Playing with Fire

Chapter Five: Picture

Rating: M

By: Vampire Toy

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Summary: Damien refuses to let go of the only friend he's ever had. (Sequel to 'Snow Angels')

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"Look! Isn't it great?" Damien held up the antique-looking camera for Kyle to observe. The redhead had long since pushed the strange kiss out of his mind and put all of his focus on the camera in front of him.

"It looks old."

"It is, it was my fathers; the only decent gift he ever gave me; next to my apartment anyway." Damien nodded, looking over the camera fondly.

It really did look old.

"Can it still take pictures?" Kyle asked curiously, tempted to reach out and test it on Damien.

"Well…" Damien said thoughtfully, "You wanna see?"

A second later the camera was up and in Kyle's face; with a flash, a picture was taken.

With a flash.

A built in flash?

It couldn't be THAT old then, could it?

Not to mention the camera didn't make a sound. No button click, no internal rattling, and no sound from the flash, as if the camera itself wasn't real.

It didn't make a single sound.

Not one.

It made Kyle a bit nervous; things were supposed to make noise, its what made them more real.

A picture slowly slid out of the camera and Damien immediately pocketed it.

"You wanna try?" he asked, handing Kyle the camera before the redhead could ask to see his picture.

Kyle hesitated briefly but took the camera; his curiosity over shadowing any second thoughts about the demon device.

He held it tentatively, turning it over in his hands, wishing badly that it would make some noise, a rattle, a clink, SOMETHING. The camera itself had an awkward sort of heaviness to it and a strange feeling emanated from its touch.

It felt a bit like Damien's earlier kiss, powerful and frightening.

Kyle blushed.

Did he even really mean that kiss? He sometimes couldn't tell when Damien did something just to get his attention or if he meant it.

Even if he did…

"Lets take a picture together." Damien suggested, grabbing the camera.

Kyle let out a small noise of surprise as Damien grabbed him and pulled him to his side, flipping the camera up and quickly snapping a shot of the two of them pressed together. Kyle blinked; the flash didn't daze him like normal flashes did.

"One more." Damien declared, using his free hand to grab the back of Kyle's head and shove their lips together. Kyle instantly flushed, but didn't push Damien away, even when the flash had died down and Damien had lowered the camera.

He wasn't afraid of Damien.

It was a shame that people had grown so afraid of him.

They didn't used to be.

They used to laugh at him.

But he had changed a lot.

Kyle wondered if he'd been isolating Damien without realizing it.

He felt bad.

Cartman was right; Damien didn't have anyone else.

So he could kiss Damien back, it wasn't a big deal.

It was kinda fun.

Fun like riding a roller coaster with broken tracks.


Mondays were always a drag, but for Cartman it was the first time since Saturday that he'd see Kyle again.

And Damien.

The inevitable shadow.

Fuck him.

Sure enough, as Kyle approached them, Damien's ominous figure could easily be spotted close behind.

Stan looked up at the two with a scowl and Kenny quickly grabbed his shoulder.

"Don't get confrontational." The blonde whispered. Stan noticeably twitched but didn't say anything in response. Cartman briefly wondered what the hell Kenny was talking about but decided to pry later.

Instead, he slid next to Kyle the moment he came to a stop.

"How've you been?" he asked; determined to show Kyle that he wasn't kidding when he said he had 'changed'.

"I'm ok, how about you?" Kyle asked, his voice low and tired.

"I'm….ok…" Cartman eyed Kyle before shooting his eyes up to Damien, who stood poised, waiting for Cartman to do something wrong.

Did Damien do something really crazy this time? What was with that tired face?

Did they have sex or something?

"You look tired, you sure your ok?" Cartman asked, daringly putting his arm around Kyle's shoulders.

This woke Kyle up; his eyes shot towards Damien as if begging him not to freak out. Damien's lips went taut in a disapproving frown.

But he didn't do anything.

He just glared over at Cartman. The brunette caught the anti-Christ's hand jerk lightly but he kept it by his side

Cartman had to resist smirking.

Seems Kyle had him under better control.

Though Cartman hoped the control wasn't the result of Kyle's exhaustion.

"Hey Kyle." Stan piped up.

The red head turned and smiled at his best friend; "Hey Stan. What's up Kenny?" he greeted the two.

Kenny gave a nod.

Then there was silence.

Kenny shoved Stan a bit.

Stan grunted, his eyes shot a quick glance at Damien before going back to Kyle; "Hey, do you wanna hang out with us today?"

Kyle blinked before turning to face Stan again; "Huh?"

"It's been a while. You wanna hang out with us today? You know, after school?"

Cartman eyed Stan; he looked like he was about to snap.

In any case, he hoped Kyle said yes, because wanted or not, he was always included in 'us'.

"Uh…yeah….yeah ok." Kyle smiled.

Damien suddenly grabbed Kyle's arm and the redhead flinched, shooting a glare up at the black haired boy.

"Calm down." He muttered.

"You said-"

"Yeah, I meant it, so don't worry. This doesn't count as 'time apart', it's an outing, half a day. It's not that long. Let go." Kyle hissed a little above a whisper.

Everyone heard him, but kept their mouths shut.

Damien didn't say anything but loosened his grip on Kyle's arm, not fully letting go.

"Bus." Kenny announced to break the awkward moment.

Everyone quietly got on and everyone stayed quiet the rest of the ride.


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