of broccoli and why you shouldn't boil vegetable juices.

Jaden smacked Jesse across the face and repeated slowly, "What. Did. You. Lose?"

Jesse rubbed his now reddening cheek. He looked at Jaden with puppy dog eyes and latched onto his friend's shoulders. "They took it Jay!" he shrieked. "They took my most priced possession!"

"Your deck!!??" Jaden gasped in horror.

"No," Jesse said. "That's right here. They only way they'd get that is if they'd grabbed it out of my butt pocket. I'd think I'd know if that happened!"

"Then what did they take?"

"they took, they took….Oh it's too painful!!" Jesse screamed and ran.

"Jesse wait! Maybe I can help!" Jaden shouted, but it was too late. The bluenette had disappeared.

Jaden sighed and ran his fingers threw his hair. "Guess I better go find him."

But he didn't have to go far. He spotted Jesse running in circles around and terrified Syrus who was tied to a tree. Jaden sighed for the umpteenth time that day and ran to help.

Jesse had stopped in front of Syrus and was know interrogating him. "Where were you the day after yesterday?" Jesse asked.

"Um….h-here?" Syrus answered.

"I knew it!" Jesse shrieked. "I knew you were working for them! Well you can tell those evil vegetables I will never boil them! You here! NEVER!"

"Jesse! Stop it!" Jaden cried.

Jesse turned to look at Jaden, then back to Syrus then blinked once…twice…oh no! The triple blink! Jesse shook his head and burst into tears, falling to the ground and hugging his knees.

Jaden ran over and untied Syrus. The little bluenette clung to his friend. "What's wrong with him?"

"He's lost something important to him and apparently, it's made him like this."

"Jaden!" Jesse suddenly cried tackling the brunette to the ground. "You can't do it! You just can't!"

"Can't do what Jesse?"

"DON'T EAT THE BANANAS!!" Jesse screamed, jumping off of Jaden and tugging at his hair. "THEY'RE YELLOW!"

"OoooooooooKay," Jaden and Syrus said in unison.

Jesse continued to pull at his hair and sob uncontrollably as his friends watched.

"Maybe we should help him find what he's lost?" Syrus suggested. "What did he lose anyway?"

"He won't tell me," Jaden replied, "but we need to find it or he'll never stop!"

As the two friends were conversing, they didn't notice that Jesse had run off and was torturing other students. "IF YOU'RE WORKING FOR THE VEGGIES I'LL FIGURE IT OUT SOONER OR LATER!" he shouted at a group of kids who were cowering in fear in front of him.

Suddenly, Jesse turned and locked his eyes on Bastion, or rather, Bastion's Rah-yellow dorm jacket.

"Hello Jesse," Bastion called as the bluenette approached him. Jesse had a blank expression on his face.

"You ok?" Bastion asked. "You don't look to good."

Jesse twitched twice before pouncing on Bastion. "IT'S YELLOW! THE COLOR OF EVIL!" he shouted, clawing at Bastion's jacket. "SO YOU'RE IN LEGUE WITH THE VEGGIES HUH??!!!"

"What are you talking about??!!!" Bastion shouted, shoving Jesse off as Jaden and Syrus ran into the scene.

"WHO IS YOUR COMMANDER!??" Jesse screamed, "IS IT BANANA??!!"

"Jesse, I don't have a commander!" Bastion shouted. "And bananas aren't vegetables, they're fruits!"

Jesse again burst into tears, falling to the ground hugging his knees.

Bastion glanced at Jaden and Syrus, looking for an answer. Jaden smiled and explained, "He lost something important to him and now he's acting like this and me and Syrus are going to help him find it!"

"Well find it fast," Bastion said, "and it's 'Syrus and I' Jaden not 'me and Syrus."


Jaden walked over and helped Jesse up. Jesse clung to him again and

"I know, Jesse, I know!" Jaden soothed. "We'll find it, don't worry." Jaden helped Jesse over to a rock and sat him down on it. Kneeling in front of him he asked slowly, "Now. What. Did. You. Lose?"

Jesse sniffled, opened his mouth to speak, then close it again as something caught his eye. Something shinny was dancing a few feet in front of him…and he knew what it was!

Jesse bolted upright, knocking Jaden over in the processes, and sprinted toward the dancing shinny, object.

"Jesse wait!" Jaden shouted.

"Can't Jay!" Jesse replied, "I have to find it! WARN THE STUDENTS! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!!"

Jaden smacked his forehead and sighed…again…before grabbing Syrus and running off to find Jesse. Again, they didn't have to look far before they heard Jesse's, very girlish, scream of horror.

Jaden and Syrus ran toward the source of girlishness and stopped. They saw Jesse, standing with his fists clenched at his sides and standing across from him was Zane, Alexis, and Atticus. Atticus was smiling and holding some type of box wrapped up in shinny green foil.

"YOU TOOK IT!" Jesse screamed, again very girlishly, and pointed an accusing finger at the trio.

Atticus and Alexis giggled and Zane nodded. "That's right," he said. "And if you want it back…then you'll have to come get it!"

And with that, the trio ran.

Jaden and Syrus approached Jesse whose head was down. His hair was hiding his face from view.

"Jess?" Syrus asked quietly.

"THAT'S IT!" Jesse screamed, making Syrus and Jaden jump two feet in the air, "THIS MEAN WAR!"

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