Me – hello. I've returned.

Jesse – unfortunately…

Alaynna – be nice Jesse!

Jesse – ((pouts))

Me – thank you A-Chan

Alaynna – your welcome!

LeLesley – and since I've been quiet all this time…I guess I'll do the disclaimer.

Me – take it away!

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Me – ((raises and eyebrow))

LeLesley – what?

Me – Mademoiselle?

LeLesley – What about it?

Alaynna – I thought we went through this already…YOU'RE NOT FRENCH!!!

Jesse – ((talking over the arguing in the background)) enjoy the story while these 2 argue…

Chapter 4: Coming out of the Closet

((The Trio's P.O.V))

As Jesse continued to sob on the ground, Jaden and Syrus trying to consol him, the trio was working out where to hide Jesse's preciousnesses.

"We have to put them somewhere they'll never look," Alexis said, scratching her blonde head. "How about under the bed?"

"In a cookie jar?"

"No. Jesse loves cookies! He'll find it."

"Under a rock!"

"in a shoe?"

"Up in a tree!"

Zane and Alexis glanced at Atticus who was giggling madly and waving the green foil covered box in the air.

"They won't look up there!" Atticus continued. "Syrus is afraid of heights, and besides, who'd look in a tree anyways?"

Zane nodded his head in agreement and Alexis patted her brother on the head. "I never thought this day would come," she sighed, "the day when my brother finally had a good idea!"

Zane chuckled, "Ok guys, let's put that box in the tree."

Atticus giggled and took off to find the perfect tree. Alexis and Zane followed behind.


Unfortunately…Atticus happened to pick the biggest, most difficult tree to climb on the whole campus.

"How are we going to get up there?" Zane asked.

"I've climbed every tree on this campus except this one," Atticus said, his tone suddenly serious. "This tree has thwarted my every attempted to climb it and today will be the day that I finally succeed!"

Alexis glanced at Zane who shook his head and sighed.

Atticus, the foil covered box placed securely in his coat, stood beneath the tree. "Well 'Big Campus Tree' it's just you and me now."

Atticus reached up and grabbed a low hanging branch. Pulling himself up onto the nest one he continued on up. But Big Campus Tree (BCT for short) knew what Atticus had in mind. It let one of its longer branches fall in front on Atticus's chest.

Realizing this a little too late, Atticus stumbled into the branch. Losing his footing, he tumbled to ground, landing with a loud "oof!" And just for good measure, BCT let another branch fall on to Atticus's head.

Alexis and Zane ran toward him. "Are you ok?"

"I-I'm fine…" Atticus mumbled. He sat up, shook his head and sighed. "I told you that tree hates me."

Zane sighed, "Give me the box."

Atticus sat up rubbing his head and gave Zane the box. Zane, tucking the box into his blazer, grabbed the same low hanging branch and began to climb. But BCT had other plans and dropped a dead limb onto to Zane.

But Zane, expecting this, dodged it and kept climbing. "Haha tree! Not this time!"

This made BCT angry. As Zane climbed higher, the tree waited, plotting its next move. As Zane reached the top, BCT squirted out some sap onto the branch. Zane grabbed it and slipped (1) tumbling down onto the branches below. Before he could grab on, he fell farther down, right onto Atticus.

Both boys groaned as they stood. Alexis giggled as she helped them up. "Think we should find another spot?"

"Yea," Atticus and Zane moaned in unison.


((In the Secret Cave on Plotting)) ((with Jesse, Jaden, and Syrus))

"I'TS NOT FAIR!" Jesse shrieked as he flopped onto his bed. Jaden and Syrus sighed. Jesse had been crying for the past 20 minutes and it was starting to get on their nerves!

"Jesse! Its ok! We'll get them back." Jaden tried to comfort his friend but to no avail.


"Because you're a bumbling idiot," Syrus mumbled under his breath. Luckily Jesse was to busy crying to hear him.

"Jesse, SHHH! It'll be ok! Just calm down!" Jaden shouted.

"Can we just lock him in the closet?" Syrus asked.

"Good idea!" Jaden cried.

With Syrus's help Jaden lifted Jesse off the bed. As Jaden opened the closet out popped a random girl.

This random girl looked around, glanced at Jesse, then to Jaden and Syrus and said, "Are you raping him?"

"No we are not!" Jaden shouted.

"Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," the random girl replied.

"Who are you?" Syrus asked.

The random girl smiled happily and shouted, "I'm the new moose!"


"Yes moose. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go see a man about a monkey! TTFN!" and with that the random girl skipped out of Jesse's room.

Jaden glanced at Syrus, "Did a crazy moose girl just come out of the closet?"

Syrus giggled, "Yea."

"Well at least we don't have to worry about her hitting on us!" Both Syrus and Jaden laughed as they locked Jesse in the closet.

Just then the random girl hopped back into the scene and smacked them both across the face. "I'll have you know that I am straight! And I was only in you're closet because I got lost!"

"You got lost doing what?"

"Have you seen what Jesse has in this thing!" the random girl cried pointing to Jesse's closet. "Anybody could get lost in there!"

"Do you have a name? Or can we just keep calling you random girl?" Jaden asked.

"Call me KayK."

"Ok KayK."

KayK laughed, "that's confusing," and skipped out of the room.

Syrus and Jaden looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"She still came out the closet!"


(1) how do you slip on tree sap? Isn't it sticky?

Me – Anywho….not a good name for the chapter but I thought it was funny.

Alaynna – it was funny!

Me – thanks A-chan

KayK – I'm here for the moose position!

Jesse – moose?

LeLesley – I think she means muse.

KayK – no! I wanna be a moose!

Jesse – Muse!

KayK- moose!

Jesse – MUSE!


Jesse – ((glares at KayK))

KayK – ((glomps him))

Jesse – ((screams))

Me – and while those two are bonding, my other muses and I will wrap this up!

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KayK – ((stills glomping Jesse)) ITS MOOSE!