His eyes squinted shut as he began to wake and the realisation that the sun was already high in the sky, causing bright light to infiltrate his room hit him hard. He opened his eyes and turned, staring out of the window. He raised himself up on his hands so that he was sitting upright and ran his hands over his face. He looked sideways at the clock and groaned softly; making his way out of bed he climbed into the shower and turned the faucet on cold. He shuddered as the cold water hit him and then relaxed, leaning his forehead against the cold tiles. He remembered the look of confusion on her face as they lead her from the office in handcuffs, the look of betrayal in her eyes as the charges were read against him.

He cursed and turned the shower off, drying himself down quickly; he wrapped the towel around his waist and picked up the phone rapidly dialling a number.

"Your message please…"

"Meet me at the fountain. 14:00."

He hung up and stared at the phone. When they had led her past him, he had shoved his personal pager into her coat pocket. He prayed to god they hadn't found it and that she got the message. He had known when he'd been given this assignment that she would be implicated should anything go wrong. She was his PA. She was trusted. So many times he wished he'd told her, trusted her with this information. But the President had persuaded him otherwise, promised that should the worse happen he would personally make sure that she was safe and that her career was not affected.

He reached into his closet and pulled out a faded pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He pulled the shirt on over and walked over to the mirror staring at his reflection. So different from the Major Paul Davies everyone saw at the Pentagon and in DC. His hair was dishevelled, there was a hint of stubble on his face, his eyes were dark and emotionless and circles were beginning to show under his eyes.

He put his watch on, gathered up his keys and his wallet. He looked down at his cellphone and decided against it. No doubt they would be tracing that. He knew they wouldn't go as far as surveillance or tagging his car, but he did know that they'd be keeping an eye on him. He left his house and get into his car. He swiftly left the estate and pulled onto the freeway, heading for the nearby park. He checked the time. 13:45.

"Please god let her have got that message." He shifted his car into a higher gear and changed lanes into the traffic.


She sat at the table with her chin resting on one of her hands, staring through the steam of her freshly brewed coffee and looking out over the garden. She shook her head softly and wondered how it had all come to this. She'd been one of the most sought after PA's in the Air Force. She had been assigned to Major Paul Davies last year and had been head hunted several times since, but her loyalty was always to him.

He had brought her into his office shortly after her employment started. He had welcomed her and informed her of what he expected of her. He ran her through her duties and also advised her that at times it may seem as if he with held information from her. He asked her to trust him. Told her that she would come to no harm because of this. She had agreed to trust him.

She snorted at the memory and sighed. She had been taken from the office in handcuffs in broad daylight. She had heard all the hushed whispers from those she had past. She had been placed into a white van and driven from the premises. They had not gone far though. She was blindfolded and led into a building and when the blindfold was removed, she was looking at the President.

'I am sorry that you became involved in this. It is unfortunate that I cannot tell you more about the current situation but I'm afraid your security clearance will not allow me to discuss it with you. This event will not be held on record and whilst I can appreciate it will prevent your working within the Pentagon, I will hire you within my office when this blows over. I would consider it a personal favour if you would do one thing for me. Trust him.'

She heard the beeping and frowned. She placed her coffee on the table and moved slowly towards the origin of the noise. She padded through to the lounge and backtracked when the noise grew fainter. She continued onto the hallway and leant her head against the rack of coats. She ran her hands over the fabric until she felt the pulsing item and quickly rummaged through the pockets until she pulled the pager free of its hiding place. She looked down at the message.

"Paul." She glanced at the clock. 13:50. She grabbed her keys and ran out of the house, jumped into her car and drove. She took a shortcut down the alley towards the park and pulled into the main parking area. She quickly got out of the car and made her way down the path towards the main square. Turning just before she got there she pushed aside some of the branches and cut through the hedge.

She slowed as she got to the old gravel pathway and drew a long breath. With the President's words ringing in her mind she ducked under the long branches of the willow tree and entered the secluded garden.


He checked his watch 14:05 and sighed wondering if his pager had been found after all. He looked around the small garden and remembered how he'd stumbled across it. They'd been taking a break from work and had decided to eat lunch al fresco. They were busy eating their subs and telling each other stories of their disastrous pasts. They had a rule – when outside of work, don't talk about work. It kept them sane in a way. She had just made a quip about him not being able to hold down a relationship due to his excessive neatness and he'd shoved her a little too hard. She'd cried out softly as she fell through the branches of the willow tree and he had followed worried. When he cleared the branches he'd seen her staring in wonder at the small enclosed garden sheltered behind.

From that day that had been the place he'd come to reflect, to think, to clear the air. Often alone but sometimes they came together. It was their secret. The fountain stood in the middle of the garden and it was there he now sat – waiting.

