Playing with Fire

Chapter One: Friends

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By: Vampire Toy

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Summary: Damien refuses to let go of the only friend he's ever had. (Sequel to 'Snow Angels')

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Ah well.


He had to admit, having friends was great.

A friend, having a friend was great.

Damien walked close to Kyle, like he always did, watching the red head shove his gloved hands into his jacket pockets as they walked through the snow.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do about that math test." He grumbled with slumped shoulders.

"We can study together." Damien suggested.

"Pfft. As if we'd get any studying done. You always change the topic or you make me play one of those creepy-ass games." Kyle huffed; "And by the way I am NEVER playing with a Ouiji board again, especially not with you!"

Kyle's words made Damien flash his usual wicked smile; "We will. You will."

"No. No I wont. You can do that by yourself!"

Damien shrugged and put his hands in his pockets as well, looking up ahead at the line of friends waiting for them at the bus stop.

Waiting for Kyle.

Damien never really considered any of the others his friends. He had read that friends shared special bonds, something unique that set their relationship apart from their relationship with others. He and Kyle had a special bond; Kyle had promised that he was going to come live with him when he died. Damien thought that counted as a 'special bond'. After all it was a pretty big promise. It also wasn't like he had offered anyone else the same deal.

Just Kyle.

But something always bothered him, something Saddam had teased him about that made him both angry and nervous. What if Kyle did something that got him into heaven? Sure he had asked him to look down and see if snow angels looked like real ones, but he would much rather have Kyle with him. Damien didn't need the answer to such a childish question, he was older now and anything to do with angels meant nothing to him.

And that's why he was here now. After much begging and whining, he was back on Earth. He'd been back a few times since his special talk with Kyle, but it hadn't been nearly long enough to keep a good eye on him. So instead of the whole family moving up from Hell each time Damien won an argument then listening to Saddam whine when they moved back and forth, his dad just got him an apartment.

Things were better off this way.

"Hey, its emo boy again, hasn't your daddy called you home yet?" Cartman asked, scrunching his face irritably.

Damien didn't acknowledge him and kept standing by Kyle, the same wicked smile still on his face.

"Seriously, you've never stayed up here this long, Damien." Stan said in a more polite tone. He was getting a little worried about Damien's prolonged stays.

Also a little annoyed.

More annoyed than anything else.

When was he all buddy-buddy with them anyway?

"He lives here now." Kenny said.

"What?!" both Cartman and Stan asked in unison. Even Kyle gave a look of surprise, apparently he didn't know about Damien's permanent residence either. Kyle eyed the dark haired boy and mumbled a soft, "You never told me that."

Damien shrugged.

Kenny nodded over at Stan and Cartman, "Yeah, I overheard it last time I was in Hell."

There was suddenly an uncomfortable silence.

After a few more minutes, Cartman decided it'd be best for him to break the silence and sneered at Kyle; "Do you live with him? Are you guys officially going steady now? Fucking fags, I bet you are."

Just as soon as the words left his lips, Damien flicked his wrist and his little minions flew out from a sudden crack in the earth, tossing Cartman a good few feet away.

"GODDAMMIT!" Cartman screeched from his place in the distant snow, "DAMIEN YOU NEED TO FUCKING QUIT IT!"

Damien ignored him and Kyle nudged him with furrowed eyebrows.

"Maybe you shouldn't do that anymore." He said.

"Why?" Damien asked in surprise, finally gracing the group with his still-a-bit-awkward voice, "You thought it was funny the last few times I did it."

"Yeah…" Kyle eyed the angry Cartman storming back to them and had to admit that after the years of torture from his fat 'friend' it was nice to get some revenge.

But at the same time it was getting a bit much. It wasn't as if he couldn't handle arguing with Cartman, he had always argued with him so he knew how to hold his own….besides Damien was beginning to act strange; stranger than usual. It wasn't just Cartman that he attacked anymore.

"Dude, that DOES seem really gay. Guys don't…you know, do that. They only like….help each other in fights…sometimes." Stan said, trying to aid Kyle in explaining to Damien why boys shouldn't be so over-protective of other boys.

Damien was quiet and put on a thoughtful face before shrugging and putting his hands back into his pockets.

"You should come over and study." Damien finally said.

Stan and Kenny eyed Damien suspiciously and Cartman's glare drifted over to the demon-child as the he finally reclaimed his place at the bus stop.

Cartman was pretty sure that Damien was only talking to Kyle; he'd never been too keen on the rest of them. It was beginning to make Cartman angry. He could care less what Damien did to Kyle whenever they hung out alone, he just didn't want Kyle to belong to Damien. Who the hell was he supposed to argue with? It was an important part of his day. Arguing with just anyone wasn't the same. He'd found that out the hard way when they were eight and Kyle had moved away.

Aside from the valuable bitch-fight time, Cartman really did like Kyle. It was horribly cliché; after Damien 'took' Kyle away, he slowly realized how much he actually liked his Jewish friend and how much he liked being around him and a bunch of other stupid crap that made him feel like some fucking sissy.

"Huh? Well I guess so. But if you start that freaky shit then I'm leaving." Kyle huffed, "Where is your apartment anyway?"

Damien took a finger and pointed in a general direction.

"Gee that's helpful…" Kyle mumbled.

Cartman muttered as well; 'Freaky shit?' what exactly did that entail anyway?

Not that it mattered.

"I'll take you there after school." Damien replied.

His gaze was only on Kyle, confirming the fact that the rest of them were not invited.

It made Stan nervous for his friend and made Kenny curious. Even when Kenny had gone to Hell he'd never really spoken with Damien. The few times he did, Damien would ask about Kyle. Damien had been weird to begin with, but that had just made him seem a lot creepier. Hence Kenny would avoid Damien on his visits to Hell.

Cartman eyed Damien venomously and crossed his arms. Kenny nudged him lightly to remind him not to say anything that would get him thrown into the air again. Cartman just grumbled angrily, watching as the bus finally slowed in front of them.

After everyone got on, the general seating issues began. Of course Damien sat next to Kyle; almost immediately in fact, as if everyone posed a potential threat in taking that specific seat away.

Stan sighed and sat in front of them, followed by Kenny, followed by an angry Cartman who decided to sit behind Kyle and Damien. Cartman eyed the back of demon boy's head with a scowl. Sometimes he wondered if Damien was attracted to Kyle in a very non-straight way. Despite joking about it he definitely thought it was possible with the way Damien acted. He was like a shadow; Kyle's shadow.

It was creepy.

With that as his motivation, Cartman kicked their seat, making Damien spin around to face him, his eyes flaring threateningly.

"What? You gonna call your puppies from Hell? Are your pets the ones who do the fighting for you?" Cartman sneered.

"Ignore him." Kyle nudged Damien.

The dark haired boy hesitated and slowly turned back around.

Cartman grinned; he wouldn't do anything without his little boyfriend's approval when they were in tight quarters like this.

He couldn't really throw Cartman anywhere anyway.

This was too good to pass up.

"You know," Cartman leaned foreword and close to Damien's ear, lowering his voice to a whisper; "I always figured you were Kyle's little bitch, but watcha gonna do when you're boyfriend gets bored with you?"

Damien suddenly went rigid and the sound of his neck cracking was almost deafening as he slowly, slowly, turned to face Cartman.

"I could kill you."

Both Kyle and Cartman jumped in surprise and the bus went deathly quiet at Damien's sudden voice change; he sounded….frightening. Damien never sounded frightening or even remotely intimidating.

"Damien, we're…. here." Kyle grabbed the Anti-Christ's shoulder nervously and nodded at the school through the bus windows, "L-lets go, we don't wanna be… late."

Damien snapped his head back to Kyle and grinned, "Ok."


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