He looked up as he heard movement on his left side and saw her, standing infront of the willow tree. Her long brown hair caught the breeze and her jacket moved slightly as she placed her hand in the pocket. She pulled out his pager.


He sighed. "I have to be. Part of the job."

She walked over to him and sat on the edge of the fountain. She watched him open his mouth to speak and raised her hand to silence him. "Don't. The President had a little chat to me the day I was taken away. He told me I couldn't know of what was going on but that he would make sure I always had a job if the worst happened." She searched his eyes for some sign of what was happening around them. "I don't know what is going on. But there is one thing I do know for sure. I do not believe what you are accused of. I do not believe that you are capable of high treason. And I want you to know… I want you to know that I trust you Paul."

He watched her closely whilst she spoke. It was the first time she had ever called him Paul. All the time they spent together whether in work or here, she had always called him 'Major'. She said it was a little dig to remind him that he was such a major pain in the arse at times. He'd laughed and thought it typical of her to say something like that. Now – he wasn't laughing. Now – it was personal.

"What the hell is going on? Why are they trying to frame you?"

"Rihanna I can't tell you that. It's classified. But I do need to know how far you are willing to go with this. This is only going to get worse. We have both been placed on leave, we are both under surveillance. I need someone to cover for me. I need them to believe that this situation has forced us to overstep our working relationship."

Rihanna breathed in sharply. "You want us to break the frat rules?" She watched him nod. "I don't understand how that would help."

"If they believe that we are sneaking around having a relationship, it will draw their attention away from what I am really doing. It will throw them off the scent. I know this is a lot to ask of you and believe me if there was another way then I would not ask. Within 12 hours they will have both our houses under surveillance and my chance will be lost. We need to make a move now."

"Move? I don't understand."

"You said you trusted me." He watched her nod. "Then all I need is a simple yes or no."

"Yes… of course."

"Thank you."

She shook her head slightly. "Don't thank me yet. Thank me when it's over."

They spent a few hours discussing what needed to be done and how they were going to play their cards. Just before they left the garden Paul heard the gravel shift as someone walked down the path. He took her hand as he moved the branches aside and heard the footsteps leave the path and sound on the soft ground behind the hedge. He laughed as he pulled her free from the branches and then pushed her against the trunk, his right hand running up her thigh and his left holding her in place. He kissed her neck softly and whispered quietly into her ear.

"Spy, Ten o'clock. Possibly with camera."

She leant her head back against the trunk and cast a glance in that direction as her head fell backwards and she moaned. She raised her head back and moved her left hand to the back of his neck, grabbing his hair as he continued to trace patterns on her leg. "No camera." She whispered softly.

He pulled back and smiled. Making sure he spoke loud enough and that his voice was husky he spoke. "Perhaps we can continue this….. elsewhere?"

She arched her eyebrow at him and smiled seductively. "Your place or mine?"


Captain Brookes watched them move away from the tree and make their way back up the path, still half entwined around each other. He pulled his cell out of his pocket and dialled a number.


"I think you're right. I think she is in on it sir. I've found them at the Central Public Park, hiding behind some trees and let's just say, they definitely weren't talking. I know that Major Davies drove here sir, but so far I've been unable to get an ownership trace on Captain Rihanna Meyers vehicle."

"Follow them you idiot. Find out where they are going and report back to me in one hour."

"Yes sir." He hung up the phone and moved out from his hiding place. He reached the parking area just in time to see Paul's car leave the plot. He ran to his own vehicle and jumped in.

In Washington, Kinsey looked across his desk at the man sat in his office. "Now I have upheld my end of the bargain by removing the SGC Liaison from his duties. It is down to you to get into the SGC. I assume you know what you need to do once you get there?"

"Of course. I have the Transfer of Duty papers already signed."

"I want you to shut them down as quickly as possible. I want the teams dismantled and Hammond out. Do not leave any loop holes this time."

Rihanna checked the side mirror as they joined the freeway. "He's following."

Paul took his right hand off the wheel and draped it around her shoulders, playing with a loose piece of hair. "We won't have enough time to stop at yours and collect anything. I have enough money in the house to get us by. We can stop on the way and pick you up some clothes."

Rihanna glanced sideways at him. "Is everyday of your life such an adventure?"

Paul sighed. "Not everyday. But let's just say occurrences such as this are common place. I'm a dangerous man to know."

Rihanna noticed there was no teasing tone in his voice. "I like adventure. Maybe I should consider dating you. Would spice my own life up a little."

Paul chuckled softly. "I'd save that statement until we're out of this predicament." He turned off the freeway and made his way onto his estate. 'If we get out of this predicament.'